So who will be joining us?

Associated Press: The Los Angeles Lakers say they’ll pay for Monday’s NBA championship victory celebration, a more modest event than in past years.

Lakers spokesman John Black said Friday the team anticipates spending around $2 million, including police overtime and other city services.

The Lakers plan to celebrate Thursday’s victory over the Boston Celtics with a parade from Staples Center to the University of Southern California campus. The team estimates that 500,000 to 2 million people may line the two-mile route.

Last year’s celebration featured a longer parade to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where 95,000 people jammed the stands for a rally.

The Lakers and others paid for most of that event after costs to the financially strapped city were criticized.

  • Rio Rondo

    pathetic instead of helping out the community. we all heard how the laker fans celebrate by rioting

    • lakerman1

      Its not your money trick

      • Rio Rondo

        please i was at the game last nite

        • FukctheRefs

          cry more. Where is your Celtics now? floating in tear on the plane back to Boston?

          • Rio Rondo

            i guess idk

  • lakerman1

    Not every Laker fan was rioting. Look at the element of people who do that sort of thing is all i am saying.

  • hehatemealot

    Rio Rondo likes to be spanked in the ass by men. World Champs baby!!! Boston sucks.

  • lakers :D

    im going on monday! cant wait i went last year too in the coliseum :D

  • Cody

    Who ever is going, I’m 100% envious. I would do anything to be there. I live in trash reno so I can’t. Please celebrate hard. Just know that people like me would do anything to be in your shoes.

  • Brian

    So there’s not gonna be a rally at the end??