Lakers Two Step in Texas

Tonight the Los Angeles Lakers (27-12) will face the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs (26-13), a big game for both teams.

For the Lakers, they are trying to prove that they can keep the ship afloat while Andrew Bynum is sidelined and still be able to beat the elite teams in the league.

For the Spurs, they are trying to get a big win. Making it the first win over an above .500 team since December 15th.

Although we are in January this is still a big trip in Texas. Especially with the long road trip ahead. If the Lakers can go in and beat both San Antonio and Dallas without Bynum, it will prove that this team belongs and can still contend even without the big man in the middle.

The most important thing for the Lakers is to continue to progress while Bynum is injured, and more importantly have no more significant injuries. Remember the Lakers were 26-13 last year too, and Andrew had little to do with that start. So with this current lineup which still features Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom, I am certain we can still beat the elite teams and be considered a contender.

We have yet to see Kobe take over a game and shoot fade away jumpers over triple teams. Last year that was probably our best bet. Now with the sharp shooting of Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar, Kobe no longer has to go 1 on 5.

As I once dwelled on the injury to Andrew, I see new light of this mishap. I see an opportunity to grow, and I see a definite opportunity to continue our success while he is out.

After the two games in Texas, we go back home with games against the Cavaliers and the Knicks. The Cavs game is definite going to be a payback game for what happened in Cleveland earlier this season. The Knicks on the other hand, pardon me why I etch a mark in the win column.

Then we embark on the longest road trip of the year. A nine game road trip that last from February 1st to the 13th, nine games in 14 days. With 3 back to back games. This will be the Lakers true test to see if they can keep their top 4th seed in the West alive. However, with 5 of the games being teams below .500 and playing the two worst teams in the league, Miami and Minnesota. The Lakers do have that in their favor, but they will be tested in Toronto, Washington, and Orlando.

Kobe Bryant, stated that “It’s important to gain momentum especially going out on a big road trip”. So with two big games in 3 nights against two of the best teams in the league, this is when you gain momentum and confidence as a true NBA contender.

All Championship teams battle adversity, and it ultimately shapes the team and prepares them for the struggles in the playoffs. Maybe the injury to our biggest surprise of the season will actually help this Laker team become even better. Every player, one through twelve.

If you find out how to win different ways early, then you will be prepared for the road ahead.

And as Frank A. Clark once said, “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

We’ll the Lakers have an obstacle, and conquering that might just lead them to an NBA championship.

David Brickley is a columnist for and the host of Voice of the Nation, the most listened to Lakers podcast on the web. Find him on Twitter.
  • mplakers

    tonight will be a big confidence booster for the rest of the season if they can pull it out….letttt””sssss gooooo lllaaaakkkkeerrrrrssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RDLAKB24

    i agree!!! LA all da way

  • cfresh


  • xmxgambitx

    Guys we go 1-1 but i need help I made a group for lakers fans but theres a guy that made a group for the suns fans and we are having we made a bet to see who has more fans can you guys please help me and make the laker group grow. Also you can view tonights game there as well
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  • LAKing

    Tonight, this is going to be a possible glimpse of the Western Conference Finals. LET’S DO IT!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

  • MILO

    Key for tonight is for the Lakers to continue moving the ball like they did on monday.
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  • Mr.81

    Lakers shoot-around pre-game (01/23/08)- includes interview with Phil and Kobe, plus Sasha, J-Critt and Brian Shaw playing horse.



  • LakersOnFire

    i wanna see them come out with energy and make a good effort tonight. also, share the ball.


    I hope this is not another rumor but WEBBER HAS BEEN SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T-Dub

    The key to the game: Fish and Lamar have a good shooting night.



  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23395 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hope you’re right!!! and what i meant to say earlyer was
    (Profanity is not allowed at please go back and edit your comment!)

