He should’ve done his homework and looked at what happened to Ariza.

L.A. Times: The Lakers are leaning toward not bringing back guard Shannon Brown. Among the free-agent guards still available are Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson, Shaun Livingston and Javaris Crittenton.

  • Shawn

    Please bring Shannon Brown back! He’s the one for the future!

  • http://twitter.com/DOMINATESANCHEZ DOMIN8

    As a diehard laker fan id welcome S.livingston as a laker he can play and he’s a former clipper odom is a former clipper and id say he’s worked out great he doesn’t always score but he always plays D rebounds off/def and plays great weakside d

  • Jay_Mc_Cain

    Ҥ$%&/()= WTF?????
    WE NEED FISH AND “CANON” Brown! Is erybody leaving us now? WTF! …. how should we three-peat?

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    he did see what happened to ariza and thats EXACTLY what he is hoping happens to him… shannan wants to get paid… good for him… thanks for the hard play when you were here shannon…

    • jaydubb415

      He wants 2 get paid the same ”shannon brown”who was basically a ”thrown in players”while we were getting rid of ”’radmonivich”the lakers made him ”look good”yes he’s talented ,but ”fuck these players”who think their going 2 strike it rich with us.Theirs alot of sorry ”ass teams”that may be willing 2 give him what he wants ”but fuck him”if he thinks he’s going 2 hit us up 4 money,if his fucking ”jumper was consistent”we wouldn’t mind bringing him back,but we can get a ”dunker”in the development league

  • Laker s Army

    This guy sucks . On sided game Dunk. Plays no D fense
    how many turn overs and Phil had to get him out because his over dribbling.
    Dude your not that good.
    The bench was a joke and Phil and Mitch told all these bums they were useless.
    Mobega ,Powell,Shannon,Farmar all useless.
    Fisher is to old and thats why they want a younger guard.
    Shannon and Farmar had a chance. Rondo came in the league same time as Farmar and every player said Rondo is a primier player. What can you say about Farmar. All these guys will end up over seas. No GM is going to pay them. Lakers were good to them . Join the ranks of the unemployed

    • jaydubb415

      Right their with ”lakers army”i think us as ”lakers fans”espcially coming off ”championships”we hate 2 see players go,n i was the same way when ”ariza”left.But we have 2 look at the ”player not the laker”n ask what does he bring 2 ”our team”n i say nothing but ”flashy dunks”don’t get me wrong i was ”cheerleeding him ”when did dunk so i’m not going 2 front.But his ”jumper is suspet”,he ”turns the ball over”2 much n sometime he willl come straight down court n ”Jack one”b4 anyone eve gets set.Yes i wouldn’t mind him coming back but he’s not worth doing a 3 or 4 yr deal not even a 2yr deal?

  • eboK

    Let him go and sign T-Mac

    • 09-10-11champs!

      EXACTLY! Shannon can only dunk, and I do admit his dunks got me excited during the games, but thats all he can do .

      You guys say that TMAC is injuerd and old. I think for 1.8 mil, its doesnt matter, he is not old, he is younger than kobe, so its a low risk/high reward risk.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Dr Buss do a sign and trade for Hedo Turkoglu. He’s good for the Lakers

    • Jay_Mc_Cain

      WORD UP! Hedo is sharp shooter and plays good defense. SIGN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/paulcamantigue Whatsa

        What the fux? I agree but he’s freakin expensive. That’s like saying “Do a sign and trade for Chris Paul! He’s good for the Lakers!”

        • LakErS 3 pEaT

          It’s not expensive if they did a sign and trade with Sasha and Luke’s contract. That’s 10 millions dollars of the books include Shannon with the deal. Sasha, Luke + Shannon = Hedo Turkoglu and Jarret Jack. That’s a good deal

          • Get Speed

            No it’s not, a good trade for trade … Sasha and Luke for Jarret Jack? unless they wanted expiring contracts they’d never do such a trade

    • Robert.

      I’m up with Turk. He’s a ‘playmaker’, and the reason that the Magic made it to the Finals in 2009. He can play several positions, and that is just what the Lakers need to dominate this year.
      Not sure who they would trade. I would only think that the Raptors would accept a trade because they are not happy with the whole Bosh thing.

  • RealTalkLA

    Let Shannon Dunk is now Let Shannon Walk

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Aw… I know Shannon’s athleticism certainly can’t be replicated but the first priority should STILL be to re-sign Derek Fisher. There is Gerald Green playing with the Lakers in the Summer League (not the brightest but has athleticism).
    If Shannon and Fish both leave, the Lakers bench looks very minimal and ineffective at best. As capable as Sasha is to play point, I’d rather have a non-priority shooter moving the ball around.

