Bryant scores 13 of his 20 points in the first quarter. Bad weather keeps the crowd small and makes problematic a trip from the team’s hotel across the street.

kbdunk.jpgL.A. Times: Even with a bout of the stomach flu, Kobe Bryant was too much for the NBA’s worst team.

Bryant scored 15 of his 20 points in the first half to help Los Angeles jump out to a big lead, and the Lakers cruised the rest of the way to a 116-95 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday night.

Trevor Ariza added 15 points and five rebounds, and Bryant also had five assists for the Lakers, who dropped Minnesota to 2-14.

Al Jefferson had 12 points and 12 rebounds, but shot just 5-for-14 from the field. The Timberwolves have lost their last three games by a combined 65 points.

A sparse crowd braved a winter snow storm to make it to the game, and the weather even wreaked havoc with the Lakers’ short travel plans.

The Lakers stayed in a hotel across the street from the Target Center, but the bus that was supposed to pick them up and bring them to the arena was late because the poor road conditions created a traffic snarl in the city.

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Kobe & Bynum both have the stomach flu; Kobe made Wolves coach sick?

  • The Nugget

    Surprise, Surprise! Good game by Ariza and our Bynumless Lakers. Hopefully, tonight was the begging of something good.

    What were you thoughts of the game? Sound-off… here! :D

  • magicbalala245

    Inface a great game by ariza now let’s get this a succesfull trip and beat Denver

  • BEC

    Both Kobe and Bynum have a stomach flu but Kobe refuses the IV treatment and still plays. Taking the IV treatment wouldnt make him available to play because of the medication, so apparently he refused and just played through it all. Although everyones body is different, not to put anything negative on Bynum because I dont really know the full situation, same flu and all but Kobe playing and Bynum doesnt implies something, mainly suck it up Bynum, we didnt need him anyways so whatever, but it just shows just how a fierce competitor Kobe is. Even with a stomach flu that would sideline most guys, he still wants to play. I still remember in 04 when Kobe sprained his shoulder in the Cavs games, got pulled out to get checked and later came back and forced himself to play. Only to get pulled out of the game by Phil, because he shot the ball with his left hand and clearly couldnt even use his right arm. Dumb move by Kobe, but nice to see the competitiveness in him. Its a rare sight these days.

  • gugy

    Kobe is the man BEC!

    And still, we have people who wants to trade him. My god, just bring good players and we will be a contender. Is that simple.

  • ab4sure

    We don’t know the full situation with Bynum and yes everybody is different when it comes to the stomach flu. You can say kobe is a fierce competitor which he is and in the cavs games you can say is he is a dumb player like you mentioned when he could have gotten hurt and been out for a long time. Any Doctors on lakernation i would love to hear their view. I was hearing alot of so called doctors on the shoutbox saying Bynum should be out. I guess some people speak out of ignorance. I got the flu the same time as my cousin and he was out for a week and for me it was only two days.

  • Nabil

    Hmm, both got the stomach flu…could this mean they ate the same food, that they ate together? That would be good. But next time stay away from the Walleye.

  • selam

    we really need him .okay ronny is out ,brown is out ,and byumn our big guys are out .oh thats not good at all .specially whne u are playing against denver .lets hope he will be aight .

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Kobe pulls an MJ of course that was the finals!

  • Jrich

    Ariza Ariza Ariza. Phil better start giving this guy minutes. He works hard on both ends of the court. Luke needs to take notes because his defense sucks balls. Ariza’s monster block was the second best highlight of the game besides Kobe’s 360 dunk.

  • jack

    all is good rite now. lakers haven’t won back to back this season. this is the chance. btw, can u beleive lakers have blown out teams by 20+ points 5 times this season? we need both kobe and bynum for this game.

  • lakerfan81

    Everyone’s body is different. How a virus affects you will greatly depend on your immune system. Their is a wide variance in MHC molecules in humans. When you are infected by a virus, like the flu, antigens (proteins expressed by the virus) are picked up by antigen presenting cells and broken up into pieces. These pieces are then loaded into MHC molecules. If the MHC molecules expressed by you cells can bind the particular antigen really well then you will get rid of the virus quickly and it won’t affect you much. If your particular MHC molecules don’t bind that antigen very well then you will be more affected by the virus. That is why when two people get the flu one might be sick for a week and the other for only a day or two. This is very benificial for a species from an evolutionary standpoint because it decreases the likelihood that the entire species will die from a particular virus such as Ebola. Sorry for the brief immunology lecture.

    This does not take anything away from Kobe, obviously playing sick is hard no matter how sick you are. But it is difficult too say that Bynum could have done the same thing.

  • YalalaP the One
  • Roko

    Dude YalalaP… that trade sucks balls, really… Vujacic is performing
    better than we all thought he would. Gerald Green is the only good guy in that trade.. Odom and Kwame are better than all of those guys so.. that trade sucks

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18681 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like the fact that you’re trying to pick up Green, he’s a good player i dont know what happened to him in the timberpups but maybe he need’s a change of scenery.He could be the backup shooting guard for Kobe that we are lacking right now.Yea Sasha is doing alright but Green has alot more moves and was the next best thing after Pierce in Boston.If the Lakers can manage to steal this guy from the pup’s i’d be glad, it seems like the pup’s dont think to highly of him anyway’s beeing that they hardly give him any playing time witch as far as im concerned is all he need’s to get back into it like last season.The fact of the matter is that Mitch is not an aggressive GM and is probably not going to make any mayor moves till the end of the season.

