O.C. Register: The discord arose after Ariza had the ball under the basket and passed it out to Vujacic on the wing. Rather than move it back to Ariza or another teammate, Vujacic just held it for a beat and then launched a 3-pointer out of the flow.

The shot missed badly, and Vujacic was soon called for a foul, leading to an automatic timeout with 8:37 left in the second quarter.

That’s when Ariza got in Vujacic’s face and stayed there as the players walked from the far corner of the court back toward the Lakers’ bench. Bryant shepherded Ariza toward the end of the bench and stood in his way while Ariza, who has a temper that his furtive demeanor belies, remained so keyed up that he just kept pacing.

Jackson benched both Ariza and Vujacic. As play was resuming, Jackson did something he never does: He left his usual area and walked to the end of the bench to address the matter directly with Ariza.

“It’s just something that we want to keep internal, so I’d just as soon not talk about it,” Jackson said after the game. “Trevor let it out, and it was unfortunate to see that on the court.”

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  • lyk13

    Despite the title and troubling paragraphs, everyone should read the entire article in full from the source. It’s truly heartwarming. When I watch the video of the argument, boy, that hurt. Go Lakers!!!

  • xtro

    machine only want to win. machine not mad at all.

  • as1084

    sasha’s shot selection has been horrible so far this year…so i gotta agree with ariza…sasha just keeps unloading those 3s at the wrong times.

  • e

    sasha’s game is inversely proportional to the amount of money he gets in his salary

  • KB24ForLife

    that writer compared the lakers to a fuuucking chicken salad -_-‘

    “And now we know just how capable this Lakers team is of coming together, to the point of making some remarkable chicken salad.”

  • titejt

    Sasha has to force shots to get points. Jordan and Trevor are to busy trying to be starting positions, that sometimes they come off as ball hogs. Anyway, if Trevor wants to talk smack , who last season was our most scrappy player, who won us games by not giving up on seemingly lost plays? Who played about a month, fell in practice, broke their toe, and was largely insignificant when he came back?


    I love both Ariza and Sasha for what they bring to the mix, but he (Trevor) was out of line to belittle not only Sasha, but any other player ON THE COURT, especially during the “O”fer night HE was having! Maybe that had something to do with Trevor lashing out his temper at Sasha, who has consistently swished many treys, exactly like that 3-point shot attempt, many times in the past. Trevor did look wide open and probably felt he should have gotten the rock right back… Keep it in the locker room “boys” …On this particular scenario; I don’t think “men” is appropriate here.

  • lakerschamps09

    umm trevor was rite in that sasha shoulda passed him the ball.. but he shoulda never made it a big deal wit evryone watchin but who cares we won…lol.. they just need to shut up and play….

  • yellowpurplefever

    The Machine is way too eager to launch 3s, that play I agree with Ariza, he was W I D E open. The Machine needs tighten up on the UNNESSARY 3s. Ariza is frustrated cuz he had an off night w/o a point. They’ll make up in practice


    I say it could have gone either way. I mean that was a good shot by SASHA it just didn’t go in, and TREVOR had a good look as well. But you guys all have to understand that SASHA sometime takes shots like that and most of the time they go in and he helps us out a lot with those attempts.

  • kb24_1OVERJORDAN

    da machine hes cool not gonna lie but i hate it when he just launches them 3’s out of nowhere like not necassary his not that smart to eagar to shoot….but then again when he makes it..

  • west213

    everyone hates the machine…bynum-pass me the fcking ball!!!

  • let there be light

    This just shows that they are hungry. when you ball things are said on the court. but then everything is cool. dont need to make a big deal out of this. But these guys need to keep runin the SYSTEM. dont get into the STAT game.

  • ignard

    Trev & Sasha….the new Kobe & Shaq

  • imfasterthanur

    I don’t know about you guys, but when Lamar Odom fouled out, I thought it was hilarious that Kobe Bryant was sitting on the sideline laughing at Lamar’s frustration (Considering that we won of course). If you you-tube it, Bryant was laughing for almost the entire quarter.

    It truly goes to show you that Kobe is having the time of his life out there, relative to the Kobe/Shaq era where Bryant wasn’t exactly a sociable teammate.

    There’s a special bond on this team, and although I may be stating the obvious I feel that this team can do some very special things, well beyond this championship or bust season. Let Ariza and Vujacic patch their problems and let’s watch our Lakers break 70 wins + a championship!!



  • sepehr

    Fact: Trevor had a better shot than Sasha
    Sasha should have passed the ball, a contested 3 has less of a chance to go in the basket. Ariza did the right thing by telling sasha, it’s not as if he chocked him or anything. He simply confronted sasha about a mistake.

    I think that we can all agree that Sasha does not have a very good shot selection. Trevor is much more of a team player, Sasha needs to learn how to play the game as a team member and stop jacking 3’s as if they are free throws.

  • e-bucher


  • stdecker

    sasha sucks, i went into all the reasons why on the machine video blog, please revert to that to see my takes on why he is the biggest chump to ever put a laker uniform on!(i wish ariza would have knocked his ass out!)


    All you lito foos who think Ariza’s 3-point shot (no matter how wide open) has a better chance than Sasha’s trey, are just that… LITTLE FOOLS!


    Eh maan, Sasha aint’ no chump, punk, he’d nok out yur ass, and dat’s fo sho!

  • stdecker

    it shows you don’t know shit about basketball if you try to defend sasha. watch the games dork!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #55058 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re a stupid dumb mudafuker!

  • stdecker

    you are kook! you’ve probally been watching the lakers for 3 years, none you dorks
    know anything about basketball!