After 21 long years, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will meet again in the NBA Finals.

The greatest rivalry in basketball will be reborn.

The Celtics are in the NBA finals for the first since losing to the Lakers in 1987, the third meeting in a four-year span. The Lakers and the Celtics have met a total of 10 times in the NBA finals, with Boston winning the first eight meetings, and Los Angeles the last two. Los Angeles has made the Finals 29 times, Boston has made it 20 times.

The Boston Celtics swept LA 2-0 in the regular season. The key here is that Pau Gasol played for Memphis while both those games were played. This is a new look Lakers team.

Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals will be played in Boston on Thursday.

  • kbfan24


  • as1084

    im not worried about the celtics…each of the “big 3″ is too inconsistent every game and all 3 of them all need to be on their A game every game to beat us i think. and we have this guy named kobe on our team. lakers in 5 maybe 6



  • LakersFirst

    I for one am glad the Lakers are playing the Celtics. Yet another challenge. First it was the defending champions, we beat them. Now it’s the 66-16 Celtics (the team with the best record in the regular season). Beat the Celtics, then there will be no question who the best is in the NBA.


  • Truth

    Lakers in 5!

  • Kobe Forever

    This will be a big challenge for the Lakers. I think the Lakers will beat the Celtics in 5 games.
    Game 1LA 93 Bos 88
    Game 2LA 82 Bos 105
    Game 3LA 100 Bos 85
    Game 4LA 85 Bos 83
    Game 5LA 110 Bos 100 ot

  • kb24 4life

    bring it on
    plus, what do you guys have heard about kobe rumors on cheating on vannesa again, i dont really believe them, what do you think??

  • miguel

    ITS GO TME BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAKERS 2008 CHAMPS!!! i dont know if you guys remember garnetts pres confrence when he was traded he said he never considered being traded to the lakers because of kobes situation well i hope he eats his words now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RD

    NO CHANCE IN HELL bostons gonna win the championship! kobe is on another planet right now. he will NOT let this slide, when he knows he’s just 4 more wins away from a championship!

  • hZm

    We asked for it, we got it.

    Get your popcorn ready… this one is going to be a BATTLE.


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    that idiot is gonna choke on his words and die

  • daboss1848

    As much as I hope you guys are correct . . .the delusions are grand:

    – they are healthy, we are not
    – we subbed in Pau and lost AB
    – schedule favors the team with home court advantage even more in 2-3-2 format (much harder to beat good team 3x in a row)
    – physical play is our achilles heal

    KB is KB but even he cant overcome some things . . .

    BUT again I hope I’m wrong . . objectively speaking, it doesnt look good.

  • roscoe

    boss, wtf are you talking about? How are we not healthy? We have one injured player who hasn’t been around for 4 months anyways. The homecourt is the biggest thing working against us but we can win one or two in boston. I see it like this:



  • Ira

    In their post game celebration Pierce started the ‘Beat LA’ chants, that’s cool, bring it, let’s go! Lakers all day baby, toe to toe the Celtics are going down yo!

    Haha, this will be a fun one!

  • Sako

    this should motivate all of you

  • vintij

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    They are healthy, we are too. Why do you think we are 12-3 in the playoffs?

    We got pau, a proven all star, and lost bynum….who was up and coming at the time and did not do much during those celtic losses. Pau is a much better passer.

    The middle 3 games in the finals are actually an advantage. Would you rather have home, home, away or home home home? Let me think, I would rather have home home home because chances are we play better at home, considering we are UNDEFEATED AT HOME, and the celtics are not. Infact the celtics are 12-8 in the playoffs.

    I think it will be tough yes, but I think phil will show alot of tape on celtic losses and try to limit allen, and pierce….and keep garnett out of the block.

  • ecstyle

    Although the Lakers are 0-2 against Boston this year, one has to keep in mind that they haven’t played since December 07′ and a lot has changed since that time. First, the Lakers’ bench has been proven to be effective not only in the regular season but also the in the playoffs against a lot of tough Western Conference opponents. Remember when the Lakers were down by as much as 17 in the first half in Game 5 vs. the Spurs? Three starters, including Kobe, were resting while the bench helped the Lakers surge back within striking distance. Next, Pau Gasol was traded to the Lakers in February and has fitted nicely into the triangle offense. The addition of Gasol also frees up Lamar Odom and enables him to roam around the defensive strategies that are focused on Kobe and Gasol. Last but not least, the Lakers will win mainly because Phil Jackson. This is were coaching is fully displayed and will demonstrate how various strategies are implemented and utilized. In the regular season you may lose to an opponent and then move on to the next but in a playoff series, the coaching staff will scrutinize every strength and weakness against an opposing team and continue to make adjustments as the games go on.

    Ecstyle Prediction: Lakers in 6

  • Freshh

    Should be an AMAZING SERIES.

    4 Wins away . LAKERS ..

  • Viva Vegas

    Beat Boston Beat Boston Beat Boston!!!!

