ESPN’s Chris Broussard believes Lakers are likely to offer Odom 3 year $24-25 million. Here is the video — discussed Odom last.

  • lakers101



    I said it from the beginning – a 8-9 mil contract for the candyman.

    He’s basically taking a 6mil paybut since his old contract was 14mil so this is a hell of a deal for the Lakers and LO shouldn’t care about the money so it’s all good.

    Next goal – BRING BACK SHANNON, and we’ll be set for the ’10 season.

  • Whatsa

    Video’s unavailable :/

  • Mr. WoodCock

    HERE is the video. He hasn’t signed yet, so we’ll have to wait. Another option is Sheed.

  • Jackenton

    In theory, his last contract was 12 mil per season. The extra 2 million per season is from the trade kicker (activated upon being traded for Shaq). Odom is looking for 10 million a year from other teams. He just might take 8 million a year since he said he wants to stay as a Laker.



  • granthillisoldandworthless

    mrwoodcock, ‘sheed is not an option you moron.

  • keith reyes

    ron artest should wear 13 or 79 his bday and they year that he was born. hope god will protect us on 2012. people should start praying to god.

  • ricky

    I think the team’s offer of $24 million for 3 years is very reasonable. Lamar should be smart and take the offer because that is probably the best deal he will get in this off season and he still secures a spot on the defending champions. Only a handful of teams have money to spend but are not inclined to sign Lamar; opting to rebuild with young talent instead. Teams contending for a championship can only offer their mid level exception; so it would be wise for Lamar to eventually accept the team’s offer instead and continue to play for a chance to win. I believe that the Ron Ron signing will help Lamar make his decision eventually after seeing no other team will to fork out more than mid level money at him and will decide to stay put. He is good friends with Ron Ron, both natives of Queens in NYC. If Lamar does re-sign with the team, which I have much confidence that he will eventually, we will have a very formidable group of players.

    Just looking at the central pieces of this team as constructed gives me goosebumps and should send chills down the spines of the other 29 teams.

    Kobe Bryant
    Pau Gasol
    Ron Artest
    Lamar Odom
    Andrew Bynum
    Derek Fisher

  • ricky

    Teams used to say that the Lakers were too soft. With the addition of Ron Ron, however, teams will start to say the Lakers are just too TOUGH!!! LAKERS ’09-’10 NBA CHAMPS!!! LAKERS FOR LIFE!!!

  • Ryan

    Can you even imagine? Odom coming off the bench for Bynum when he gets two fouls in 2 minutes. Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Artest and Fisher… That’s just a remarkable amount of talent on the floor. No way to guard them… someone will always be WIDE open and free to bury a shot or drive to the rim. A very scary thought indeed for all the other teams in the league!

  • Drake Hunter

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    Interesting way to put it!

  • Mr. WoodCock

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    What ideas or contributions have you offered so far jackass. STFU before you start blasting others here. Know your place kid. Go suck your boyfriends dick and do some circle jerks you fag.

  • skim.

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    nah we need lamar to come off the bench and lead that sh!tty second unit. its not like bynum is gonna finish the games anyway.

  • WifelovesLuke

    If this deal gets done, the Lakers are clear favorites to come out of the West again. What is interesting to me is what Cavs, Orlando and Celdicks are doing. If Orlando can land Sheed, they are the favorites. If Boston lands Sheed, they are only the favorite in the East if KG is truely healthy. I, for one, didn’t think that the Shaq signing help the prince’s chances and if Sheed goes to either Boston or Orlando, the prince is headed to NY summer of 2010!

    Come on Candyman. Take this deal and help Ron Ron get his first ring! Candyman signs and Lakers are 2010 Champs!

  • DerekH

    The world isn’t ending in 2012 people……. calm down. Odom is comin back

  • YellowPurpleFever

    LO will sign, after a week of free agency NO ONE has offer or made a run at LO yet. I think his asking price is too high. Mitch’s offer is right on this time with the economys overall. Kobe should or need to look at a bigger picture for the next 3 years and sign for less to keep our role players like Shannon and Powell. Artest took a paycut and soon will LO. Now the captain needs to act.
    I think 3yrs/60mil is reasonable for a SUPERSTAR. Plus, hes gonna out sell LeBronze in merchandize and sponsorships anyway.

  • AY24

    I think lakers should go for shawn marion if lamar is gone what do u guys think???



  • Yayonaize

    why can’t they just pay him in now and laters? i’m sure that would be much easier plus the govt can’t tax candy, can they?

  • dracul

    8.3 million a year is very reasonable and right on target for the pay/skill/talent/age of Odom.

    If they can lock down a core of Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum, Odom for the next 3 years, and rotate pieces as needed around those, then the Laker chances of staying highly competitive are good.


  • Willmo

    Well 3yr and 24-25 mill is good for LO. Every other team is finishing up their free agent signings and with Sheed in Boston now and Big Baby maybe landing in San Antonio the Lakers have to bring Odom back. LO and Artest with Pau on the floor will be scary. The Lakers will be in the Top 3 in defense nxt yr that’s for sure.

  • Jacob

    If we resign Odom, just imagine our defense. Kobe and/or Ron hounding the front court. And if you somehow get past them, three towers waiting behind them..

    I really hope Odom pulls through in resigning.

  • Great-LakeShow

    I believe that LO will ultimately return wit the Lakers but i did just read that the Blazers are currently trying to decide if they want to pursue Andre Miller, David Lee or Lamar. IF it was about the money they could afford to pay him what he wants. But I would be shocked if he left LA.

    Also alot of folk over here on the East are thinking the Celtics are favorites to win next year because they just signed SHEED but I say F*** dat! LA still got some unfinished business to handle wit them!

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    L O is not going to be as greedy as Areeza! Areeza is going to have a lot of hard losing seasons; while the Lakers shine!! What a D A!!. L O is good friends with other NY bud Artest #37. The deal with L O should be wrapped up by tomorrow!!!

  • Minorkle

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  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    “Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew
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    Please tell me you looked up those lyrics and that you really did not know them, Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. LOL



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    odom should start

  • Andrew

  • Mister Dunkonya

    Mitch and Phil were genius in the fact that Lamar Odom was at one point reduced to a bench player just to keep his stats down in a contract year. So 3yr/$24.5 mil would seem damn good for a reserve..haha. As far as letting Ariza go for Artest, I think we are going to have some real chemistry issues because Artest doesn’t hesitate to take his shot and that might not be a bad thing if he stays hot all the time..haha. There is only one rule when dealing with the Lakers, Keep #24 very happy or Artest might be outta here by the Allstar break.


    If we can’t sign Odom we can’t repeat… PLEASE SIGN LAMAR PLEASE!!

  • LOFan

    Come on Lamar we need you buddy!!!