Sun Yue Inside the Lakers: The Lakers have decided not to pick up their option on guard Sun Yue, according to his agent Charles Bonsignore.

The team was intrigued by the 6-foot-9 point guard from China, but due to its already-stiff luxury tax burden, and the depth on the team’s roster, both sides agreed it would be in their best interest to let Sun go and pursue other opportunities in the NBA.

“We really appreciated the opportunity the Lakers gave Sun and the way they approached the entire situation,” Bonginore said. “They were all class. But because of the depth on their roster, we both knew that even if he made the team there wouldn’t be a lot of opportunity to play. And the Lakers didn’t want to hold him back.”

Sun appeared in just 10 games for the Lakers as a rookie, but the coaching staff was said to be intrigued with his potential. On a team that won the NBA championship, with three other point guards on the roster, there wasn’t a lot of playing time to go around.

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  • Evil Empire

    To bad he didn’t get a chance to show his game. I rather have a problem of to much talent and letting players go then to have to little talent and scrambling to get players.

  • Lamar Odom (Fake)

    We should hav waived MBenga…:(

  • Robert

    With Yao out, and now Yue, this doesn’t bode well for U.S. – China relations. I hope he signs with another team in the NBA, but it’s sad to see him go before he has a chance to really play.

  • Jackenton

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    If we waived DJ, his salary will still count towards cap because his contract guarantees another year. Yue’s salary isn’t guaranteed, that’s why Lakers had the option to not pick up his option.

  • Ivan

    Looks like Farmar and Brown are our two future point guards

  • xtro

    perhaps the waiving of the chinese magic johnson will pave the way for the signing of shelden williams or joe smith to the lakers.

  • BT_Rose

    aw thats too bad. he waS a cool guy. these things happen, i wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  • golakers75

    what did they call him,,, china’s magic johnson, well china must really suck

  • Eidraq

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    dont worry..yi jianlian will save the day! (sike)

    its fine if the players arent there..first of all money speaks more than anything…chinese investors will see to it that they have a tie in such a large market..secondly, they love kobe baby!

  • the_dave

    You can’t waive Mbenga! Anytime he steps on the floor its a guaranteed win! :D

  • Robert

    At least the Lakers gave him a nice gift – an NBA Championship ring. That should be worth gold to him, to have played on this team.

  • lalakesir

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    You cant waive CONGO CASH!besides i think the lakers just resigned him this offseason

  • Jude

    Sun Yue was gonna be the next Kobe! To bad for the Lakers!

  • Lakers fan

    Yeah i agree you cant waive congo cash he’s nice :)

  • Victor

    Too bad, but maybe we can let sun yue grow in the nba with another team and after 2-3years we can get him back again to replace Vujabrick.

  • Odom the worst player

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    Amen Robert

  • Jonathan

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    not to mention that Sun Yue is an absolute fool, didn’t play in the summer league, which the lakers wanted, didn’t play in the d-league until one of the last games of the season, and didn’t show the desire to play for the lakers next year.

  • Idiot

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    Why the do you want those fa.ggots??? Do you seriously in your small little dumba.s.s head think those guys will make a difference???? you stupid Shelden???? this fu.cker is a NOBODY. Why the do you want a NOBODY??? you fu.cking idiot! Just give up, don’t be a lakers fan.

  • LakersFirst

    I believe the Lakers had until August 1 to determine if they wanted to keep Sun Yue or not. Today is the 31st so today the decision was made.

  • Stu_Lantz


  • TheFishthatsavedLA

    The Sun is setting! Siyonara or whatever. No big loss, he can be replaced by any bum.

  • lovekb

    As a Chinese, I feel a bit sad to hear that news. But i know that’s the truth. There are so many talented players in the Lakers. Hope sun will get a contract from other team.

  • lovekb

    I think Sun has not impressed the coaches and the teammates.

  • lakergreg

    As someone said earlier, the Lakers wanted him to play in the summer league but, whatever the reason, he didn’t. That pretty much ended his chances of staying with the Lakers.


    Hopefully that will free up space for one more player

  • dracul

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    And this is exactly why they let him go – he just showed that he wasn’t committed to the Laker organization. PJ wants big men who can pass, and guards who can rebound. He also wants a defensive tall guard at the point in the Triangle, which is why the coaching staff wanted to try him out.

    They already have a promising energetic point guard prospect in Shanon Brown, plus there’s Farmabrick and Vujabrick who need play time to redeem themselves. Either way, this was the right decision.


  • Laker Power

    He was garbage and will be nothing in the NBA. For those who say he is going to be something special are totally wrong. He barely could beat a Asian High School player 1v1 in that video.

    I am glad he is gone! Saves us about 1.4 million all together with the luxary tax that we don’t need to pay for his salary.

  • dracul

    [Comment ID #82332 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Waive Mbenga? Are you actually watching the games??

    DJ is a fan favorite, he’s been staying out of foul trouble from when he first got here, he plays D , he’s got size and strength enough to stop Yao, and he’s hardly paid anything. Sure he’s not going to give you 12ppg, but he’s a true backup center, if Bynum is ineffective, you have one more big body available that can at least play D.

    Plus he’s the only player on the Laker roster who looks to hammer it down with both hands. Its something that Bynum should get in the habit of doing – Shaq (in his heyday) and Dwight routinely intimidate and demoralize the opposition with these types of throw downs.


  • farmar must go

    sign raymond felton and hakim warrick, tradefarmabrick

  • Jackenton

    For those of you guys are still clueless. We are committing $90+ mil on players’ salary plus another $20+ mil on luxury tax. In total, Lakers are spending $110+ mil next season on players. Mitch already said he’s happy with the roster. We have 13 players under contract. No need to add more.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Good Luck Sun. Lakers did gave him a chance, but he did not show up.

  • Michael_23

    PG: D Fish, Farmar, Brown
    SG: Kobe, Sasha, Brown
    SF: Ron Ron, Luke, Kobe
    PF: Gasol, LO, Powell
    C: Bynum, Gasol, DJ, Powell

    … Yeah I think we’re good with the rotation. We got players who can play multiple positions. But I see LO as just a natural PF now who can act like a PG.

    Remember Sasha, Kobe, and LO played a lot of PG when Farmar went down last season too.

  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    Michael_23 dumb ass forgot Adam Morrison

    PG: Derek Fisher, Farmar, Brown, Odom
    SG: Kobe Bryant, Vujacic, Brown
    SF: Ron Artest Walton, Morrison, Bryant
    PF: Pau Gasol, Odom, Powell
    C: Andrew Bynum, Gasol, Mbenga, Powell


    PG: Mo Williams, Daniel Green
    SG: Anthony Parker, Delonte West
    SF: LBJ, Jamario Moon,
    PF: Gay Verajao, Jawad Williams, Darnell Jackson
    C: Shaquille O’neal, Big Z

    Who wins by overall roster

  • GT

    haha, even the Chinese Magic Johnson can not crack a US club team’s bench.

  • cjm

    he’s the chinese Missing Johnson now

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    No wonder they cut him. looks like he is sleeping in the picture, he has to learn to open his eyes or he will never make a shot.

    • http://iklklkl aaron24

      suck my dick