HOOPSWORLD: As Amick suggests, the Lakers might need to “engage a third team in the deal.” While multi-team trades are extremely rare, the Lakers would need to get a lot more than the unpredictable Artest if they’re to give up Odom.

One player who the Lakers sought out when the Chicago Bulls had called for Kobe Bryant last summer was point guard Kirk Hinrich (LA also wanted Luol Deng and a number of other considerations). Hinrich has been linked by a number of sources this summer to the Lakers – but again LA isn’t willing to part with Odom without getting significant value in return.

Chicago has been interested in Odom for a number of years. In the Eastern Conference, Odom would be one of the better power forwards. The Bulls apparently would love to add an unselfish post player who can rebound and pass like Odom.

If the Bulls and Lakers could come up with enough young prospects to appease the Kings – more than perhaps Linas Kleiza or Brandon Bass – maybe a three-team deal could come together.

Obviously it’s a long shot but the Lakers might consider giving up Jordan Farmar and Chris Mihm with Odom if they could land both Ron Artest and Kirk Hinrich. If Chicago were willing to give up perhaps Tyrus Thomas to the Kings, would Sacramento be willing to make a deal if they also get Farmar and Mihm?

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  • PeanutButterSpread

    Why don’t we just ship out half the team for Artest?

    Jeez. Enough of these trade rumors.

  • Short Diezel

    I’d give up Jordan Farmar and Chris Mihm with Odom to get Ron Artest and Kirk Hinrich. I don’t know why the Kings would give up Ron just for Tyrus Thomas.

  • lakerschamps09

    yea i read this before got on here and i was thinkin lot bout it does make lotta sense and all that but u know wat 4get these trade sure artse and hinrich be nice or if tyrus thomas comes to us its all good.but we shouldnt just quit on this team.they need to have a chance to win… but artest and hinrich would really be nice buttttt

  • John Barry Sux

    i love our team right now…. but do this trade yesterday.


    Lakerfirst said I have NO faith in the front office….I DON’T,sorry but truth is truth ’cause they’re told LO he wasn’t going to be traded,THAT’S CALLED A LIE IN MY BOOK!

    You don’t pat me on the back after a demoralizing loss and tell me ‘your not goin’ to trade me’ and then I pick a paper or I go on the internet and my name is in all types of trade scenarios…what am I supposed to say,Thank You,no “#$%& OU” is more like it.

    I’d rather we had this guy,http://youtube.com/watch?v=axqPgOkoEE4&feature=related!!!

    Y’all know he’d be ‘LIKE ‘DAT’ in the Purple n Gold.

  • Miguel S.
  • unstoppable589

    we as laker fans got spoiled with the gasol trade, that trade is rare nowadays. it is more likely a team will overpay for a superstar (kidd) then steal one like we did with gasol. and if we do get artest without giving up odom please tell me who between odom or artest would be willing to come off the bench? they both played over 40 mpg last year for gods sake. and please why are we so desperate to trade for artest when we havent even seen the fisher kobe lamar gasol bynum machine up and running?

  • PeanutButterSpread

    erm DCLAKER,

    chances are very likely these trade rumors are just rumors and that the front office really has no intention of trading LO.

    That’s why the summer is always such a frustrating time for fans and critics because if a big trade is going to happen, usually there isn’t much speculation about it beforehand. Like, the midseason trade for Pau Gasol or even just recently, Marcus Camby going to the Clips. No discussion prior beforehand about any of these trades until it was reported.

    If there is speculation and discussion, chances are, that trade isn’t happening because it’s made up by the media to just keep people talking and guessing. Of course sometimes the media does get it right, but most of the time, they’re just grasping at straws. That’s why the offseason is so darn annoying.


    I’m hopin’ it’s just speculation ’cause LO is TOOOO valuable,I mean,I like the idea of Bynum/Artest but I’m Old School so I’ll stick with the HIGHFLYERS,SLASHERS AND DEFENDERS that The Lakers are known for…James Worthy and Byron Scott.