  • Thomas

    Aside from Kobe making this the first one w/o Shaq, the Lakers should make this one for Jerry, Elgin and all of the Lakers who could never beat the Celtics…Boston is tired but I expect that the Lakers will win the series in six or seven. Boston will be too tired and won’t be able to stop us in the fourth quarter.

  • Michael24

    mkay this is gonna be a series

  • John

    Hello Laker fans!!!

    Here are 3 reasons the Lakers will win this series:

    1. They have proven that they can win on the road.

    2. They have comraderie among each other (brothers).

    3. KG, Pierce, and Allen will not be able to win this series on their own and the Lakers do not just rely on KB, Gasol, or Odom. The Lakers get everyone invovled.

  • Michael_23

    We handled the Spurs big 3, and their veteran team. We can handle Boston’s big 3 with their inexperienced supporting cast.

  • Lane

    After 21 years, Lakers vs. Celtics! Who’s gonna win?


  • Sako

    It’s gonna suck waiting until Thursday for Game 1. The suspense is killing me. Then again, it’s not like me… but I’m nervous.

    2000 vs. Pacers: The riots, bonfires, burning vans, etc. Watching it all on that small TV cause we didn’t have a TV at my house then(we just bought it so there was no cable).

    2001 vs. 76ers: We sweeped the first 3 rounds, and I had the chance to go to Game 4 of the WCF that year vs. the Spurs. It was hysterical. David Robinson running down the court in his girlie fashion thinking that they have possession, but Shaq slams home an open dunk on the other side. Anne Robinson made an appearance & called the Spurs “The Weakest Link.” I bought a Laker car flag after that game. Losing Game 1 of the Finals was devastating. Our first playoff coming in OT. After winning Game 2, Kobe was quoted as saying he was coming to Philadelphia “to cut their hearts out.” The excitement going into game 5. There were celebrations that morning, before the game started, in Phili. A plane flying over the CoreStates Center, holding a banner reading: Lakers 2001 NBA Champs(I think, can somebody correct me if I’m wrong).

    2002 vs. Nets: A sweep. I remember watching this at my uncle’s house. Winning the last championship of the three-peat on the finale of NBA on NBC. Driving home was one thing; everywhere you looked, Laker flags. People just going out for drives with Lakers flags on the windows, hoods, sunroofs, you name it. What a night.

    2008 vs. Celtics: OUR TIME IS NOW!!!

  • billyboy

    BRING ‘EM ON!!!

  • Ignard

    Even though I thought the Pistons would have been a better match up for us, I have to admit i’m excited to see these two teams go at it again. I was a junior in high school the last time they played and my two favorite Laker teams are the ’85 & ’87 teams because they beat the Celtics in the finals. I was at the forum rally when Pat Riley guaranteed they were gonna repeat, we left school early ( Morningside graduate )walked to the rally and I remember it like it was yesterday. This years parade will be so much sweeter than any of the Shaq/Kobe championships because this time we’re taking down the Celtics.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • DingleBerry

    Lets look at the matchups:

    fish against rondo: edge lakers

    kb against allen: edge lakers

    vlad against pierce: edge celtics

    LO against KG: edge celtics

    Pau against perkins: edge lakers

    lakers bench against celtics: edge lakers

    Jackson against rivers: edge lakers

    Lakers in 6 you can take that to the bank and dont listen to that queer daboss. he’s been hatin on the lakers all year…

  • John

    The Celtics would be wise not to depend on their homecourt advantage. The real test for the Celtics will be when they have to play at the Staples Center for 3 games. I think that the Lakers will be very aggressive in Game 1 and Game 2. Therefore, the Lakers will win Game 1 in Boston.

    The Lakers have nothing to lose since they are a young team and they will be back in the NBA Championship hunt for at least the next 5 or 6 years. The Celtics have everything to lose because KG, Pierce, and Allen know that they only have a 2 or 3 year window maximum.

  • Freshh

    How does 2-3-2 favor da team W/ HCA.

    If we steal one of the 2 games
    We have homecourt..

  • west213

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    TY for the info and those are like true as f uck, simple thinking

    goood job brother

  • varsityoptimism

    hoooooooly crap. out of control!

  • domz

    I believe we can beat the celtics. We have shown that we can beat physical and defensive teams, so why cant we beat boston? The key is good execution of offense and again, our great D when needed.


  • Viva Vegas

    I have a question. Where are you suppose to park for the parade down figuerora and can I sell hotdogs there?

  • pio2u

    Lakers bench will be the difference along with the Black Mamba! Lakers will take the Celts in 6 games.

  • Ignard

    Hey Viva Taking the train is your best bet and do you make your hot dogs with bacon wrapped around them? Man those things are of the hook! See you at the parade bro.


