Looks like the fans and his teammates all think alike – bring this champion back to Los Angeles!

LATimes: Lakers guard Derek Fisher remained upstairs at the Lakers practice facility for quite some time. But he wasn’t saying sentimental goodbyes in the possibility he’ll be gone after July once he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He just had plenty of business to discuss.

That, of course, partly involved his future with the Lakers, but it also included distributing the playoff revenue to his teammates as well general topics, such as the events surrounding President Obama and Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. It surely reveals Fisher’s comfort level in familiar settings.

Sure, there are plenty of details the team will have to iron out. The Times’ Mike Bresahan and Broderick Turner reported that Fisher, 35, will likely have to take a pay cut from the $5 million he made last season, though Fisher wants more than the veteran’s minimum of $1.4 million for a player of his experience level (14 seasons). Fisher also labeled remaining a starter a “priority,” but not a “deal breaker.” And he acknowledged he’ll field offers from other teams so he’s fully aware of his market value. Nonetheless, Fisher’s stance remains clear: “I won’t make a decision before I know exactly where I stand here.”

“I’ve never mixed any statements or positions about winning,” Fisher said, “and wanting to be associated with winning championships and being on the best team in the NBA.”

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  • justdogm1


  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Please come back fish!

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  • echeverria.d78

    he’s staying! fish wants to retire as a laker. i wont be surprise he retires next season.


    With Phil as the coach then yes bring him back as a starter if not then as a bench player w/ any other coach. One thing though is that the lakers have to make him go back to basics and learn how to make a freaking layup!!!
    How many times have we seen him have the step on someone then miss a simple layup because he tends to turn his wrist the wrong way and throw the ball toward the basket and not just lay the ball like everyone else?

    • Odom the worst player

      It’s amazing you make a post about fisher missing layup, What about Odumb, this guy misses way more layups than fisher. At least Little Rock has come through several times for us. Odumb didn’t, nor has he ever come through in the clutch. Other than that I agree with everything else you said.

      • 09-10-11champs!

        how bout if you 2 just go to talk sh*t about our players that won us 2 straight championships to redsarmy?
        Here at TLN we only thank them for what they have done the past 3 seasons!

        • ICE CREAM MAN

          Who’s talkin sh*t? Fish doesn’t know how to do layups plain and simple. What, you haven’t ever screamed at the tv when he misses layups? All I’m saying is that he needs to learn how to turn his wrist for layups and not throw them at the backboard.

  • blacklion

    Fish no matter what, you must stay or come back to be on the coaching staff. Good luck!

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