    I hope this works this but I like this guy MORE,http://youtube.com/watch?v=pLG1YOv99s0&feature=related


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #45855 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If you’re a long-time Laker fan like you say you are, then you should know that the Lakers orgnization is about WINNING…PERIOD! The FO wants to win … EVERY YEAR.

    The Lakers FO have put together a team that made it to th Finals (2 wins a away from a ring and no you can’t thank Jerry West for last year’s team), when sports analysts didn’t even expect the Lakers to make the playoffs. If you’re not going to give the FO credit for that, then you’re blind. Jerry Buss has proven that he wants to win EVERY YEAR (keep in mind, as the owner he could’ve said NO to taking on Gasol’s almost $50M contract but he stepped up, is paying it and even paying the luxury tax).

    With regards to LO, unless he (or any player for that matter) has a no-trade clause in his contract, then he should know that he can be traded at any time (nothing peronal, just business). You can’t tell me you have never become frustrated with LO’s inconsistenty over the year past 4 years knowing that he makes $13+M per year. DCLAKER=NOLAKERFAITH.COM



    Dude,this is why I say you LOVE IT when I make A comment so you can try your best to out wit but your fightin’ a losing battle ’cause NOBODY IS ON HERE GETTIN’ PAID TO MAKE COMMENTS,we just like being able to voice our opinions.

    DCLaker=NOLAKERFAITH.COM,hahaha(I really had to laugh,fo’real),Get’cha yo’ own sayin’,THAT ONE IS MINE!!


  • maccassedy

    we would b a better team “D” team with Hinrich n Artest have u ever seen Kirk play “D” on DWADE LOL HE ALWAYS GET LOCKED UP…IF WE CAN GET BOTH 4 BASICALLY LO N FARMAR..U HAVE 2 TAKE DAT ANYDAY HOPEFULLY IT HAPPENS LIKE DAT..

  • Fantastic5LAL

    First things first. Find replacement for Turiaf.

  • tradekwame11

    This trade is perfect
    Every team gets something positive
    Sacramento:Gets a few prospects and a solid player in Tyrus Thomas.
    Chicago:Don’t give up to much talent and get rid of there gaurd problems and in return get a shooter in Radmanovic and a passing post which they want in Odom.
    Lakers:All we lose is Odom and Radmanovic and we get a solid pg for the next few years in Hinrich and we get our man (Bill) Artest


    I want my PG to at be able to Drive to the Rack,http://youtube.com/watch?v=T9DsWVp4gzM!


  • mp or mplakers




  • xtro

    Do iiiitttt!!! Pleeeeasse!

  • L.A.K.E.R

    [Comment ID #45871 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You want Keyon Dooling of all players for the Lakers? Why the heck would anyone want another guard on the team? We already have Kobe, Fisher, Farmar, Sasha (If he resigns), Karl, Crawford, Yue (In China). That’s a lot of guard assuming the Lakers keep Sasha and 2 of the last 3.

  • magicbalala245

    L.a.k.e.r.,OUR PG’S ARE TOOOOOOOO SMALL,did you see what Deron Williams did to Farmar? Df will be 34 or 35 and all our FO is doin’ is tryin’ to figure out what to do with LO,by gettin’ Artest,@#$%’EM!


    Trade Vlad and I’ll have faith then or haven’t y’all been seein’ what the “rest” of the league is doin’.Let me put it like this….JERRY WEST WOULDN’T HESITATE TO PULL THE TRIGGER..BANG!BANG!

  • Freshh

    Let’s see how this unravels

  • lakerferlife7

    wow this trade would be awsome….doubt it will happen but wow it would be great

  • T-Dub

    We were 2 games away from a ring! Maybe we should stand pat and not do anything…I truely believe that with a strong Bynum and Ariza, that Boston series goes the other way. And, no one in the west has made a big move to get much stronger. Maybe we should just use the MLE to add a descent player to what we already have!…A young player like Josh Childress or Ben Gordon. Someone who can cone off the bench and light it up! And Phil focuses on DEFENSE! We have the players…..