  • Odom the worst player

    Tonight is Odom Clank Night. He had OK game the other night, so that means tonight is clank night. Watch and see. If he have one good games then he has at least 5 bad games, or 5 odom games

  • jrich

    STD of the night goes to Phil Jackson for not calling a timeout for the entire 3rd quarter. And for only making one substition the entire 3rd quarter (Vujacic for Luke). He left Kwame in the whole quarter. He should’ve put Ronny in.

  • mplakers

    yessssssssssssssssssssss phil gets the std std for phil. all of us know what he was trying to do but, common this is a team that needs confidence by winning not by trying to “work things out for themselves”. it’s a young team and they need his hall of fame guidance on almost every play.

    runner up for std—-luke f-ing walton. at this point his nickname should be apple….as in “apple turnovers”.

    good showing by the shorthanded lakers for a majority of the game. the silver lining of this dark cloud was that we had them with a great game plan that for some reason phil and the rest of them abandoned in the third.

    is phil trying to avoid coaching the all-star game again? or is he getting more video ammunition to show to the guys when playoffs rolls around? it has to be one of the two because he is a hall of fame coach and i have faith that he wasn’t that dumb and aloof during that horrendous third quarter.

  • Odom the worst player

    Odom shot clanks just like I said he would and he kept leaving Finley time after time. Odom sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxy



    Lakers suck.

  • T-Dub

    Once again…Odom and Walton fails to deliver. Farmar get a pass for an off night. Fisher is just too inconsistant. He teases everyone with a great game, then lays an egg…But he’s always been that. Can’t expect much from Kwame. Turiaf and Sasha were good. BUT…the problem on this team is Luke and Lamar. Our STARTING forwards are terrible. Luke is slow, can’t jump , can’t shoot, and plays no defense…And, he was all of that before any ankle injury. Terrible re-sign. Lamar,has to be the worst 14milper yr player ever. This guy doesn’t want to play basketball! He has no fire or aggression. He really needs to give the Lakers some money back. They couldn’t move Luke if they wanted to, it’s time to move Lamar for a SF…maybe for Richard Jefferson, Artest, or Josh Smith. Turiaf is ready to start at PF position.

  • lalball81

    You guys can whine all you want about Odom, Luke, and Kwame, the reality is you can’t change anything. We have all three of those players for the forseeable future. Looks like you’re gonna have to deal with Odom’s 15, 15, and 5 nights and Luke’s 12 7 and 5 nights cause honestly I don’t think Mitch checks this site to see what some whiny 15 year olds aren’t happy with.

  • T-Dub

    The problem is they only have those type of nights against weaker teams and they are far and few in between!

  • Ballin’08

    Kwame looks lost out there and I’m really getting tired of it…so should you Nation…You see everyone hustling for the rebound…and Kwame is already heading the other way before the ball leaves the other players hands…for the love of god, box out!!! If the game was in L.A. I know he would have got booed again…He thinks b/c the Lakers are on the road he doesn’t gotta show up…He’s the reason we lost this game because he’s not even remotely a presence in the game…It’s like the Lakers are playing 4 on 5. You gotta love Ronny’s hustle, you can’t knock him for being out worked a few times by Duncan b/c he’s doing Kwame’s job…

    I’ve gotten on Sasha’s case over and over, b/c he’s too trigger happy, and wants to fling up a shot everytime he touches the ball, but he’s been more consistent in the last few games I’ve seen him in…Still if they wanna trade and “have to” move a guard I’d rather it be Sasha, than Farmar or Crit.

    Wait! Back to Kwame…You can’t count on him to give you an easy basket in the paint, or to provide a dominant or at least threatening presence…so keep him out, Phil. Towards the end when Barry intercepted the ball from Sasha near midcourt for a three…the guy inbounding, I forgot who it was, had a wide open Kwame near the top of the paint…Why didn’t he throw him the ball???…B/c Kwame can’t catch and would have given the ball over anyway…His teamates don’t trust him….Ship him out!!! Trade him for Artest…trade him for magic beans…give him away…”Do something…and do it now!!!”

