The Lakers tried to pick up the free agent bigman, Drew Gooden. “I got calls from (the Lakers) trying to get me,” said Gooden, the 6-foot-10 power forward who officially became a Spur when he signed a contract for a pro-rated portion of the $1.5 million that remained of the Spurs’ mid-level salary cap exception.

“It was a game of chess probably. (The Lakers) probably knew San Antonio was the team they had to get past in the West.”

  • Yo

    It’s cool! He’ll regret his decision when the Lakers are holding up that Larry O’Brien championship trophy!

  • Chuck

    The Spursare the team the Lakers need to get by? Try the other way around, Drew. Who won the West last year and who got booted out in 5 games? That’s what I thought. Get your fishin pole ready, Gooden.

  • Lker Roger

    dude are you stupid lakers will again sweep the west

  • Lakerfan101

    Drew looks like you made a very bad decision. : )
    its looks like Manu aint comin back…..
    Good LUck..
    I think he just wants to get PT….
    Cuz if went here he wont get any playin time..
    again Good LUck to you,
    hope you do good!

  • ceballos_neverforget

    wait, what happened to manu?

  • 123kid

    he must be stupid! he must not like the sunny weather and girls in cali! oh well. his loss!

  • Lakerfan101

    [Comment ID #63715 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i ment he wont play at the same level as he use too…

  • Michael_23

    It’s about playing. When Bynum gets back it’ll be tough for Gooden to get playing behind Bynum, Gasol, LO, and Powell. Oh and Dacos.

  • sketch

    that’s about as stupid a comment as he looks with that wack goat on his chin!

    go clean Drew, you look like a friggin jihadist!

  • Beef

    We dont need Gooden,we have better Drew!

  • JB

    Are we getting Horry or what, I think he might have a few (very limited) good games left in him. After all, we owe him that 2002 Championship. I don’t think the Lakers would beat the Kings 3-1 down in 2002.

  • DWinsRings

    [Comment ID #63707 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey dont say sweep, i want a tough way into finals instead of sweeping it like last year. sweep west and get beat down in finals, like the cletics they had a tough road to the finals and thats how they were built, with game 7s , and i wanna see this team play in a game 7 even tho its on the line.

  • trademaster 2009

    adonal foyle was released by memphis, lets sign him, he is agressive, and we need his six fouls in the middle

  • Lker Roger

    Is foyle have some came left,if we need fouls we got dj bodyguard mobenga .Horry is slow horrible defense
    and shooting has got hot and cold remember spurs let him go and nobody was intrested.
    Trade farmar for luther head 6 3 guard who can drive play defense. puke cant jump walton is horrible
    great bb IQ huh why cuz hes white?
    sasha head case totally kobes bitch hot and cold.
    final they put sun fortune cookie boy in the d knock but what asian can play but yao
    and hes just a average big man mitch dude there s
    more clean up onthis team why dont you ever respond to fans statements. you made one good trade pau
    and everyone knows Jerry West set that up so you could save face from that car wash kwame deal.

  • mandoeone

    lets get this shit right ………………….they got to get pased us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • trademaster 2009

    [Comment ID #63746 Will Be Quoted Here]we need adonal foyle in case we meet boston in the finals, boston has two big bodies in perkins and davis, we only have one big body in drew, we need adonal foyle so we match up well

  • as1084

    what an egotistical a**!!! “the lakers called to get me”…what an a**. u just got waived by the KINGS…THE KINGS….get over yourself and your g*y a** haircuts!!

  • Lker Roger

    Adonal foye maybe a factor in having a big guy.
    mobenga sure dosent have what it takes.
    The west is still very tough and with out bynum who
    sometimes can have some bad games.
    mitch we dont need Robert Horry he stupid and slow spurs cut him .The dude smilesw everytime he gets burned,
    Get rid of puke walton farmar mobenga and sasha
    all these dudes are weak.

  • Msouten

    Gooden would have been a good player comin off the bench