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UPDATE: 6:01PM PST: According to Yahoo Sports! Adrian Wojnarowski, “The NBA is now pushing New Orleans GM Dell Demps to pull the plug on the trade and keep Chris Paul, league sources tell Y! Sports.”

UPDATE: 6:00PM PST: According to Yahoo Sports! Adrian Wojnarowski, “NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y! Sports.

UPDATE 5:57PM PSTAccording to ESPN’s Marc Stein, trade with Lakers will NOT go through Friday. “It was not immediately clear, sources said, if three-way trade involving Hornets, Lakers and Rockets is merely snagged or in jeopardy

It appears Chris Paul will be wearing a Lakers uniform on Christmas Day.

Earlier reports had the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom for Chris Paul.

That report was then quickly corrected. Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports has now reported that the Lakers have agreed to trade Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom for Chris Paul.

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The Houston Rockets have jumped into the deal making it a three-team trade. Multiple reports have the Rockets receiving Pau Gasol for Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, and a draft pick.

So here is the current breakdown:

Lakers Receive: Chris Paul

Hornets Receive: Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and a Rockets draft pick

Rockets Receive: Pau Gasol

Adding Paul to the lineup automatically solves the Lakers problem at point guard as they acquire arguably the best point guard in the league.

This will no doubt give the Lakers the best backcourt in the NBA with Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant starting at the one and two on opening day.

The fact that the Lakers were able to pull this off without having to trade Andrew Bynum is quite an accomplishment. It must be noted that this leaves open the possibility of getting Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic in exchange for Andrew Bynum.

According to sources, this deal is finalized and agreed to by all teams involved. However, it cannot be official until training camp and free-agency beings tomorrow. (Friday December 9th).

Stay tuned to for updates, as this story continues to develop.

  • Gargyris14

    Holy Crap…How does Wojarnowski get this info so fast?

    • Magnum16_16

      He’s actually Chris Paul.

      • Dwaynejordan23

        Stern Blocked the trade. 

  • Ryan Eusebio

    I’d rather lose Bynum instead of Pau :/

  • J.D.


  • Kmac_321

    WOAH!!!  HELLLO !!! LOL CP3 all day yes..

  • Johnjohn

    NOOOO! we want Dwight Howard!

  • Jkien

    What are we throwing in to get Howard now that Odom is heading the the Hornets?

  • Sevook99


  • Melo812010


  • Dirty Hurts


  • A Sad Laker Fan

    Man! I’m gonna miss Odom

  • Elpainto

    God, please Noooooooo!!!

  • Dushyant S P

    idk :/ if we dont end up getting howard i dont see us contending with bynum an center and no PF :(

  • Guest

    does that trade even work financially?

    • Jack Yang

      Yeah it doesn’t make sense. Lakers is trading away 27 millions per season worth of contract but getting back only 16 million. Unless one of those other team have a lot of cap room (I don’t know) then this wouldn’t work. 

      It also seems like we’re giving a bit much. Big Man are valuable in this league. I don’t know why we’d make this trade unless we know we can get Dwight for Bynum and fillers? 

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  • Dwanet

    We have no one in the Power Forward Position!

    • Mike Conley

      last yr we said we have no one in the PG position…

    • no parade on fig




  • Dbarr

    Have to wonder if we are on the verge of SHOWTIME  once again. Are the Lakers retooling for a faster style of play with the best guard combo in the league?

  • Brazilian Laker

    Hmmm.. Lakers want dwight too.. it will be a super team! Sorry about Pau Gasol fans, but his last season was horrible.

  • Brooklynstones

    why didnt we just trade pau directly to houston for scola kmart and dragic we would still have odom and much more depth to get us dwight

  • Teddyastley

    yeah giving up pau makes no sense……we should have done bynum and lamar for dwight….then have kobe pau and dwight


    First off, thanks for the championships Gasol and Odom help us get.  Welcome CP3 to a the best organization in the world.  Now I feel kind of messed up…first lets not forget that even though those guys help get rings, they were also the cause of our missed ring last year.  Odom played every once in a while and Gasol even had Phil smack him in his chest to see if that would make him snap out of that slump or daze.  The only one ballin was kobe.  Even Kobe would say that they should not be content to only have won 2 rings.

    Now Yes we got the best point guard with CP3 but now we are extremely weak in PF.  Bring in Howard and hopefully we wont be a great starting team and once our bench comes in we would suck.  Well our bench sucked last year but this time we need help I think.

  • Teddyastley

    i hope they have another trick up there sleeve for dwight……bynum and who ever to get that done then ill be ok……yeah no power forward…..geeez

  • andrew_y

    By the numbers, we cleared ~10-11 million a year with this trade off the top…so in theory we could do Bynum for Dwight with us taking on Hedo’s contract and technically play Hedo as a really defensively poor PF….