  • keith

    lakers need to make this trade with artest happen they need that tough defence that lamar cant give us again lamar is a good player put he is not the right fit for what we need

  • kPoAbUe

    by the end of the day all of u who say this trade is good do it no dont do it lo is gone blah blah next years starting lineup is


    THE END……

  • yellowpurplefever

    I’d do this trade in a heart beat. Kirk would fit perfect in the Triangle. Bill will be great SF with something to prove.
    Again, I think Mitch is doing a great job. He only said that LO was not in trade rumors at the end of the season/exit interview. LO is fair games when you can IMPROVE the team in the off season. He’s a GM not LO’s uncle, nothing personal. If we can add pieces that make this team better, Why not. With the exception of KOBE,PAU,ANDREW AND ARIZA UNTOUCHABLE this year. Who knows next year, it may be Pau or Ariza. Four years of LO is enough. We need a change in direction of PF/SF.

  • Dante

    [Comment ID #45887 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i completely agree.

  • lakerfan

    [Comment ID #45891 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Why is Ariza considered “untouchable” with Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol?
    Sorry all you Ariza fans, but what did he do this past season? Did he play lockdown defense? Light it up?

    I’m assuming you are basing this “untouchable” status on his regular season play since he was a non factor in the finals. A non factor against the Spurs. Did not play against Nuggets or Jazz. In the games that he did play in I can hardly think of games that he was a big factor in. He must have played solid d and I missed it because his 6 or 7 PPG average will hardly be missed.

    And Kirk Heinrich in Laker gear doesn’t make sense either. He’s a traditional PG. Triangle offense doesn’t need a true PG.

    Just give Kobe the ball and move out of the way. Let him get his 25 shots per game and let Pau, Bynum, and LO clean up. I’m sick of Kobe passing it off to Luke or Rad only to watch them miss open shots.

  • http://myspace.com/brittnay678 Brittnay

    Wow, shut up, just shut up to all of you who want to bring in Artest for Odom or anyone for that matter. I’m not saying Odom is great but how can any REAL Lakers fan want to make a trade when the full potential of the team that we already have hasn’t even been seen yet, and that’s a lot to say considering we won the hardest western conference in a long time and made it to the Finals. Oh, and by the way, after crucifying Mitch last off season ( I did to) he has done a hell of a job and anyone who disagrees is just a spoiled bandwagon fan who just wants to buy a new jersey they can show off to the “new” Celtics fans. Geez, sorry for my little rant but that’s just how I feel and I bet its how Mitch feels and I probably even Kobe. If we don’t win next season with Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, Bynum( HIGHLY UNLIKELY) then we let LO walk and sign Artest and see how that works out but until then be really satisfied with what we have.

    -Brittnay :]


    Dante,here’s something you and Ickerfan have in common, Brilliance.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #45881 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea, Deron Williams played well against the Lakers, but the Utah Jazz did not beat the Lakers in a 7 game series, so who cares what D. Williams did to Farmar on an individual basis. At the end of the day, Utah lost to the Lakers.

    You know who we did lose to…. the Boston Suckdics, in part because there was no one that could play defense against Pierce (remember DEFENDING is included when you said “DUNKERS FINISHERS AND DEFENDING,THAT’S WHAT LAKERS BALL IS ABOUT!), hence Artest (you know a former DEFENSIVE player of the year).

    Do you know why the Lakers are trying to figure out whether to trade LO? It’s because LO is the only bargaining chip the Lakers have ($14M expiring contract). And the Lakers are looking at Artest because he is a small forward that can defend other small forwards such as Ginobili, Pierce, etc. Hell, he could probably guard Deron Williams if given the chance.

  • Freshh

    If we can get artest n hinrich
    with giving up farmar n odom + filler
    I’m willing to do it

    Is Mitch & the front office though?

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #45901 Will Be Quoted Here]

    nope! i was 1 of those askin 4 Artest but now id rather keep LO! Artest fuc-ked up! he blew his opportunity to be in a championship team! Lakers will win it all next season when Bynum comes back hungryer than ever

  • http://deleted Miguel S.
  • Robert

    Fu–ck the Lakers. It’s all about the Celtics. Rematch. Any time. Remember the Boston Masacre.

