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Mitch Kupchak met with the media on the final day of player exit interviews.

He specified that there is no timetable on a coaching search:

“We’ll be taking our time making that decision. I have not met ownership yet, so that process hasn’t really begun.” He declined to specify whether a possible NBA lockout would affect the hiring process, but added, “We’re probably not going to handle the hiring of our new coach this season any different than we would’ve done two, three or five years ago.”

Mark Medina from the LA Times has reported that Kupchak said he doesn’t have a “parameter” of what qualities the next coach should have, but acknowledged that unnamed members of Jackson’s coaching staff are being considered (Brian Shaw, Chuck Person).

Kupchak will report to Jerry Buss and Jim Buss on basketball operations.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Adelman, Jeff Van Gundy, and Jerry Sloan get my vote!

    • Octaviousdouglas

      i wouldnt touch Jeff Van Gundy with a 100ft pole

      • evil empire

        I’d go with Jerry Slone :)

    • chris

      i dnt lyk none of them…they should hired there assistant coach since they already know the system..if they hired outside there its gonna take a long time for the lakers get to gether like before they hire jackson

  • Clem

    Shaw is the man…

  • 123KID

    I think Shaw has to be the guy. Thought he doesnt have the experience, I just think the other coaches like Adelman, Sloan, and Van Gundy have what it takes to coach the Lakers. here is my reasons:

    Adelman: Great coach, but his track record hasnt been all that great. And I guess you can say that well he lost Yao and McGrady to injuries, but I mean you still had great guys to work with like, Brooks, Scola, Battier, Ariza for 1 year, Hayes, and a few others. So in the end, I think he didnt really suit well when it came to injuries. And if someone like McMillan can coach the Blazers throughout injuries, then there leaves no excuse for Adelman, especially with his coaching experience.

    Van Gundy: Eh pass. I mean for someone who talks a lot of smack about the Lakers on ABC and who gives so much praise to Houston and other teams, he doesnt deserve to be a Laker coach.

    Sloan: Probably one of the best coaches outside of Phil Jackson, but I think his style of coaching is way to old school to compete with these other coaches in the league. Plus with the situation with D. Williams, I think him being our coach would ruin our chances of getting a faster PG in the future.

    Shaw: He knows the triangle and can figure a way to add his own flavor to it, he knows every players strengths and weaknesses, hes a players coach and everyone on the Lakers trust him, hes young and wont bust a “Rudy”, and I think its his time to prove himself just like all the other new coaches in the league making a name for themselves (i.e. Lionel Hollins, Tom Thibs, OKC’s coach, and Miami’s coach).

  • laffsatu


    • Ronin99

      I finally agree with you on something laffs…hell froze over???

  • Jayr_dayao

    The new coach should not come from the current set of assistant coaches coz they will use again the triangle system… I think we need a new system from our coach…

  • Lex87author

    Either Shaw or Adelman would be my guys, Shaw has the familiarity while Adelman would have the experience to be able to command respect in the locker room when he tells them to shape up. my only worry with Shaw would be that if things go bad at some point he might not have the experience to make the bigger name guys fall in line if he doest have Kobe in his corner on the subject.

  • Anonymous

    Hire outside coatch that mean most of current staff in coaching will get replace, since outside coach likely want to hire the same people he work with and is gonna dramatic change the system.

    Either way we need a young and pass first point guard and better bench, get rid of walton bad contract.

  • John from Burbank

    Why not Jerry Sloan as new head coach of the Lakers?  

    The Utah offensive scheme would put some “Showtime” back into the Lakers, and most players (except one jerk who was shipped to the Nets) revere playing for this highly-respected
    “old school” coach who would also bring in some NBA dignity and hickory humbleness with Sloan’s presence at Staples.

    Plus it would fire Jerry up as well, with a chance to win an NBA Championship that eluded him for 20+ years of dedication to the game.  

    All the other candidates pale in comparison.

    Jerry Sloan is the right man with the long-term basketabll “cred” to step up to this demanding position ….