    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has to set something up for Howard……..

  • Mike Conley

    seriously, can we become anymore Evil Empire? MUHAHAHA

    play the theme song on Christmas.  Suddenly, I’m not so worried about DRose.

  • ilikebasketball

    yeah mis odom already.

    and where are we at at power forward?

    this deal is great for our PG position, but leaves us without the length that made us such a contender..


  • Michaelcloser

    Glad to have CP3 but I can’t believe we traded Odom. Who will be our starting PF?

  • Cecilpriceloans

    Whaaaat? What type of trade is that, now we dont have a front court. Even IF we get Dwight, we still dont have a PF. Now we have to get Dwight, somebody has to rebound all these shots going up between Kobe and Chris. Great backcourt, but no one shoots 100 %

  • mon

    no!!!!!!!!!! send bynum instead of pau

  • no parade on fig

    i love it the fakers are weaker today . no fowards left . all you have is looney tunes . i guess you couldnt rip off teams this time like they always do . getting all stars for shit . it cost them odom and gasol for a good point g that is a midget and will get taken to the post .

  • 72137

    Lakers should not have traded Pau Gasol. This is a really sad news for me!

    • prometeus

      Buss Jr don´t remember LA without gasol in 2006, 2007… Buss Jr. is incompetent, ignorant…  

  • Bzacarias1987

    should we go after david west & carl landry now?

    • ilikebasketball


      either of them would be fantastic.
      how realistic is that?

      if we pick up a david west or carl landry, i think we could make a serious run at the title.

      im all about bynum breaking out of his shell. and with kobe and chris paul there. im’ sayign wow!

      though im gonig to miss pau and odom. odom especially.

      all he did was get dissed on here the last few years for not showing up enough.

      • sheds

        You often only realize the value of things when they are gone. The ppl dissing him obviously were pretty clueless since Lamar has always been a facilitator and not someone to force his will. So it was only natural that he didnt have only great games but some stinkers aswell. When the team did not function, Lamar wouldnt aswell. Thats part of his personality on the court.
        For what he does, he does really well. And its sad to see him go after spending many years with the Lakers especially when times were tough for the team. Thank you Lamar. At least for me, you will always be a Laker!

  • Xdave1003

    Terrible trade. We can’t even get Howard now and only have one power forward on our roster. I’m guessing there must be some power forwards that will get waved with the amnesty clause and sign with the lakers…..atleast I hope so

  • Buuu

    Business is business and Lakers needed a good point guard to replace Fisher but I don’t think this trade will be good in the short run. Essentially I don’t see Lakers getting another important PF or Centre. I don’t think Orlando will trade Howard for Andrew + anyone (like Blake). The trade will depend on how much Howard can push Magic’s management to let him go, but I doubt it will happen. If Howard is traded no question we will have a clear shot on the ring. But if not, things wont be good for a while until these positions are well covered. Remember that being dominant on the paint is essential an factor in the game, I think people often forget this. I see this move as a more long term move, once Kobe is gone, with CP (if he signs extension next year), Andrew (with his game more developed and healthy) and new signings from the draft or elsewhere. Just my thoughts, I don’t like this trade too much. I also got attached to Pau and Odon….they helped with two rings! The finals! Such a good team gone, but maybe it as time…

  • jimmy caudillo

    Piece one of the puzzle done, Howard here we come!!!!

  • Gustavodavalos

    Two power forwards gone for a point guard. Some how this doesn’t make sense to me.

  • guest

    now CBA is useless

  • sheds

    Wow, now thats some surprise :)

    Great to see Chris Paul with us now, although I really gonna miss Lamar Odom. And in this season we might actually all miss him, if there wont be any upgrades to the rest of the team. I dont really see Artest or any of the bench guys stepping up for the loss of his versatility.

    If things work out with Dwight aswell then I dont mind loosing Lamar and Pau that much, but if we dont get him, things might look not so well this season, with a new coach, new system, not really the best bench and who knows how the chemistry will be.

    But I still try to look optimistic into the future. With Chris Paul we will have a penomenal backcourt and Kobe gets alot more room to operate when defenses have to focus alot on keeping Chris contained.

    I really hope a package of Bynum + Artest + someone else for Howard and maybe Turkoglu could work.

  • Dwaynejordan23

    David Stern has blocked the trade after team owners complained.

  • lakers4evea

    what the hell is going on!! so do we have or not?!?

  • lakerstillidie

    what the hell is going on?!? 

  • KnicksFan7

    Nope its a dead deal

  • lakergang1112

    pursue paul with bynum instead since howard wants to be a net

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