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Have the Lakers and Timberwolves had a few conversations in the past week? Yep. Has it necessarily been about the rumored swap of Pau Gasol for Kevin Love and a #2? Maybe not…

According to sources (and this tweet from @Probballdraft), the Lakers and T-Wolves discussions have been about the possible acquisition of point guard Johnny Flynn.

At first glance, Flynn could potentially help address the Lakers obvious concerns at the point guard position. For the Timberwolves, this rumor makes a lot of sense, as their primary focus next season will be to develop soon-to-be rookie point guard Ricky Rubio.

During Flynn’s rookie season, he showed some flashes of promise, averaging 13.5 points to go with 4.4 assists per game. Last season, he had a difficult time recovering from a labral tear in his left hip. He was sidelined for close to 30 games before returning, where he was admittedly unable to perform at 100%.

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  • http://twitter.com/AdamJacksonUSA Edward Adam Jackson

    Boooooooooo (a Lakers fan)

  • Jilbagh

    Dude doesn’t play defense…another Smush Parker…

  • LA24KB

    Do we not have enough injuries in our line up? Why are we focusing on another injured player???

  • MB4

    PAU for Kevin Love and Wesley Johnson!!!

    • http://twitter.com/KingKongManu Manu Schreibmüller

      think about thee money!!!! both players still on rookie contracts…

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kesean-Turner/1489086319 Kesean Turner

        Manu, I totally feel you But dudes like MB4 don’t think they just shout. If they did think even for a moment about the possibilities of a trade like this actually happening, they’d know how foolish it looks typed on a screen. LOL.

  • Yooooo

    I would actually take a chance because he’s still young and has a nice ceiling. Like Mo Williams, Williams wasn’t great at defense but under Mike Brown he excelled. So this guy should have a chance.

  • TimD

    CP3 has injury problems too (obviously I would prefer Paul) . Everyone will at some point. Flynn’s got a lot of upside, and we mainly just need some one quick who can stay with the other elite guards. Defense is a concern but at this point no one on our team can guard the pick and roll or play D for that matter…

  • Anonymous

    He’s an upgrade over what we have, but what’s their side of this acquisition? I mean, they’re not gonna let us have him for a second round pick and a Jack Nicholson autograph, right?

  • Timmytann9

    from what ive heard we’re talking to them about LO for #2/Flynn

  • Anonymous

    Pau for K.Love is dumb. Don’t hop on that bandwagon.

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Love is great young basketball player that would add youth to the Laker Dynasty, the loss of Pau would be terrible but it would be better in the long run for the Lakers. A Bynum and Love Frontcourt would be one of the league’s best and youngest.

  • Anonymous

    Gasol for KLove+Flynn+WJohnson+Pekovic+#20pick would work…throw in our #46 pick to sweeten it. There are alot of good late 1st round PG’s to pick and develop… we don’t need to press for #2. Gasol for less than KLove wouldn’t be worth squat, nor less for a higher draft position added.   Klove+Bynum would be great youth in the paint, plus some decent guards for the future. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kesean-Turner/1489086319 Kesean Turner

      Dude you’re missing the point. Yes this trade would work financially, for both teams and LA would obviously benefit from the deal more than MIN. What you fail to conceive is what a deal like this does to a franchise like MIN. 

      You just can’t trade 5 very young players with tons of upside, that are mostly on rookie contracts, for 1 player who isn’t an elite talent like a Kobe, LBJ, D12, or Wade. who’s on the wrong side of 30, who has a ton of money owned to him. It would be franchise suicide for the WOLVES. Therefore it could never happen.

  • Bwilliamstu1987

    Keep Pau and look for another piece we Need a PG such as D Williams or CP3..but Pau is our Piece to out LAker Puzzle

    • http://twitter.com/KingKongManu Manu Schreibmüller

      and how do u want to get them? some people don´t think before they write things…to get cp3 oder williams you would have to give up bynum+filler+filler or pau or kobe because of the money… thinks like walton+blake+ebanks+pick for cp3 dont work in real life…

  • Anonymous

    If he recovers enough this offseason it would be a definite upgrade over Fisher, but still hoping for a CP3 or D-Will (which probably won’t happen if there’s a hard cap). 

  • Mr Laker19

    No Bs… Johnny Flynn immediately improves us if we are able to keep Kobe, Pau, Odom and Bynum. We get him and add a consistent shooter and we will definitely run away to another ship.

  • Optimus

    cmon guys Flinn can run a championship team? this is a joke right? Calderon or Brooks even Ridenhour  would be better and realistic considering the hard cap. How quick we are shipping our players out after 1 bad season. How quickly we forget what Pau did for the Lakers in the past 3 years. NO Loyalty!
    Where the real Laker fans at?

    • Cody

      That is exactly what I’m saying. Reading all this trading PAU stuff is just a waist of time.

    • http://twitter.com/KingKongManu Manu Schreibmüller

      don´t forget basketball and the nba is stilla business. and sometimes there is no place for loyalty! i did not want to see sasha or farmar or maurice evans leave, but it is about winning, and you have to try to put the beste team possible together. so allways remeber win first! you can not win  a ring with loyalty or friendship!

