feelin� blue? :-(HOOPSWORLD.COM: Recently HOOPSWORLD.com was approached with the opportunity to purchase video footage featuring Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant. In what was apparently a chance encounter outside of a Newport Beach deli, Bryant spoke openly about his frustration with the team’s personnel decisions.

It is outside of our journalistic ethics to obtain a video for money. However, the owners of the clip are committed to making the content public.

Having turned away a lucrative offer (by an unknown party) to destroy the tape, the group has put the video on the market to the highest bidder.

Whether they make a little bit, or as one of the gentlemen indicated, “more than a little bit,” eventually it will make headlines.

I have seen the video. Bryant is wearing a red shirt and sunglasses. Apparently the videographer and Bryant frequent the same establishment and are on general speaking terms.

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  • MoneyMarl

    I’d be shocked if a franchise as respected as teh Lakers let Kobe drag them in the mud. I’m disappointed in kobe, Maybe that’s why he went to Spain?, so he wont have to put up with the backLash. My question is how will his Teammates think? And how will his new teammates(if traded) think? Obviously you cant trust a guy like that, and even less follow him, How would You feel if ur general leave ur army to join a rival one? betrayed right? This is why I somewhat understand where KG is coming from.

    That Being said, I’d love to see Kobe play on the East. And he does get traded i hope he influences what Players the Bulls or Knicks get to send to the Lakers. Because he might end up in another Laker-like situation.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    I give Pincus the props for coming out and writing this.

    But the LA Times declined this, ESPN didn’t pick it up, and a rookie website gave it attention. To me, it was below Eric to write something like this.

    None the less, we now know EXACTLY why Kobe is pissed.

  • http://getgarnett.com Matt

    Eric is doing what a journalist does, reporting what he sees as accurately as possible. You can’t sugarcoat anything in this business regardless of how we feel regarding an issue, the truth must be told. Kobe has had every opportunity to remain discreet during this whole process and has waived that right. It is obvious he wants his message heard, sometimes the method used is unconventional like an amateur video, but its the sane principle. Kobe wants to be heard. Hear his frustration.

  • lakerfan81

    Not that anyone should trade kobe but if you were his teamate would you want to play with him.

  • KingKobe

    Man, Kobe breaks unwritten rules left and right. Remember when he ratted on Shaq when it came to paying off chicks to stay quiet about sleeping with them?
    Why in Gods name would anyone one want him on their team?
    If I were anyone on the the Bulls, I’d be saying “Hell no don’t trade for this bitch!”

    It’s not like dissing your teammates is a tried and true way of handling yourself. I have NEVER heard of any legendary players going this low. I’m sure some have spoken like this with friends and family PRIVATELY but Kobe once again shows us that he has no class.

    No class whatsoever.

  • LakerFAN

    It is common knowledge that there is no sure bet that Kobe will win a championship on another team, wherever he goes the Lakers will gut out the other party roster and Kobe will be left with a mediocre team. Kobe new team will have to rebuild and get players that compliment Kobes game, and that would take at least a season. Other NBA teams are going to try to upgrade their roster too. Kobe has to adjust to a new coachs style, and what if he doesnt like the coach, will he too try to get him fired? Which his new team will give into his new demands since aquiring him they are obliged to keep their superstar happy. Its a losing situation for Kobe, he is starting to get back the calmness he once had before the rape case and after. It seems to me Kobe loves the drama, it probably excites him. But is given any kind of negative drama takes a toll on any individual mental psyche and health. kobe will be 29 this year, he surely has to have reach maturity and understands that the Lakers is the best team for him, his family doesnt have to move, his family is happy to be in L.A. he needs to work with management to see if theres anything he could do to better the team instead of acting unprofessional. Kobe makes nearly 17-18 mill a year, which most of us can only dream of, he is priveledge to be in that position. Even we didnt get out of the first round, the team played hard and we werent good enough, but as leader which Kobe say he is a general, why are you going to quit and abandon your troops instead of instilling confidence in them to succeed. Kobe has to realize that there are Kobe Fans and MJ fans, he needs to stop trying to make it his mission that he will be the best player the games has ever seen because there will always be fans of different type of players in every ERA I think it is a Huge accomplishment to be named or talked about in the same breath of the greats. Please Kobe live one day at a time and try to make it a masterpiece.

  • mj2kb

    Whats wrong wit u king kobe? Nobodys bashing on MJ and yet hes way more harsher on his teamates than kobe is. If you’ve heard all of michaels quotes directed to his teamates then you will understand. And to tell u tha truth, his quotes are very similar to what michael experienced with the bulls organization

  • lakersforlife77

    So much is happening right now………….Once that first game of the season starts, and Kobe walks out on the floor, hopefully this will all be over, this is going to be the most emotional sports season of my life. And you know Kobe’s going to be playing the greatest season of his life with all the anger and frustration built up inside him. I just want this to end…..And hopefully it will.

  • lakers1fan

    All this is Bulls#!T!!! KOBE, all you have to do is talk once in private with LAL management and Dr. Buss and keep it on a DL (Down Low). Handle it in private and stop sending mix signals to everyone; Your Team mates, the other teams…team mates, the LAKERS fans, LOS ANGELES city (in whole) and other Teams Fans, and especially but most importantly YOUR FANS…THE KB FANS! Just handle it in private and do all the movement in private and again on a DL. The Media and the NBA analyst (KB haters & Bill Walton)are just portraying you as the bad guy. But again, just handle the movement, if any, on a DL!!!