This should make for an interesting pre-season game! Barca will face Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol next October in Los Angeles in a match scheduled within the partnership agreement between the NBA and the Euroleague, which annually offers a series of clashes between teams from the two continents, both in Europe and the United States.

This year there will be no mourning ‘mixed’ on European soil (New Jersey and Miami will face each other in Paris and London and Washington and New Orleans will do so in Berlin and Barcelona), but in the United States, where three teams that come about playing half a dozen parties.

  • Sako

    Hold up, where gonna play against FC Barcelona?

  • hZm


  • Sako


  • lakerschamps08

    yea this is good. gasol likes that.. i think that ronaldihno will be there…. if i missed spelled his name sorry

  • lakerschamps08

    ronaldinho… kobe prolly gonna invite him

  • Sako

    Ronaldinho… Kobe said that he’s his favorite athlete.

  • lakerschamps08


  • ab17

    who cares!!
    we’re in the playoffs. the sason isnt even over yet and already thinking about next season?and not even the regular season,but pre-season??c’mon now.gotta focus on whats at hand…
    on the lighter side i think thats great should be interesting haha…oh wait,ronaldinho should play with them.that would be so cool!haha

  • JB714

    crazy….is at staples

  • 007

    Keep in mind. Kobe won’t be playing or practicing next pre-season. Remember he’s not having surgery (finger) until after the Beijing Olympics. Phil Jackson already said awhile back that he intends to give Kobe the entire pre-season off =P.

  • LD2k

    That’s great stuff. That game will have such coverage!

  • Billy Kupchak

    there will be laker fans in europe

  • dating advice for men

    Yeah….Ronaldinho ROcks!!

  • taylor

    is there a secret character being added?