Looks like it will be Lakers/Thunder in 1st round.


LakersBasketBlog: The Lakers found out a few days early whom they’ll play in the first round of the playoffs: the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Heading into Monday night’s NBA action, San Antonio, Portland and Oklahoma City were positioned in a three-way tie with identical 49-31 records and two games to play, the loser of which would draw L.A.

As it turned out, San Antonio easily beat Minnesota 133-111, while Portland went on a late run at home to defeat Oklahoma City 103-95 and lock the Thunder into the No. 8 seed.

OKC can still finish with the same record as San Antonio and Portland if both of those teams lose and the Thunder win their final contest, but both Portland and San Antonio hold the season tiebreaker against Oklahoma City (both went 3-1 vs. Durant and Co.).

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  • sasha4lvp

    uh-oh! lakers struggle against younger, athletic teams. but i still dont see them as much of a challenge…lakers in 5

  • j.dizzle

    Bynum, Gasol & Odom should avg atleast 10-15 shots a game vs OKC's crappy bigs…Hopefully Kobe goes into facilitator mode & doesnt shoot 20 shots a game with LA's huge advantage with their bigs. If they play through the 7 footers, LA should win in 5.

    • airkobe

      nope kobe all the way! they got most beaten with the team that has no bigs..the combination of gasol n bynum makes the game slow because their clogging the paint, and got beaten on the fast break, and is not fun to watch, plus both of them only wanted to score. maybe on a slow team like spurs. They have match the speed of those young but Ariza is no longer on the team! I still trust them with a sweep on this one if gasol only plays and not complain.

      • Shucks

        True!!!! This means Pau can't stand around for 20 secs wondering what to do with the ball before he gets stripped… also gives Ron a chance to show himself and D-up Durant!!! Woot-Woot!!!!!

  • GQ

    well… that's life

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers in 5, maybe 6.

  • Won A Ring For The King

    So the Lakers got what they wanted.
    In losing to the Spurs and Blazers, they made sure to get the young and inexperienced Thunder. LA will take care of these guys in 6.
    The second round will be the Jazz, LA in 6.
    The WCF will be LA vs. Dallas. LA in 7.
    Unfortunately, they will get destroyed by Cleveland in 6. BTW, even if LA gets lucky and Orlando takes care of the Cavs, they still will not have home court in the Finals. That was a big mistake, either way the Lakers will not repeat.
    Cavs in 6.

    • trufan24

      Ha ha Lebron fans keep dreamin…maybe when Kobe retires till then like lil wayne said..”sorry Lebron…ur next year.” and its gonna be sorry lebron maybe next year for the next few years. Kobe just had too many injuries if not MVP woulda came his way, it's all good though Kobe prefers finals MVP anyway…

    • lilkobe24

      lakers still won the champion without the homecourt …. stubit

      • Faulkner

        We had home court last year against orlando

    • airkobe

      Lakers won the west in denver, and won the ship in Orlando what else proof you want to know that home court adv. doesn't matter to KOBE and the lakers. Kobe is just fooling you haters he shot 8-27 agains blazers but who else matter when the game is on the line? kobe's deep 3 and an and 1 play to take the lead at 87-86, yet he misses ft. and fish and they are just laughing and give an intentional foul that made pau to take the last shot. We all know whonis KOBE BRYANT!

      • lostinla

        airtard,fish and kobe aren`t that smart………..when then traiwreck happens you can always blame the injuries or the refssss…..thats what you do right?

      • Won A Ring For The King

        Yes, LA won in Denver and Orlando last year. However, you are under-estimating the importance of the first two home games.
        -When the home team goes up 2-0, it's basically over for the opposition. The other team now has to win 4 of the next 5 games. That, against a great team is almost always impossible.
        -That's why home court is so important. In the finals, with the 2-3-2 format, it's even worse. The team without home court almost has to beat the other team at home TWICE.

        Say the Cavs win Game 1, lose Game 2 (1-1). LA wins Game 3 (1-2), loses Game 4 (2-2), wins Game 5 (2-3). Now, LA must win Game 6 in Cleveland bacause you're not winning Game 7. That means that LA would have to win Game 2 and Game 6 in Cleveland, against the best team in the league. Not happenning. This is why home court is so important.

        If LA had home court, I would say LA in 7 against the Cavs. But they don't, so it's the Cavs in 6.

        • airkobe

          you maybe right co'z non of your cavs and orlando can make it, you forgot celtics beats james on their ;last meeting so if cavs get past chicago boston will be the next one..remember the last time they met in 08.

    • Anne

      I like your screen name. However, your King still HAS NOT WON A RING!! … Aren't you a being a little bit presumptious at this point?!

    • Magic Eliminates Cavs…Again

      the ploy works. lakers tanked the games against the nugs, spurs and the blazers to meet okc in the first round. everything is going according to plan.

    • viola

      keep dreaming the will win the championship again lebron james can't do it by his self shaq is washed up

  • airkobe

    they are 3-1 agains oklahoma and that 1 is a gimme. so if they don't sweep this team I'm on the doubt that lakers will repeat!

    • viola

      and you know this

  • KaNa

    GrEaT! the guards! the guardS! westbrook is going to kill us!!!

    • viola

      playoff are different russell westbrook is good be kobe is the best jordan shannon brown

  • trippleocho

    This team might annoy us like Houston did last year, but we ain't losing to OKC. No way.

  • mrlaker19

    The way we are playing I honestly have no idea what we are capable of anymore. I want to think we can beat OKC any day in the playoffs but we all know the postseason is about who wants it more. We wanted it more last year and we willed our way to the ship but we certainly have not showed any of that will power this season, not even the slightest bit. Now the early 2000 Lakers with Shaq would do the same thing and then turn it up in the playoffs. Lets hope these Lakers can do the same

  • OKC

    I'll give the Lakers one game because of Kobe. Thunder in five!

  • Robert

    This is the best news! Better 'inexperienced' OKC than 'experienced' Spurs, and 'tricky' Portland.
    But don't take my word for it. Recall after the Lakers' loss to OKC, our own Big Game James Worthy commented that even though they didn't play well against OKC that game, the Lakers would 'wipe them out' in a playoffs matchup.
    OKC will be a nice challenge, but 'no worries'. Recall also that playoff games are more 'physical', so the 'run and gun' style of play will hit the WALL. Look for more aggressive play by both Sasha and Ron-Ron. Sasha hasn't been elbowed in the face lately. Look for that! Ron-Ron will simply be more frustrating for the other team. Maybe even a foul or two (or more!). In the playoffs, defense has a better chance of winning games. Look for the Lakers to step that up.
    This is great news!

  • Ryan

    you are crazy its more the opposite way around. Lakers in 4 or 5. Playoffs are a different ball game!

  • lakers0828

    I think Lakers can take this team out in 5-6

  • viola

    lakers will win the championship again lebron james is good but kobe is the best in the nba

  • viola

    the lakers will win the championship again lebron is good but kobe is the best in the nba

  • viola

    i am a die heart laker fan since magic,worthy,cooper,scott,kareem

  • kblaker4life

    Do you know what the Laker players need right now?
    They need to be cornered to the wall and bang their heads so they can wake up.
    I hope they realize quickly that defending a title is tougher than winning a title, therefore they must play better than they did last year- in order to win again.

    I don’t know why the team is becoming so arrogant and they only won 1 title together. They have not even won back-back and they are playing and acting like this. It’s disgusting. The team needs changes at the end of the season, regardless of win or lose.
    They are still a young team, so winning one title DOES NOT make them a veteran group with the exception of Kobe, Derek, and Phil. I’m sick of the Lakers… we’ll see how they do.