  • MILO

    Please TLN staff let me show my passion for the Lakers by allowing me to bash the other teams without you guy’s censoring my comments PLEASE!!!

  • jrich

    Yes, Ronny was balling in the first half. He was constantly moving and cutting and creating shots for himself and other people. So why did he not even play a single minute in the 3rd? Phil has to look at each game differently and realize who is hot and who is making things happen. Ronny was the difference maker in the first half. Kwame looked so tired because he played the entire 3rd quarter… didn’t make no sense to me at all.

  • MILO

    The problem tonight was that the Lakers relied to much on the 3ball and it was just not falling for them.Fisher and Farmar just could not get into a good rhythm today.And yes the lack of a good center was a difference Bynum would have stoped Duncan…

  • Odom the worst player

    T Dub you are so right especially about Odumb

  • Flush Odumb

    How about that “versatility” by Lame-ar! Is there a DUMBER player on the floor?

    How many times did this KLUTZ fling up a shot while falling down? And what was that STUPID offensive foul in the disasterous third quarter when he just shoved the defender! If only we would package this LOSER with any combination of our sub-par placeholders (Kwame, Walton, Sasha, Mihm, Vlad Rad, Karl) and get one more big game, consistent, quality player to complement Kobe and Bynum!

  • e

    honestly folks…i dont think its lamar…did u guys see the way luke played out there??? or rather, the lack of play he had in him?

  • Flush Odumb

    You got that right T-Dub. It would have been a big help if Fisher & Lamar had big shooting nights. Unfortunately Fish didn’t bring his A game and it wasn’t the day of the month for Lamar to have a good game. Even Lame-ar’s defense is so weak. He just stands there with his arms extended. Nothing surprises me with Lame-ar anymore. You can always count on Lame-ar to contribute his share of Oh-So-Dumb plays each and every game!

  • Flush Odumb

    You got that right e,

    Luke-Makes-Me-Want-To-Puke was just dreadful out there. How in the world did we sign this no talent slow footed plodder for SIX YEARS! God Help Us!!!

  • Odom the worst player

    Flush Odumb I can’t believe only a hand full of us see Odom for what he is worth. The guy is useless. he remind me of harold miner. He is so clumsey and stupid. I can’t stand this guy. He makes about 14 mil a year, but he should make about 1 mil. Get him out of here. FLUSH ODUMB

  • Flush Odumb

    You can’t change anything?

    You might ask Smush and “Cookie” about that. Getting rid of those two turkeys was a good start. Now we need to get rid of the rest of the GARBAGE!!!

  • Odom the worst player

    Odom is garbage. There’s nothing he can do to change my mind about his play. We should start booing Odom. I’m so tired of everybody defending this garbage player. he plays like he’s 88.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    STD of the night goes to …. how about the Lakers entire f’n defense. Why in the world were the Lakers leaving players (known jump shooters) like Barry, Finley, etc, for wide open jump shots. Unfortunately the Lakers just didn’t bring the defense in the second half. Didn’t you guys how aggressive San Antonio was defensivly in the second half!

    If you want to give another STD out, how about giving it to whoever the f*ck was guarding Ime Udoka!! Who the f*ck is Ime Udoka? This is a man that averages 4 points this game and ended up with 18 points tonight. I don’t care what team you are, if you allow a man that averages less than 5 points a game to triple his point production, you’re going to lose.

    Games like this are very frustrating to watch because personally I don’t think San Antonio has it anymore. The Lakers were dominant in the first half but then for some reason had no energy in the second. Duncan had 28 points and 17 boards tonight. He was more aggressive tonight than usual because he knew the Lakers are weak in the middle right now. This is where it really hurts to not have Bynum and Ariza (even Radman and Mihm would be nice to have).