    [Comment ID #37669 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think game 2 will be a little closer like Lakers 92 Boston 105

    everything else i agree with


    [Comment ID #37697 Will Be Quoted Here]

    John Please We have everything to loose too. We wanna win the Ship this year

  • daboss1848

    wow . . . dingleberry . . . name calling? wow just wow

    anyone who has actually had a conversation with me would disagree with the “laker hating” comments – maybe not the queer part though (lol)

    [unlike your other nemeses, I won’t get into a battle of wits with an unarmed boy)

    just trying to be objective . . .

    roscoe – lets not soon forget KB is still hurt (despite his heroic performances) and Fish is one wrong move away from knee surgery

  • HereWeGo

    we have beat a physical team in the jazz.. we have beat a team with a “big three” in the spurs and also a team with amazing defense in the spurs. we have also outscored a team that was the number two scoring team in the league in the nuggets.. we have faced 3 completely different types of basketball teams and beat them all. the celtics are no different.. this ends in 5 games. period. daboss doesnt know sh!t.

  • daboss1848

    perhaps I am being overly cautious . . .

    clearly the pros side with most on here:

    I am hopeful that the lakers will win, i just dont think it will be as ez as some on here suggest

    -cautious optimism-

  • kPoAbUe

    we need to steal one in Boston to come here in LA which we undefeated and win all 3.whowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhow LAKERS in 5

  • True Lakers Fan

    bring back Magic and Larry 4 shootaround haha yesssssssss Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers its ganna be a hell of a series

  • jimbraddock

    Bring home the gold! Go lakers!

  • west213

    Expert Picks

    (In 5) Lakers
    (In 6) Lakers
    (In 7) Lakers
    (In 6)

    (In 6) Lakers
    (In 6) Lakers
    (In 5) Lakers
    (In 6)

  • west213

    go to

  • John

    First of all, the Celtics have played only one other team all year long that has played as good of a defense as the Pistons and that team was the Spurs.

    With that said, here are the main keys to beating the Celtics in the Finals:

    1. Pressure KG to try make him beat you from the outside (jump shots) Do not let him get too many any points in the paint.

    2. Guard Paul Pierce tightly so that it makes it almost difficult for him to drive to the basket.

    3. Play aggressive defense… This will hopefully cause the Celtics to make poor decisions and tur the ball over to the Lakers. Beat the Celtics at their own game (Defense!).

    4. The Lakers need to challenge Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, and the Celtics’ bench beat them.

    In other words, if the Lakers take away KG’s and Paul Pierce’s playmaking and scoring during this series, the Celtics are left with their Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, and their bench.

    If the Lakers do all of the above consistently, they will beat the Celtics in 5 games.

  • MILO


  • Bryant

    the lakers will win in 5

  • gugy

    I predict Lakers in 6.
    One victory in Boston, then one loss in LA and one more victory in boston on game 6.
    Ideally, one victory in boston, then 3 in LA. Not sure if that will happen.

    I think will be a hard series just like Utah. Bostom will not give up that easily.

    Remember, LA is mostly young and inexperience. So it could back fire in some games.
    I have hope. Go Lakers!

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #37720 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Just be a fan, don’t be that guy if the lakers happen to lose say i told you so!!!! do not be that guy stay positive and let chips fall where they may…

  • daboss1848

    I never say “I told you so” I just go about not sleeping for several weeks like the rest of us . . .

    cautious optimism merely allows me to keep suicidal tendencies and misplaced hostility in check.

  • RD

    pau has to OWN kendrick perkins, LO has to play good defense against garnet, and our bench play has to be phenomenal in order for the lakers to beat boston.


    This time I hope ALL of STAPLES CENTER chants “CELTICS SUCK,CELTICS SUCK,CELTICS SUCK” so loud that they’ll have to announce the game over the P.A. system.

    I hope somebody gives KG an ‘accidental’ elbow to his mouth knockin’ some sense back into his head,after what he did against Atlanta,remember?He damn near took dude head off,totally uncalled,the game was waaaaaay out of reach but PAYBACK IS U-KNOW-WHAT!I dare you to try it with “THE MAMBA”!

    WE’,like KB said “IT’S OUR TIME TO EAT”!!!

  • 123KID

    lets get this show on the road already!!!!! i want the lakers to literally murder the celtics to get that championship back to L.A.

  • rrrr

    lets go boston theres no way that kobe can do already got this in the books. kg paul and allen got this. boston 4life. lakers suck.kobe cant do it by himself. we will lakerfans who win thursday.


  • daboss1848

    rofl – y r u here . . .

  • west213

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    u wane kick urself outa here……u fu ckin classless fan

  • Sako

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    get the out of here you cu.nt

  • Mike

    [Comment ID #37817 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You seem to have terrible grammar, so please post appropriately or don’t post at all, you Boston Celtic fan.

    We’ll see who sucks after the Finals are over. Also, you may want to take a few grammar lessons.

  • jaque

    come on la lakers u noknow tat ya can do it……… soget on our feet and win some tournaments””””””” dont let boston controlling yall……… yall are ating lke somepunks

  • jaquez

    mn yall are s sorry la lakers yall need to put some work into it man all got boston controlling yall yall bette put some work into it for real

  • dan

    i am looking to find a really big laker flag to put on top of my house by game 3. i live on the top of a hill in la and if i do this the whole city will see it. i have searched online but nothing is big enough. please help me. thanks

  • adam

    i dont care about anything lakers is the best team ever

  • http://_____________ nicko

    go Boston! boston was good to play nba and la you are L hahahaha