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      Sasha moves the ball around better than Shannon. If you watched the games all last season, you’d notice Shannon dribbles a lot. He stalls the offense – makes it very stagnant. He was a big reason to why the bench chokes.

      • keepon_keepinon18

        Yeah thats very true but having Sasha play the point for an extended period will take adjustment from him… not something proven to be easy. Hope the bench problems work out.

  • rondo

    Shaun Livingston would be a steal. someone who can play point off the bench and become a starter next year.

  • enjoy the game

    It seems like the perfect time to go after a guy like Hedo especially with everyone so taken back by the 3 mi ego’s ….I am sure Toronto wouldn’t mind saving 15- 20 mil in a Shannon/Sasha S&T for Hedo

  • 24allup inya

    Shanon wants more money than the Lakers can offer. Why not replace him with GERALD GREEN. I think this kid should be given another oportunity.He is a good scorer and would make a good back up for Kobe. He is also as explosive as Shanon and a former dunk contest winner. Does anyone agree???

    • http://www.facebook.com/paulcamantigue Whatsa

      Overrated. All he can do is dunk and he’s not fit for the Lakers offense.

      • jaydubb415

        Thank you ”whatsa”why let ”shannon”walk n then bring in ”his twin brother,what would it take 2 get ”turgalou?

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    I like Shannon, but the guy is one dimensional player. Energy, amazing dunks and sometimes 3 point streaker. That’s all.
    If we can have him back for good money I am all for it.


      That’s 3 dimensions lol.

  • LakersReloaded

    I understand why Farmar would walk. He has never played on another NBA team hes a curious monkey that thinks he is going to be handed a starting role. However, Shannon has played for a another team. He knows how hard it is to be recognized on a bad team. he was called a clown and a turnover machine in the Bobcats why would he want to leave ???? and no team in their right minds will give him a hudge contract..

  • TM1

    Brown : chucker, overrated defender, zero handles , IQ of a snail, and one dimensional. We need someone who can actually relieve Kobe off the bench

    and whats this talk about Hedo ? did anyone watch him last year thtat guy sucks and his contract his HORRIBLE.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    the lakers are scaring me right now

    • scarface

      amen dude. it looks like we aren’t going to have a bench next season besides Steve Blake…too bad Mike Miller isn’t joining the Lakers

      • jaydubb415

        I know we may have some ”young laker fans ”on here but 4 the 30+ fans ”phil jackson championship teams always had few different parts that were ”inter–changeble”but he always kept his ”core”players intact he’s won with differnt PGs,Cs,PFs,and SGs so you want 2 always ”get younger and better”n if your afraid 2 make these moves then your in the ”wrong buisiness”because once you get ”2 comfartable and complacent”you turn into ”THE DALLAS MAVERICKS ”LOL

  • Eidraq

    thank goodness..so happy the selfish broski guards are out of the picture (farmar and brown)

  • Lakers Reloaded

    C’mon Laker fans get on twitter and keep pushing
    Quote from Tracy McGrady

    @jammer429 laker nation is coming hard for me… no talks with front office yet tho….. much love to that laker nation! knicks too!

    Get on it

    • Get Settled

      w0rdoftheb1rd! im on that thang sun! Tmac wants a ring first imo before he went to knicks- with amar’e

    • HELL NO !!!!

      look guys i live in houston and trust me having him on this team is not a good idea at all!!!!!!!

      • Get Speed

        We will see though, it still early though. if raja bell is still out there, i say he’d be a top 6 target rite now besides t mac and other free agent guards pf’s c’s etc.

        • TOPHER

          Raja wants to go to Miami first choice. Since
          the “Decision” LA has lost it luster for older NBA
          players. Did Mitch get too confident?

  • MB24

    This is exactly what happened with Ronny Turiaf. He had a “good” and unexpected season and now a non playoff contender is going to overpay him.

  • Mark T.

    Mitch K. is a very smart guy who was “tutored” by one the sharpest GM’s in Jerry West. We need to let Shannon walk as he was becoming a liabilty. We need “new blood” that can play defense, shoot the ball and not just dunk. I like the new addition of Blake and if we can get another SG to backup Kobe.