    I’n not saying this because I’m a Laker fan but I really think the Lakers have one of the better (if not the best) entire teams in the west (despite what many people think here). I think the Lakers are better and deeper than the Suns (no interior defense), the Jazz (not deep enough), and the Spurs (yes even the Spurs, their age is catching up with them and Duncan’s not gonna get 28 points and 17 boards against a younger, stronger, bigger, and faster Bynum). I think the Lakers are also better and deeper than New Orleans (they have no bench), than Houston (McGrady is always injured), than Golden State (no big men). The only teams I’m not sure about is Dallas and Portland because the Lakers have yet to play them. The Laker injuries are very frustrating.

  • Odom the worst player

    Why didn’t we keep I Udoka? He is far more productive and consistent than that stupid Odumb

  • gugy

    we need to ged rid off:

    It might take couple of years, but once all these fellows are gone, we can say championship.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #23426 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL stop chatting with yourself… odom was 4-7. don’t say he “clanked” shots.

  • domidomdomz

    Take it easy guys..

    You are all saying those just because the Lakers lose. Dont worry, we’ll bounce back from this lost.
    Odom maybe that bad and Luke is worse as you think, but they are still our players and we need to support them no matter what. Next time we’ll face the Spurs, Lakers will shut Tim Duncan, that’s the time when the Beast is back…

    Stay Positive guys..We’ll beat Dallas…

    Believe, Lakers Nation…Believe…

  • Flush Odumb

    Odumb the Worst,

    I can’t believe so many people listen to these comentators who rave about Lame-ar’s “versatility” and just lap up all of this pabalum! Open your eyes people! Every time this KLUTZ has the ball its like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. Stumbling, bumbling, air ball layups, shots flung up wildly while falling over. The guy is a BAD JOKE. Tonight he had a rebound right in his hands and flat out lost it. The block by Duncan was not that spectacular – he just only had to sit on Lame-ar’s left hand. Lame-ar constantly goes through his goofy herky jerky twisting and turning and always ends up going to his left hand. Any defender with half a brain knows to just ignore all the BS moves and park on that left hand and Lame-ar will end up falling clumsily to the floor!

    And in the open court? FORGET IT! The guy is a train wreck! When a defender approaches is panic time! Fall clumsily to the floor! Pull the plug on this guy! I’ve seen enough “versatility” – let’s get someone who can give us some consistency and intelligence for a change.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23428 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ime Udoka only averages 4 points a game this season. To say he’s more consistent than Odom, or consistent at all for that matter, is a bit of a stretch. He has one game this season and unfortunately it was against the Lakers.

  • bryan

    It’s funny how after one loss.. you bandwagon fans always talk about trades… why don’t you just play fantasy so you can drool over your all-star line-up while the rest of us REAL fans back our team up?

  • Odom the worst player

    Amen Flush Odumb

  • Odom the worst player

    LakersFirst just because you love Odumb it doesn’t mean he’s consistent; I totally disagree with you. he sucks that’s all there is to it.

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #23434 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah..Mr. Bryan is correct..

    You are such bandwagons..This site is not for killing our players you call “Garbage”..You are indeed the one making garbage here..

    Please, Stop..

    Just Believe..

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23438 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know where the f*ck in my last comment I say say Odom is consistent. Where does it say that???

    If you read carefully my bandwagon friend, you said Ime Udoka is more consistent than Odom, which, in my last comment, I disagreed with. Here is some facts for you, this year, Udoka averages 4.4 points and 1 rebound a game. Odom is averaging 13.5 points and 9 boards a game (almost a double double). I’m not saying Odom is all that. What I am saying is that for you to say Ime Udoka is more consistent than Odom is f’n retarded.

  • Flush Odumb

    Say bryan, what did Mr Versatility shoot in the Denver game?

    6 shots, huh. Hopefully the coaches told him NO SHOTS!

    (I guess you didn’t see tonight’s air ball layup. He actually hit a 3 in garbage time. When the game has been decided Lame-ar is most productive, but during crunch time? Forget It!)

