Impressive play in the Summer League from second round picks means they have potential.

Daily News: The signings of Barnes and Ratliff give the Lakers only 11 players on their roster, two shy of the NBA minimum. It’s likely they would sign draft picks Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks, who impressed during summer league play. Last season, the Lakers carried 13players on their roster en route to winning their second consecutive NBA championship. Caracter and Ebanks would draw non-guaranteed contracts because they are second-round selections. Their salaries could be less than $500,000 each

  • lakerfan106

    hell yea

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Great news. I think we are set now to really have a great season and Championship run. We’ve strengthened are bench and that was the main focus this off season. We made some great picks in the draft in the late rounds. I can’t wait to see everyone play together. 3Peat time!

    • rory

      imagine our startin 5 barnes bryant gasol artest and bynum learly the best defenive 5,cant wait to see them play i guess this is the answer to the three queens of miami,wish brown didnt opt out though,like is athleticism

      • LbC Ya562

        There is NO way Kobe or Matt are gonna start at point gaurd…. I thik we’re a better and deeper team with Matt coming off of the bench.

  • Josh Herrington

    I like this new look to the website. And good moves by Mitch, but what is the status on Lin?

    • Junya10

      He signed with the Warriors! :(

      • Josh Herrington

        Damn it! Oh well, he’ll have more playing time there.

    • jaydubb415

      yes i love the this website ”new look”i can’t lie the old look the ”color”was kind of ”dull”lmao you know whats funny i type it in n saw the color n was like this ain’t lakers nation cuzz they have another website called lakernation n its extra ”weak”so after typing it in twice i finally ”realizes”that i was at the right website ”love the new look”

  • nath

    PERFECT off-season. I can’t ask for anything else

    • jaydubb415

      You can always ask 4 ”something else”but i get what your talking about,our team is ”focusing”on the defense scoring 2 us ”comes easy”n theres alot of teams that can score 2 but playoffs is about ”locking”your opponet ”down”n thats what were aiming 2 do.I told my homeboy the other day who’s a ”laker hater”n a ”blazer lover”he said why is mitch getting these players that kobe’s had ”beef” with,i told him first mitch checks with ”kobe”on alot of these deals 2nd it just lets you know how ”comfortale”kobe is with in ”his self”its not hate that kobe has had with these players its ”respect”n that ”challenge”that kobe looks forward 2,n you can say that with barnes n a ron-ron.Although i think it is hate with that ”punk bitch”that stood ”kobe”up 4 dinner n conversation but i think the ”hate”was all on his side cuzz if it was on ”kobe’s”he wouldn’t have met him anywhere yea he took a ”elbow”from kobe next time get off his ”back”bcuzz the next elbow want be from kobe it will be from ron-ron ‘[‘we ride together n we die together”fill in blank please( )

      • thienisthebest

        whats with you and quotation marks. LOL. jw

        • jaydubb415

          Should i change my name 2 Mr.”Quotes”

        • jaydubb415

          + your focusing on the quotation marks instead of the comments i could say thats kind of ”anal”don’t worry though youre not the first.

      • daboss1848


  • Junya10

    I still hope we resign Shannon Brown. He is an important piece to the puzzle. And he has a ton of potential!

    • team_me

      Yah bring the rookies let them develop n bring back shannon brown we need a high flyer. He did well wen kobe was out I say keep him. Buss said he does mine spendin the money as long it helps us 3peat. And for luke he can jus wear a suit n tie n give him a notepad and call in a career. Put him under phil’s so he can become a coach and also make him the lakers fan club president so he could feel special.

      • Gotta Admit

        I think the only reason luke is still on the team is so he can teach our latest small forwards the triangle as he has done with ariza and artest so they can eventually take his job then he will break an ankle….wat a genius this man gets to paid to go on a journey with the lakers

    • jaydubb415

      Do we even have enough ”money” 2 sign ”shannon brown”


    Ebanks and Caracter better budget there money. It’s like everyone is making $40/hr + and they are the only ones on the team making the minimum wage. If they put effort, and determination into every practice and game they will get paid when the contract is up. A good bonus for them to look forward too.

    • gus26

      its also like everyone around them have years of experience are partners in the firm and they JUST came into the office and work in the mail room… (shaking my head) they’re rookies, 2nd round pick rookies…

    • jaydubb415

      This is not the NFL were rookies make a boat load of money even the 2nd round picks makes a ”few millions”+$500.000 isn’t chump change last time i checked n its more then these 2 draft picks ever made .I get what your saying but the NBA guarantees their paychecks the NFL %60 unless your getting drafted in the 1st or 2nd rd then after that you can slip on a banana pill n get kicked off the team with only that %60 of your check,thats why i want both of my sons 2 either play baseball or basketball,even though i ”love football

      • thienisthebest

        seriously, whats with u and quotation marks. hahahaa

        • jaydubb415

          Look at every comment on this page your crying about quotation marks when your in the ”minority”either your a english teacher or your just plain ”Anal”i’ll take the latter.Get a life already this is a laker website if you didn’t notice stop whinig like a little bitch about quotation marks from what i see your the only 1 complaining ”get a life fucking already”instead of bitching about some fucking ”quotes”that last one was 4 you so suck on that!

          • SteakandEggs

            How about you get a life, kid.

            If you can’t type in proper English, than don’t bother to leave comments at all.

            Do you think everyone on this site likes having to read through your asinine comments with god-awful grammar?

