Great piece by Isaac Lowenkron of AM570! Sums up the Lakers/Celtics rivalry through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and what’s to come. Take a listen, it’s worth your time.

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  • Kenny

    it was good hearing chick’s voice

  • hZm

    Can’t wait until Thursday, should be electric!

  • vivavegas

    Throwing a big Lakers Party this Sunday in Orange County. If you are nearby come through. Guest list @ or just click on my name.

  • Lane

    Thursday can’t come soon enough


  • gugy

    So tired of waiting. Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

    Let’s steal a game in Boston. Preferably the first one. Let’s come with lot’s of energy and show what the Lakers is all about.

    LAkers in 5!

  • sK

    You know what would be amazing…. if Lakers were able to close it out at home and in the final minute as time winds down… Staples Center pipes in Chick’s voice putting the game in the refrigerator. right before I love LA comes on…

    if that doesnt give you the chills …. you are not a laker fan.

    go lake show.

    win game 1 so that chances of a home championship increases!

  • 123KID

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    im normally not a guy who cries, but to hear the crowd cheering and to hear chick hearns voice, i would def start ballin tears of joy! LETS GO LAKERS!!!! LETS GET THAT PARADE STARTED!!!!

  • Ignard

    I hope Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Rambis & Mychal Thompson can talk to these guys about the importance of this rivalry and what it would mean to beat the Celtics in the finals, not just for them but for all the Lakernation, to beat the Boston Celtics would be unlike any other victory they’ve accomplished. My two favorite Laker teams of all time were the Lakers teams that beat the Celtics to win championships.

  • LD2k

    Bleepin’ awesome.

  • Richard

    What memories this invoked. Hearing Chick call Magic’s game winning junior skyhook in Game 4 and then ticking down the seconds during the last time these teams hooked up….brought tears to my eyes.

  • jack

    hey guys,.. i have been gone for a while. but am back now. and boy the things have sure changed. we had just defeated Denver when i left US, now…. it’s boston garden.

    and all these time i was in india and china, this finals is hugggggeeeee over there. esp in china, people just can’t wait… and lot of them are waking up early in the morning to watch pre=game shows. Lot of them have decided to drink all day. This thing is the biggest american sports event, since i don’t know. Super bowl might have been huge here, but all over the world, ppls who want to watch kobe and garnett battle is off the charts.

    gotta support our team guys. celtics play different, so we need to do the adjustments. lets go l.a.