  • Odom the worst player

    First off we have the right to voice our opinions just like you supporters of these garbage players, Second it’s not just one game, it’s been many games we have been waiting for some of these players to come through. This is a business and just because some of you like these people personally, it doesn’t mean the lakers shouldn’t make changes. It’s the lack of effort from some of these players ( Odumb, Luke, etc.) that’s got us upset. When Jerry West was GM he always traded players who didn’t produce, and what did we get in return, Championships. So I guess if some of us want players who are not consistent traded hurts you guys feeling then that’s just too bad.

  • Flush Odumb

    Too bad Smush and “Cookie” aren’t still on the team. The mind numbed Lemmings could spend another year cheering them on TOO!


  • Odom the worst player

    LakersFirst you are a stats man, and I am not. I’ve always said that Odom sucks so I’m not on a bandwagon. He sucks and like I said before that’s all there is to it

  • domidomdomz

    Hey, we are not supporting those you call garbage players..It’s just that we should accept the truth..Yes you are right, me too I got upset too when they dont come out and play good Basketball..but the point is they need support, lets give them chance..and one thing is when lakers win, you tend to rejoice and forget to do your criticizing stuff..Please be consistent..You are such bandwagons..I think you are a celtic fan..Go away and get green..f*cking nigga!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #23421 Will Be Quoted Here]
    luke cant do sh$$!!!!!slow and no hops!!! he gets in the way most of the time…whats going on with him??????????

  • foxxy


  • bryan

    [Comment ID #23443 Will Be Quoted Here]

    First of all, he took more than 6 shots you dumb-shyt; he took a total of 12 against Denver. Granted that he didn’t shoot a high percentage, he still had 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists. This coming from a player you called “one-dimensional” last week.

    He took 7 shots today and made 4. To pick on his 3 misses is irrational and unfair. 4-7 is still over 50 percent to go along with his 12 boards. Are you still gonna claim that he gets most of his rebounds from misses? He only missed 3 shots tonight, so stfu.

    And quit saying that he falls over and flings up shots. No one else sees this but you. What game are you watching?

    Lastly, everyone here with half a brain knows that you and “Odom the worst player” are the same people. So stop talking to yourself. Next time, try making it a little less obvious and wait a little longer between posts.

    Comparing Odom to Udoka? Are you stupid? Never mind, I knew the answer to that a long time ago.

  • bryan

    Fake a$$ fans, get the fk out of here.. Admin, ban these retards.

  • Flush Odumb

    Please confirm to b-hole bryan that he is just as wrong about me “talking to myself” as he is about his mind numbed Kool-ade drinking Lemming love of Lame-ar.

    When the game is in crunch time you can forget about Lame-ar. He can put his points up in garbage time but when the game is still undecided he’s a joke. Go watch the replay before you make any more dumb post you Lame-ar Lover! Open your eyes, for heaven’s sake!

  • Flush Odumb

    By the way Mr Versatility shot 4 of 12 vs Denver.

    Even in tonight’s Times summary the reporter wrote Lame-ar took only 5 shots until making 2 late in the game after the game was decided in San Antonio’s favor. And I seem to recall one was a 3 (since those makes are so RARE!) So 6 points scored in NON-GARBAGE time. So in my book you can scratch scoring as a consistent dimension. Defense? Standing there flat footed with arms extended? I lost count how many times people blew past Mr Versatile. So in my book you can scratch defense as a consistent dimension. So, really the only consistent dimension Mr Versatility “delivers” is rebounding (and frankly he got burned a number of times on the boards tonight. I can recall a few obvious fouls he had rebounding which he ended up laughing about in his usual semi-retarded way.)

    So if the team somehow is fortunate to upgrade personnel such that we are not counting on Mr Versatility for anything other than rebounding then fine. However with the current roster, clearly we don’t have that luxury in which case at seasons end we should consider packaging non-keepers and picks to get a viable, reliable, consistent option to better complement Kobe & Bynum.

  • Flush Odumb

    For those who like stats, here are a few to ponder.

    3 Point Shooting
    The “Versatile One” is shooting 25 percent (which frankly I’m surprised is even that high)

    This is a lower percentage than Kobe, Fisher, Sasha, Farmar, Luke!, and most likely Vlad Rad (i.e., any of our “legitimate” 3 point shooters.)

