Lakers Examiner: Yesterday we took a look at all of the Los Angelels Lakers with their own official websites.

The results were less than stellar, as most sites (Pau Gasol’s excepted) needed quite a bit of streamlining.

Today we’ll find out which players are in desperate need of their own websites, and exactly what it will take to get them.

Luke Walton - Much to my surprise, the well-spoken, personality-filled Walton does not have his own official website. If you go to, you will be re-directed to a website for Luke Walton and Richard Jefferson‘s 2008 Summer Basketball Camp. It does have an awesome quote from Luke’s notorious father, Bill Walton: “It will be the greatest summer basketball camp in the whole history of the NBA!” It’s time for Luke to stop riding his dad’s coattails and start showcasing his own humor on his own website. Price: is already taken, but you can snatch up for just $9.99/year. Maybe rethink buying that used DVD of The Cutting Edge and instead get Luke’s site up and running.

Trevor Ariza - No official site but he’s definitely in demand. When I started typing “trevor ariza off–” into Google, it auto-filled “trevor ariza official site,” so obviously people are looking for it. has some generic basketball pictures and a list of related basketball searches. At the top it says that the domain may be for sale, so jump on it while you can. Price: If the folks at are being too stingy, why not try for just $14.99/year? Because with Ariza, it’s always business time.

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