Brown wants to be a Laker, the question is how much is he worth?

L.A. Times: The Lakers’ third unrestricted free agent of note is reserve guard Shannon Brown. The Lakers spoke with his agent Tuesday night, but it will be a slow-speed chase compared to their interest in Odom and Ariza.

“Shannon would love to be back with the Lakers,” Bartelstein said. “He had a positive experience, a great experience with the Lakers. He loved being there. We’ll talk to Mitch and see how things unfold.”

Brown enjoyed his time with the Lakers and wanted to return but would also look over the free-agent landscape, according to his agent, Mark Bartelstein. Brown was basically a throw-in with Adam Morrison in the February trade. The Lakers were his fourth NBA team in three NBA seasons.

Brown, age 23, made $796,000 last season, well below the NBA average of $5.6 million.

  • what will be

    If it means losing Ariza and Brown to sign Odom forget that… Ariza and Brown are great role players next to Kobe, and in the Triangle…

  • RJ

    Lakers shouldnt think of any free agents until they sign lamar, ariza, and brown. Then maybe think of free agents.

  • Zach

    yeah about the no free agant thing… tell tht to th newest laker ron artest. little more important then odom and brown huh?