  • Get Settled

    While I love shannon brown as a high flying highlight reel, I don’t love his defense but he does put effort sometimes. Here is the deal people. the Lakers core is Kobe-Gasol-Bynum-Artest. Outside of these 4 everybody and I mean everybody is fair game. That goes for Fisher too, and especially fisher if the Lakers don’t agree with the #’s then the Lakers reserve the right to let him go being an unrestricted free-agent due, and only due to his age. There are more point guards out there, the Lakers realize the young is getting faster, and more PG oriented and they are even willing to go as far as letting Fisher walk, if it means that they will have a younger and fresher lineup that can execute the triangle to perfection while still position themselves for the future. That being said the Lakers want Fisher back but they arent shy about replacing Fisher if it got that far, there are capable pg’s out there for around the same price.

  • erademo

    i think they should keep the current roster and just add small forward that will come up in the bench a quality player who can give quality minutes…

  • jaydubb415

    I’m sorry but ive have never seen ”Grown Men”whine about bringing back players,first ‘thats not really ”core”type of players that we can’t ”live with-out”secend,players looking 2 ”capitalize’off of winning a championship”knowing if they had that same ”role”on another team they would ”laugh”at them 4 asking what they want.I’m sorry he’s nothing but a ”Dunker”(who only has 1 type of dunk check the dunk contest) with a ”supspect jumper”i wouldn’t even put shannon brown,in ”ariza’s shoes”espcially on defense.So stop all this whining ”we need him”no he needs us n when his ass is getting knocked out the playoffs in the ”first round”or not even making the play-offs ,he can go home ”count his paper”n look at us ”repeat again”good riddens there’s ”better out there”

  • Daryl Imhoff

    My feeling is that the lakers would be better off with fisher, and apparently that is the was Kobe feels also.
    Shaun Livingston was on his way to a good career when he suffered that knee injury(ouch). I think he would be a good fit in the triangle. My only question is how good is his defense. He has youth on his side and a recovery from that injury is possible given his youth. I say of all the guards left he is the best fit both talent and salary wise.

  • Rio Rondo College

    Come to Boston my friend!!

  • http://m.facebook.com/johnstewart Mr Terrific


  • Robert.

    Shannon gave the Lakers some speed (that we lost when Ariza left). The Lakers are slowing down even more, and that won’t be good if they meet up with the new Heat.
    So, if Shannon walks, who will replace him (with some speed?). Livingston? He can run pretty fast, as long as he doesn’t stop and turn on his knee (what a horrible accident that was – almost as bad as Joe Theismann getting his leg snapped in a football game). Crittendon had some speed too. Actually, I’m glad he had some troubles w/ Wizards – now nobody wants him, but they don’t realize he fits in well with the Triangle.
    Sign Crit – we can get him cheap.

  • Edward

    I don’t care if I get banned from this stupid website. If you guys are strictly laker fans then you are dumb. When Ronny Turiaf left, I respected his decision and hated to see him go. When Ariza was given up on by the organization I wanted him instead of Ariza. Sure Artest did well, but Ariza would not have let the games get to close quarters. Ariza would make his 3’s and he wouldn’t take stupid shots. He’d get off the ball steals. Shannon Brown’s dunks CHANGED GAMES. His momentum, and flashiness gave something to look forward to. He’s one of the best if not the best in the league at doing that at his height. Letting him go is a mistake. But he needs money because he is a professional player. He needs to do what’s best for him. You faggots on this website criticizing him for walking are dumb. He’s being smart. Look at Lebron, who would have every reason to stay. He deserted his team and Brown is not deserting us. Brown made very little money last year. You want to criticize someone? Criticize Kobe for not taking less money like the big 3 in miami, criticize bynum for taking too much money. Criticize mitch for signing walton and vujacic to long contracts. Imaging a Laker team with Ariza AND artest, and without vujacic and walton!

    • weirdo

      and imagine a Laker team that won 2 championships in a row.. stupid management and Kobe cant make it happen. let’s criticize them for that, OH WAIT..

      first u call laker fans dumb, then u praise LeQuit and the “big 3″, and u call the website stupid. LOL your argument is invalid. fck off

      • Shockalock-aayousuckcock-a

        jajaja i dun tink u red wut he rote tard…. dun b so fuggin retarded nex tim3!!!11

        …Seriously that’s how you type, and you’re calling him the retard?

        He mentions 2 good points, but he’s also talking about how fucking hypocritical some fans (not just Lakers, but since this is a Lakers blog…) can be. So shut the fuck up, you inbred faggot.

  • Ervin

    Steve Blake > Shannon Brown

    That’s all I got to say, look at the stat sheet.