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45897 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lmao, i love it when brittany post, she just takes ur man hood away, i cant baut when joseph comes back on

  • lskerfan567

    if we get artest we should get stephon marbury too, cause i wanna see lockerroom fights posted youtube.com

  • GR3

    ah chance 2 pick up hinrich anddddddddddd artest

    an not include our 3 main players

    this has 2 happend

  • MILO

    This is my favorite Laker video! MJ where is you’re shower of 3’s

  • laker-nate

    keyon dooling is best friends with david strern…thats the only reason he n the league, cuz he worse than mark madsen….dooling sux!…plz enough of these rediculous trade rumors



    See lakerfirst that’s how you do it.

  • http://www.jamieinsider.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Current Roster:

    The double positions players:
    Kobe -> SG and SF
    Sasha -> PG and SG
    Ariza -> SF and SG
    Lamar -> SF and PF
    Walton -> SF and PF
    Vlade -> SF and PF
    Gasol -> PF and C

    *has not been officially resigned.

    I really don’t see a problem with our current roster. There’s nothing wrong with it. I think we’re missing the big picture here. Kings are the ones who are desperate to get a good deal swinging on their side. We shouldn’t be desperate. For all I know, most of y’all are underrating Lamar.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #45918 Will Be Quoted Here]

    this video is great i also want to know if mj had that kind of range, im jung so i really didnt have the chance to see mj

  • MILO


    hahaha! well i wana consider myself to be “jung” as well but, i did catch a lot of MJ’s games back in the early 90’s…And no MJ did not shoot too many 3’s, at least not that i recall so there-for i consider Kobe the better shooter.I just wish Kobe’s pinky would have never been injured because his shooting did suffer this season as far as im concerned and im sure that the stats will back up my comment.And yes it is a great video thank god for youtube!

  • http://getgasol.com getgasol

    F**K THAT!!!

    Artest is not worth Odom AND Farmar. Not by a long shot. Giving up Odom for Artest alone is debatable, and it is almost a lateral move in itself which may not benefit anyone. But to also give up a young talent like Farmar who will be our starting point guard in another year or two? Hell naw!

    Pull out, Mitch. we don’t need Artest that badly. We’re going to win it all next season with Bynum anyway. And Artest will be a free agent next summer.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #45911 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wtf? you and you’re sorry ass celtics are the ones who are going to get killed by us next season! do us all a favor and get the fu-ck out of this site you piece of sh!t!!!

  • kb24bestever
  • Kobe2k9

    ive heard rumors of lamara for rasheed, my cousin detroit said they were talking about that on the radio sounds interesting


    I was waitin’ on the next comment,Lakerfirst.I see we’re aren’t ALWAYS goin’ to agree but I’ll ask you this,can Farmar guard D.Williams…I’ll wait…….NO! Fisher had to muscle him and he still got off good shots and by the way,I KNOW WE WON but for future purposes like this Upcoming Season teams will be scoutin’ The Lakers,especially this Finals just past,so as PJ would say after those Finals…”We need SOME PLAYERS”!

    I didn’t say it,Phil did.GETDOOLING.com(I’m goin’ to listen to Immortal Technique for 4 hrs.,THE 3RD WORLD)!

  • ab4sure


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #45855 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hope you understand what i write down. First of all Odom was reading about all the rumors in the paper of him being likely traded. You read them I read them. Mitch sat down with Odom and explained to Odom these rumors where never started by us the FO. These were just writers speculating on who would be traded. Mitch never said he wouldn’t trade Odom. He said Those rumors in the paper were not started by him or the FO. They still might trade LO. But that doesn’t mean they lied to him if they do. They never said they would keep him and never said they would trade him. Mitch could never promise a player he wouldn’t trade him. Kobe has a no trade clause so that is a different situation. Stop being cynical about the FO. For your own peace of mind.

    Criticise him for his trades like you usually do but you can’t call him a liar. If you do it just makes you very Naive.