            You are a disgrace to the site and a disgrace to Laker fans.

        • alex

          yea the quotation marks are stupid lol

          • KMizzale

            OVerused. I think that girl from Clueless thinks you are using too many quotations. (See: hand gestures). Overkill tho with the “s.


    As of right now this is how the team stacks…
    PG = Fisher, Blake
    SG = Kobe, Sasha
    SF = Artest, Luke, Barnes, Ebanks
    PF = Gasol, Odom, Caracter
    C = Bynum, Ratliff
    It looks as if our SG is a bit weak if kobe goes down w/ injury. Our team’s weak link is Luke. I hope he understands that since he is slow, he should be working out his shot religiously. Three point shot is fine but not needed. If he can be a sniper then no one will leave him to double team everyone else.

    • Moorepower310

      if Kobe goes down I’d throw in Barnes. But you are right, we may want to grad Brown just in case.

    • jaydubb415

      Luke want ”sniff”the court unless he’s ”buffing”the floors with his ”janitors”job,i see barnes jumping over luke then ”ebanks”jumping over luke after that luke could either retire or go work 4 ”espn”i’m sure his dad has enough pull 2 get him a ”job”there.Honestly i’m praying that luke retires so he frees us from that contract.

      • Derrty30

        So a guy has a back injury but plays through it and now you guys want to hate on him? Artest gets most the minutes anyway…

        I’m also a little confused on the this Barnes excitement. Why has the guy played on 7 teams in 7 years and none of his old teams even offered him a contract???

        Should have gave Shannon that money cause at least he seems to be a good lockerroom guy.

  • Brown Hater

    I wouldn’t grab Brown when is Ebank ever gonna get into the game? Phil doesn’t really play rookies as it is I’d rather have him play short minutes now so he can start to contribute sooner.

    • HATER

      Im the real HATER. I hate on everything except the Lake Show. 1,2,3-PEAT

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Yeah they should sign them or else other teams will give them contracts

    • gus26

      other teams can’t give them contracts thats why we drafted them… unless we cut them only over seas teams could sign them away from us… very unlikely…

  • Sonngy

    Bye Bye Brown

  • gus26

    brown is gone… i see them inviting javaris crit to training camp and it’ll be between him and strawberry for our 14th spot… and i do think we’ll carry 14 guys…
    guys be excited cuz this is the deepest laker team we have had in a long time… and to top it off… they are very highly motivated…
    BEAT the HEAT!!!

  • Keith

    I remember last year either this site or a radio station called the season “Reloaded”, I think this year we are just “Locked and Loaded”

  • Keith

    Also funny how things change, when Barnes was gone to Toronto Shannon had the upper hand. Now Shannon just got royally screwed. Not only leaving a championship team, will most likely make less money than the lakers had on for a offer to him.

  • LizzakeShizzow

    I hope these two can work and prove to Phil and staff that they can take on a light load for the rotation throughout the season. Our bench was weak as hell last year and it can only get better. Powell, Ammo, Sloth Congo Cash were virtually non existent. I think Barnes will help as he can play the 2 spot as well. If Odom continues to suck balls since he married a Kardashian, I hope rookie Caracter will be coming off the bench to fill the minutes.

  • jaydubb415

    Yea shannon brown got some bad ”advice”from his agent he should of stayed ”pat”n if he would been with us on a ”3-peat”he would then got a big contract from another team now he’s out there ”dangling”in the wind n we don’t really need him he needs us n defiently not at the price he thought he was worth,shannon ”you were a throw in with morrison”shouldn’t over step what your really worth.

  • Brizie

    The Lakers should try and get brown back he would just put the cherry on top of a very effective offseason, but he should’t have opted out of his contract. By the way has anyone heard about marc gasol their have been some reports that he wants to play with his brother. We welcome him

    • Keith

      I would love to see marc back with us. How long before he is a free agent though?

      For Shannon though, I think the lakers will stay with 13 on their roster. So we need to get rid of Luke and/or Sasha for West and I think he can be released. Get rid of money and get Shannon back, I am sure Buss would like that.

    • PRLaker

      that won’ work, would you want to work with tour eldest brother I would’nt

    • jaydubb415

      Does his contract ”marc gasol”free him up 2 even consider playing 4 us n if he did play 4 us you thought popavich whined about the pau trade he would flip if we ended up with his brother he might call david stern and complain pubicly.

  • 242LakerFan

    Now’s a great time to bring that up. Our back court’s full!

  • 242LakerFan

    I mean front court, sorry


    Three peat!!!!!!!!


    Can i get a hell yeah!!?

  • http://lakernation gwforum


  • Touch ME


  • nick

    I like Shannon and think he has more upside. I hope we can sign him and Luke needs to retire!

  • thefishthatsavedLA



    THREEE to the PEAT!!!

  • 24allup inya

    Lets sign both these guys instead of getting Shanon! we need bigs! that what made the difference in the finals in 08 without Bynumn! and game 7 in this finals when Perkins went down and Kobe was able to get 15 rebounds!!!

  • Joseph

    THE U.N.D.E.F.E.A.T.A.B.L.E.S.

    andrew bynUm
    matt barNes
    Devin ebanks
    thEo ratliff
    derek Fisher
    dErrick caracter
    pAu gasol
    ron arTest
    sashA vujacic
    koBe bryant
    Lamar odom
    lukE walton
    Steve blake

  • laker warrior

    Luke Walton = Fan Club President

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