    Thankfully, Lame-ar is not firing up as many 3′s as he was doing in recent games! He didn’t even bang one off the backboard against San Antonio, which was a pleasant change!

  • Kobe08-09

    Look it been a long time we lost a Back to back game, so i bet we can beat the dallas and then cavs and knicks, Then our 9 game road trip will start. Just believe in the lakers.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    hey steve, your mom sucks
    and so does lame-ar. when is it enough? when will we send this douche bag packin . im so sick of him good bye odumb

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    And theres Bryan with lame-ars balls tucked away in his cheek you should call your name chipmunk cause u always gots somebodys “nuts” in ur mouth

  • lalball81

    Flush Odumb, I’m saying YOU can’t change anything. I’m assuming it just makes you feel better to spew your crap about our players on the Lakers message board. The fact of the matter is, no matter how hard you yell, how often you complain, how many times you post negative comments about so called “O-Dumb”, we need him on our team.

    I suggest you should get over it, because you aren’t contributing anything by bashing a single player night after night.

  • lalball81

    “Lame-Ar” is versatile actually. With his size he has a reliable post up game, can slash like nobody’s business, can finish with power, can make plays, can defend both smaller and larger players, and can crash the boards. Only weak spot is his shooting range.

  • T-Dub

    I’m not bashing the Lakers…but it is what is and alot of people don’t want to hear it! The Lakers would be a much better team without Lamar Odom. He’s taking up a boat load of cap space and grossly underachieving. At least Luke is only getting 5 mil per. After 3.5 yrs of Odom, I think he is now a liability. The Lakers continually count on him and he never comes through. If a player brings soo much frustration and debate by the Lakers and the fans, and he’s not producing, the logical choice would be to move on. I believe the Lakers can get a starting SF and backup PF for Lamar Odom. They won’t do it right now, but this summer it needs to happen!

  • bryan

    LOL, seriously guys… don’t call yourself fans… why even visit this website as often as you do? One fking loss and you guys are back to playing GM again. Trade this trade that… stfu already. You guys are as bad as Utah fans when they booed D-fish.

  • bryan

    Btw, its funny how before I said anything about “Flush Odumb” and “Odom the worst player” being the same person.. they were having full on conversations up in here like they were on AIM… one minute after the other… LOL.. now one of them disappears.. make it more obvious retard.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #23459 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And stfu, your immature a$$ says the same shyt all the time.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #23446 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re damn right, I’m a stats man. I don’t come in here and make ascenine statement like “Ime Udoka is more consistent and an overall better player than Odom” like you did. I back up my arguments with facts. You should too. Otherwise you make yourself look like an idiot, which you did.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #23454 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re right Odom is shooting terrible from the 3 point line this season. For his entire career, LO is not a good 3 point shooter (31.4% career) and should stop shooting them and drive to the rim.

    HOWEVER…. Odom’s field goal percentage for his career is 45.3% and this season he is shooting 46.4% from the field, so he is shooting higher than his average. What does this stat tell us?? Odom should be more aggressive. I think this is his main issue. He’s rebounding better this season but with Bynum now out, he does need to be more aggressive and get to the rim.

  • Flush Odumb

    Chipmunk Bryan,
    The only thing obvious is your are a numbskull!
    Go F yourself you Bozo!

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #23485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha! oh god.. are we in high school?

  • bryan

    gosh i’m so hurt.. this guy that knows nothing about basketball just called me a bozo.

  • Flush Odumb

    Hey Chipmunk,
    Some more appropriate words come to mind but they are probably beyond your walnut sized IQ.

    Also, these changes are not going to happen now. We’re stuck with what we have till the end of the season. Everyone’s a GM now? Another STUPID comment, but that is expected from reading your drivel.

    Enjoy your Kool-ade you mind-numbed Lemming! Obviously, you are a waste of keystrokes, but it is fun sparing with your half-brain!


