Kobe is hit with two technicals after arguing a foul should have been called while L.A. led Seattle by 31 points. What were your thoughts on he getting T’d? Sound-off in the comments!

ESPN: On another night, maybe Kobe Bryant bites his tongue and shrugs off what he believes was an undeserved technical foul.

Up 31 points late in the third quarter, Bryant’s ejection mattered little for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant scored 26 points, handed out 10 assists and got his first ejection of the season, in the Lakers 111-91 win over the SuperSonics on Sunday night, their season-high eight straight victory.

And his reward for such an efficient effort: watching the final 16 minutes from the locker room after getting tossed by Brian Forte.

“I’m disappointed, but I’m not going to comment on the official. I don’t want to get fined anymore,” Bryant said. “Watch the replay.”

While Bryant’s ejection became a secondary chapter, the main focus is the surging Lakers, who moved back on top of the Western Conference and now have their longest streak since winning 11 straight near the end of the 2003-04 season — the last time they reached the NBA Finals.

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  • kaynam24

    cool.. lol

  • willow

    It show relentless leadership and killer instinct by the BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET by getting T’d up. It doesn’t matter what the score is…he wants to go kick you while you’re down…go for the jugular…pull the plug on that life support. This is a testament to how much he wants to win and how he wants his teammates to believe they can win with him as well. Kobe for MVP and Finals MVP!!!

  • lyk13

    Never make Kobe mad…that’s the obvious message to the league (officials). What he did the last time he was suspended for 2 games and coming back? I leave that to the fans of LN.

    We know the team has alot of weapons, but KB24 is a gatling gun of his own, no one wants to be bloodied under that gun.

    Go Lakers!

  • Jack

    It’s all good. I am just happy that Kobe played less minutes. only 26 mins baby. that’s good. more rest for the little finger.

  • http://www.themonstore.com derrick

    probably did it on purpose so he could just rest. hahahaha just kidding.

    but he did get some good rest though….

  • dcb2069

    kobe knew what he was asking for after he got T’d up the first time.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Go Lakers and good Job Kobe B lets keep this going

  • T.A.

    is it just me or does anyone else miss KWAME???

  • dcb2069

    i miss kwame because he used to keep games close for us by missing dunks and dropping passes. now we’re just crushing everyone in our paths. without kwame, i forget sometimes that there’s a 4th quarter in the nba.

  • Ballin’08

    With the season winding down and the playoffs coming up Bryant chose this game to make a statement…”Call the
    f^ck!n’ foul ref…” Kobe gets hacked on the way to the basket, but usually wont get the call…as opposed to say LeBron James who always gets every call. I only bring his name up for comparison purposes…It’s been well documented that LeBron gets all of his calls, and Kobe it seems has fallen out of favor w/ the officials. The fact that he knows how to draw fouls on the challenged jumper may have something to do w/ that. In any case with the Lakers up 31 to an apathetic Seattle team late in the 3rd. Why not send the message to the NBA..before the post season….”CALL THE FOUL.” It’s that simple. Thank’s for thinking ahead Kobe…



  • MILO

    I think Kobe wanted a rest as well, but it ruinned his possible T-D.I think it would have been great if Kobe could have gotten it.At the pace he was going he probably would have ended up with about 15 assist.I like that Kobe is taking advantage of these sub-par teams to get the rest of the team involved so that come playoff time they will be used to making the big shots wich they have been doing all season long…

  • MILO

    The reason why webber did not sign with the Lakers wich ended up being a blesssing

  • Robert

    we could easily make it 11 in a row with the cheap teams coming up this is looking good for the lakers

  • west213

    LMAO good one dcb2069

  • Kwame Brown

    [Comment ID #27591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I knew my fans would miss me!!

  • Phant0M

    Miss Kwame?


  • iLakers

    Kwame can come back to the Lakers…as Kobe’s towel holder…hahaha.

    I think Kobe should have shut up after the first technical and let his game do the talking.

    Oh well…he plays better when he has something to prove…goodnight Portland.

    KB24 is gonna drop 40+.