  • lakerfan81

    Green is not a good player. He is a very athletic and talented player. There is a big difference. For an example of what I mean read this

    Britt Robson of The Rake on Gerald Green: “During a Wolves’ timeout in the second quarter, Gerald Green spent the entire time well removed from the circular huddle, where, you know, he might glean some information that would improve on his reputation for not knowing where to go in the offensive and defensive sets. Instead Green was conversing with the injured Ratliff near the end of the bench. Twelve seconds after play resumed, Gomes picked up his third foul and with McCants also saddled with three, Sichting sent Green into the game. Thirty eight seconds after that, Green receives a pass just over center court from McCants for his first touch. Kobe and Lakers’ rookie Jarvis Crittenton immediately sneak up behind Green and knock the ball from his grasp, resulting in a ruthlessly gorgeous, but rather embarrassing to Green, breakaway slam by Kobe. Two or three years from now, Gerald Green will be back in his old neighborhood, alternately bragging about his NBA career and complaining how he got screwed because nobody gave him a chance to play.”


    That is the reason he is not getting any playing time in Minnesota, and the reason his NBA career will be a short one.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18690 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Sorry im gona have to disagree with you all he need’s is more playing time…

  • mr47

    The longer lakerfan81’s posts are the better, you always have a lot of useful crap to say. First with the bball expertise and now you sound like a man with a PhD talking like that! haha!

    Anyway, gerald green is one of those players we didn’t want bynum to become. An athlete with potential that doesn’t have his head on straight…or just doesn’t care. Phil would whip him into shape in my opinion. If Phil can’t do it, then the guy truly has no hope. Does anyone know what the status of Turiaf, Kwame, and Bynum is for today’s game?

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18698 Will Be Quoted Here] Playing back-up to Kobe is a mayor motivation and would really be apreciated by anyone whom get’s that opportunity.I know Green would make the most of it…

  • lakerfan81

    I don’t have a PhD yet (a couple more years). Nor am I an immunologist, thats just a little bit of information on the subjext that i have picked up in other classes that have had a section on immunology. Not even close to being an expert.


    We only need three players(they don’t need to be here this season)that’s JO/Artest/Maggette.I prefer a more defensive player like Artest cuz that put us at Contendership IMMEDIATELY!Then we reunite him with his Main Man JOOOOOO next year and then from there CM or another FA(doesn’t have to be a BIG name but plays hard)then you can HAND THE TROPHY OVER EVEN BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS CUZ NO TEAM and I MEAN NO TEAM WILL WANT TO PLAY THEM in the REGULAR SEASON,PLAYOFFS or FINALS.LA and BOSTON were places teams did not want to play back in the day now it’s only ONE(for NOW anyway).

  • lakerfan81

    DCLAKER. Actually I think Artest would be enough to put as a contending level (depending who would have to be given up to get him) assuming that he doesn’t get suspended and that he and Kobe have good chemistry. If you could do a Odom for Artest swap (which you can’t it doesn’t work financially and it doesn’t make basketball sense for Sac), I would think a line up of:


    Bench: Farmar, Ariza, Walton, Vlad, Mihm, Sasha, Critt

    could contend for a title.

    The problem is that I don’t think Sac is going to trade Artest (at least not right now). They are 4-4 in the games Artest has played in and might think they can make the playoffs this year. A couple long losing streaks (5-6 games) or another suspension for Artest, then they might be willing to move him around the trade deadline. But I doubt they will want to trade with LA. ANd I don’t think we have anything to offer them. Maybe Odom and Critt for Artest and Abdul-rahim (I might even throw in a 2nd round pick or a 1st if I was in a gambling mood). They get a talented young player in Critt, a talented if inconsistent player in Odom for 2 years, and in the long run they save money because they get rid of a really bad contract in Abdul-rahim whom the Lakers could just buy out.

  • mr47

    Am I the only one that thinks a lamar for artest move is no good? Artest in my opinion is just as overrated as LO. LO is more talented offensively, Artest is more talented defensively….and you want to give up Critt? No way, terrible idea.

  • lakerfan81

    Artest is better than Odom. Artest is a better shooter for both 3’s and mid range jumpshots, driving to the basket they are about the same and Odom might have a slight edge in passing ability, and Odom is a better rebounder but Artest is a much much better defender. Besides that Kobe and Odom do not have any chemistry on the court, I think after 3+ seasons its time to say the Kobe/Odom experiment has failed.


    Unfortunately,Lakerfan81 you have hit the nail on the head with your last sentence,though I would hope to keep LO because when he’s on FIRE he’s REALLY ON FIRE and that with Kobe on or off the floor but if a trade for him and a filler(PREFERRABLY SASHA,NOT CRITT,HELL TO THE NAH)for Artest then,Yeah DO IT!Guys have to step up and play harder because their schedule dosen’t get any easier.VETS ARE NEEDED against THE ELITE TEAMS(EVEN ORLANDO is an ELITE TEAM,for right now).