    For this team to continue to win LO has to take more shot,PERIOD.Guys has got to step up against THE ELITE TEAMS.No inside presence means DUNCAN WILL HAVE A FIELD.How long do you think a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM LIKE THE SPURS was going to play terrible? Did Kwame think Timmy was going to say “here Mr.Brown,I’ll let you block my shot,since you got booed on your own homecourt,at least Kobe scored 45 to get the fans back”.I’m trying to support him but a lot of Laker fans are now just getting to know Kwame.I’M ALSO A WIZARDS(DAG!THEY GOT WOOOOOOOOPED LAST NIGHT BY THE CAVS)FAN SO I KNOW FIRST HAND.The Lakers FO is doing or did it’s Loyal Supporters a disservice by trading away C.Butler(look at’em NOW)and the Lakers hurt ever since.Make a trade before it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LATE,PLEASE!

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #23489 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are beyond repetitive. I hope to god that your are still in high school and I’m willing to bet that you are. Stupid little kid.

  • Odom the worst player

    Lakers First I have a question for you. Robert Horry has 7 Rings, and Karl Malone has 0 rings, Larry Bird has 3 Rings, Kevin McHale has 3 Rings Does this make Robert Horry better than these Guys because he has more rings? No it Doesn’t, Stats are overrated, but according to you Robert Horry is a better player because he has better stats and more rings. Now I’m not talking to you anymore. I don’t care what you say Odom’s not a good player. Now I’m not trying to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine, so got talk to someone else who agrees with you.

  • Flush Odumb

    Oh Chipmunk,
    I feel sorry for you buddy. Get yourself some help, you need it pal.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23518 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What you just said has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Of course the fact the Horry has more rings does NOT mean that he is better than Malone, Bird or McHale. The amount of rings a player has does not mean that that player is a better individual basketball player (how you came up with your arugument is beyond me). However, the stats that are of importance are their personal stats that they’ve accumulated throughout their NBA career. For example, here is a proper way to use stats.

    For his career, Horry is averaging 7 points a game, on 42.5% shooting, and 4 rebounds a game. Those are HIS INDIVIDUAL NUMBERS!! Whereas Bird averaged 24.3 pts a game and 10 rebounds a game. Malone averaged averaged 25 pts/game and 10 boards a game and McHale averaged 18 pts and 7 boards a game. Based on THESE correct stats that reveal the individual performance of the players, Horry is clearly not better than Bird, Malone, or McHale.

    Stats are NOT overrated and Numbers DO NOT LIE!! The way you tried to use stats to prove your point was f’n retarded because you used the incorrect stat in an attempt to prove your point. Noticed I used the correct the stats (individual points and rebounds per game) to compare the performances of each of the players you mentiond.

    I hope you do quit talking to me, because you are just as dumb as Odumb – LOL, LOL, LOL,

  • Odom the worst player

    Lakers First they are stats and that’s what you said. Odom still sucks I don’t care what kind of argument you come up with. You are contradicting yourself. You always talk about stats now you trying to change what you said at first. Just because you don’t like the example doesn’t change your ridiculous arguments about stats. No you are the stupid one.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Odom the worst player – How am I contradicting myself? The amount of rings a player has nothing to do with whether or not that player is a good player. For example, Bobby Hanson (I’ve bet you’ve never heard of this guy) who played with the Chicago Bulls with Jordan has championship rings but that doesn’t mean he’s better than Karl Malone who has zero rings. To compare those two players, you would need to look at their invididual stats (i.e. points per game, rebounds per game, field goal percentage, assists per game, etc).

    Just because you don’t know how to use stats to prove a point (and when you tried you made yourself look like a dumba**) doesn’t mean stats are not valid. In the future, I would recommend to no make stupid comments like Ime Udoka (averaging 4 pts and 1 rebound per game) is a better player and more consistent than Odom (averaging 13.5 pts and 9 boards a game). Statements like this mean make you look stupid (I’m trying to help you out).