  • http://www.lakers.com/ Kobayashi

    Keep Lamar Odom, period. He wants to be here and I want to see how he and the new frontline of Gasol and Bynum turns out. I would hate to lose Odom, then he ends up turning into a 20-10-7 player for some East team. Then everybody will start saying that Mitch made a mistake.

    Lamar brings skills that no other player the Lakers can bring in have. He is only one of a few 6-10 or taller forwards that can grab the defensive rebound then push the ball up court and lead the break. He has good passing ability and can score in the post or mid-range. The only issue is his defense and how he will handle playing the 3 spot. I want to give him a chance before giving up on him completely.

    Also, he won’t have to worry about scoring that much since the Lakers have Kobe, Gasol and Bynum.

    Ron Artest is a “feels good now” type of move. It sounds good, but it may not work. How do you think Artest will fit in the triangle? If the Lakers have any troubles during the season, will Artest decide that he wants some time off to help some washed up R&B group? Too many questions for me. I’d rather keep Odom for at least half the season to see if the criticism he received during the finals lights a fire under him in 2008-09 season.

    Also, because he has an expiring contract of $14 million, he might be more valuable if the team waits just before the trade deadline to move him. Who knows what players will be available them.

    Remember when a lot of fans wanted to trade Bynum for Kidd? That is how I feel about these Artest trade rumors.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Ariza has not play a full season with LA yet also in limited minutes. He was kind of rusty when he came back from a broken foot. Untouchable this season, yes to see his potential. Kirk is a great shooter will replace Sash if he walks. And Basketball is a 5 on 5 teamsport. The team name is the Lakers not the Kobe. I agree with you on V-lady and Fluke. No GM in the NBA would want them

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #45949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re the only one on this site that wants Keyon Dooling, LOL. I guess you’re crying for a player has to continue because Pietrus is gone, but does it have to be for Keyon Dooling??

    You do realize that last year Keyon Dooling averaged 6.7 ppg, 1.8 assists per game and 0.5 steals game, and he’s been the league 8 years. You also realize that Jordan Farmar, in just his second year, averaged 9.1 ppg, 2.7 assists per game and 0.9 steals per game. I’m no mathmatician, but those numbers seem higher than Keyon Doolings. Oh by the way, they both averaged the same minutes per game (Dooling averaged 18.5 minutes per game and Farmar averaged 18.1 minutes per game), so you can’t use a defense like “Farmar got more minutes”.

  • LakersFirst

    Correction, to my previous post, Farmar averaged a whopping 2 minutes more than Keyon Dolling last year at 20.5 minutes per game, so I guess he has a whopping 2 minute advantage over keyon.

  • 323 TOWN


  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45954 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ya u=quit playa hatin on dc at least he hes the balls enough to say whats really go on

    p.s KEYON DOOLING, what you been smoking d.c hes just terriblae, again we sould get artest and marbury in our lockeroo, cause i wanna lmao when i watch all the videoes going back and forth on youtube

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45956 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i know one, trade them to the clippers for a second round pick, fair trade ay

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #45973 Will Be Quoted Here]

    shh, they suffer from adhd, they dont like talking bout it

  • http://lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com

    ron artest does get better and better every year, it would b nice 2 have him, but keep jordan(rookie of the year!) LO could stay 2. crazy situations

  • http://lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com

    DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo

    Why pursue Artest with this much effort? He’s unpredictability is not worth it. Marion on the other hand… Now that’s a guy who’d be worth going after and fighting hard for… I’d give up Odom(and maybe one or two more) for him. Or is anybody thinking he’s through due to his age?

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #45975 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Where is the hatin?, and if you believe Mitch lied to LO you need to check the facts too.


    Ickerfan,remembet one thing,Mitch said it hisself,HE’S TOO PATIENT when comes to trades and the other teams are just scoopin’ up players like ice cream on a hot summer day,while we wait to see what Artest is doing.I’m just suggesting that HE HAS TO STOP WAITIN’,this is not what Jerry West taught’em,”Mr.Clutch” never hesitated,ask Eddie Jones and Nick Van Eckel or DO Y’ALL STILL THINK Vlad IS GOING TO ALL STAR FOR THE 1ST TIME,GET RID OF’EM.