  • Anonymous

    PG and a good 3p shooter is what lakers need. They had Farmar and Sasha. Thats how little they need… Now as east and west is getting even better they 4 sho need a pg that can stay with CP, RW, Rose, Rondo and so on. I would let the team do the work for 30 minutes and get kobe 18 effective minutes. When he is fresh he can get you easy 25+ i 18 effective mins… Even though he is old. Now im not sayin play him only 18 min, play him 30 but 18-20 effective mins. Say last 8 in 3rd and last 8 in 4th… Now love for Gasol… hmm… i dont know. Gasol was just a wimp this season… Love i dont know if last season was realy him or was it just a career season…

  • Murkur1

    fuck all this. just get rid of bynum for howard damnit!


      that’s what I’m sayin’…why are people so hard up on holding a kid that has to messed up knees and on a VERY GOOD NIGHT pull d-howard regular stats?  Just go after d-howard.  I feel it’s easier to work around a great center and add a filler guard then get a great guard and add a filler center.  Our problem is that we, for some reason, love to keep old ass guards.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds great! …the problem is that while Howard’s talking change, Orlando isn’t talking to anyone.  You can offer deals all you want, but if the other side isn’t picking up the phone, what good are they?  If Orlando loses Howard, even with Bynum, they are in rebuilding mode, and rebuilding mode calls for draft picks of which the Lakers have little to offer. Orlando would be better off calling Minnesota themselves, and getting KLove+ and the #2 pick for Howard.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EBSP2NHQGTSVYUHYANRNCEYDUM 123KID

    too many complications with this trade. I know the Lakers need youth and the T-Wolves needs veterans, but I mean its a huge risk for the Lakers to rely on a draft pick to be championship nba ready. for other teams, it benefits them to have a rookie and have them get built up, but for the Lakers its a whole different story. I mean other than Love, I really dont see any other player from the T-Wolves that would be set and ready to be on a hunt for a championship and with youth as well.

  • http://twitter.com/Carl007 Carl J. Hewitt

    Johnny Flynn reminds me of that other little guy from Fordham University we had about five years ago — shoot first, shoot second, shoot again. I like J-Flynn, but he’s not and NBA PG. We’re not getting CP3 or Deron, but I’d settle for Brooks or Sessions. Gasol for K-Love and a pick sounds lovely!!!

  • Viperk8b

    If your so up on giving up pau (which would be the stupidest thing the lakers can do) for the love of god at least do it for Dwight Dwill or CP3. anything less and you get screwed.

  • Optimus

     I agree with u Viper. K Love has not proven anything yet. Gasol is a 2 time champion and at his prime. Bynum for Howard and sign Aron Brooks and we ae good, Or keep it as is add a nice pg and develop our picks from last year. Ebanks is good he niid to play thoough. Anyway Go Lakers!

  • Jayr_dayao

    uhm how about Pau Gasol, is he champion before he came to the Lakers? why don’t give K.Love a chance.

    Before Pau came to the Lakers he’s 0 wins in the playoffs

  • Itsflea

    I would love K-Love for Pau, adding Wesly to back up Kobe and the #2 pick which should be Jimmer should prove to be solid for us to get back!

    • Cecilb_1

      I love everything about what you are saying here except for the JIMMER part. We need a real PG. But the kid from Arizona is too good to pass up at the #2 pick.

      Gasol, Barnes, and Steve Blake for LOVE, WESLY, and FLYNN and the #2.

  • Colasuss

    Dont Do it Mitch Kobe needs the 2nd allstar if he wants that 6th title and K-love is no all star he is a Scrub 

    • Cecilb_1

      You obviously have no understanding of the subtlety of building a Championship team. Champions need the Dennis Rodman’s, Horace Grant’s, Shawn Marion’s, Kendrick Perkin’s, and Michael Cooper’s of the world. TOUGHNNESS, PASSION, and PRIDE. GASOL LACKS all three of those qualities. KOBE, ARTEST, and BYNUM can no longer cover up his weaknesses. We need a couple of young, tough guys to cover up KOBE’S ailments.

  • Anonymous

    New rumor from an hour ago… Minnesota offering #2 pick for deal with Bynum… Hoopshype via twitter http://twitter.com/#!/sam_amick/status/83218750945492992 

  • Optimus

    Gasol took his team to the playoffs K love won 17 games.

    • Cecilb_1

      GASOL didn’t take anyone anywhere. He’s soft and couldn’t stop a nose bleed. We need POWER at the POWER forward position.

  • Luis Quinones329

    I really think is a good trade u put up Youth. 20 ppg and 15rpg vs 18ppg and 10rpg. A rising star on Love. Chemistry problems with Pau on the Roster. And you can’t say that Love hasn’t proven anything. Breaking Moses Malone record for Straight double-doubles isn’t an easy feat. that’s why it has been there for such a long time. give it a thought ;)

  • Twan303


  • Twan303

    Listen as a tru die hard lakers fan i believe we need 2 get a point guard. Johnny flinn would be perfect not to mention hes 6’0 and could handle smaller guards like a jj barea or even a kyle lowry aaron brooks type of player. Also we need 2 get ride of luke walton… r U KIDDING ME 5 MILL A YEAR FOR A BENCH WORMER !?!?!?!?!?! Terrible……
    @pfilotron:disqus Ps- Pau gasol wasnt mentially there because his bitch ass girll broke upp wit him, and listen i  kno he soft but he still is a good rebounder and adds height to that stacked lineup.