    Charlie Villanueva,please…Josh Childress,he got game…I don’t care get Stephon Marbury,y’all want Artest so bad.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #46016 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Stephon Marbury and his $22M contract. Are you f’n high?? Man, you need to think before you speak. You think the Lakers are cash strapped now, how do you think it would be when they another $20M.

    It’s becoming more obvious that you don’t understand that the Lakers are way over the salary cap space and over the luxury cap space nor do you understand how trades and signing free agents works in the NBA. It sounds like you just want to get a new player just for the sake of getting a new player – not smart.


    Stay calm,I know you see another pick of mines,here you go..

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #46018 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Weren’t you the one who said Mitch should just scoop up Jermaine O’neal like ice cream? Aren’t you glad he was patient? did you c my prior post? and you still think Mitch lied to LO??


    Y’all just mad ’cause I’m STYLIN YOU,HAHAHAHA!I don’t get all bent outta shape(ONLY AT THE FO)’cause I know half of you were ready to kill Mitch last year,now y’all SCARED to say something.

    Remember there’s a reason we can’t get QUALITY PLAYERS ’cause of these BAD CONTRACTS THAT MITCH(OR THE BUSS FAMILY)GAVE LUKE AND VLAD,PERIOD!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #46127 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nov 27th, 2007 at 6:07 pm
    O’NEEEAAALLL NOWWWWWW!I mean does anyone who is a real Lakers fan think team this as it is is going to be contenders come April…..HELL TO THA NAH!Everyone saying trade LO because he’s banged up alot but I say at least he’s playing.This guy’s should be retired by now after the incidences that occurried in his personal life or HAS LAKERNATION forgotten that?I’ve been a fan since ‘81 so I kinda see flaws even when I don’t want to see them(remember Sidell Threat,Magic as head coach instead of owner,Shaq before Kobe came to LA).They really need to make some changes because the teams we faced earlier are going to get stronger,BELIEVE DAT!Lakers need to wake up and call Jerry West for some advice on how to build a Championship Team ’cause as Jack Nicholson(YES HIM)said “The players really respected him,PERIOD!

    You ain’t stylin.. you got OWNED… Mitch owned you big time. You were bytching at nothing getting done and if he did what you wanted we wouldn’t have made the PO’s. Dude … you have a short memory and now you say Mitch is a Liar. You should be kissing Mitch’ ass big time.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #46022 Will Be Quoted Here]

    this guy has a lousy work ethic


    Anyway…to your 1st comment and WHO CARES to the 2nd..HOLD UP! Ab,do you work out with Tyrus,I mean,nobody knew who Ariza was and sat the pine in NY and Orlando and HE’S THE S$#@ NOW,ya’ know why? He knows,the oppurtunity he has playing with THE BEST IN THE GAME,”THE MAMBA”.Same goes for Sasha(KEEP’EM),BYNUM AKA “THE GAME” AND TURIAF(GOD BLESS,SOLDIER).Do you think Tyrus won’t benefit…you GOT to be CRAZY(I know I am).

    Sometimes AB,I question my own judgement and yes I DID WANT JO,I don’t hide like the rest,I say what I feel,like Most of the people that want Artest and want LO GONE.All I said was trade Vlad..and let me stop right here and ask a burnin’ question,who would you rather have Tyrus or Vlad…AND IF YOU ‘THE V WORD’ YOU BAN YOURSELF FROM THIS SITE..but you know what the right answer is.

    LAKERBALLB!@#$!!!.com,The game is CHESS…not checkers.

  • ab4sure

    I had to crack back at you. Last summer was a Mitch Madness Massacre and I think we realize that tln are no gm’s. Let’s leave it to the professionals. We all i guess just have fun with it.

    The player i don’t really want is Villanueava. If i had a choice between Vlad and Tyrus i would definitely take Tyrus. His upside is great but don’t know if he will get close to it.