Pincus from HoopsWorld writes about the major addition of Gasol!

HoopsWorld: For those living under a rock, the Los Angeles Lakers traded Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie and draft considerations for Pau Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies.

With Luke Walton, Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza all out with injury (and Gasol en route to Los Angeles for a physical), the Lakers still celebrated the news with a 121-101 trouncing of the Toronto Raptors (despite it being the second night of a road back-to-back).

While it’s still uncertain if Gasol will be available for Sunday morning’s game against the Washington Wizards, last word was Brown and Crittenton had yet to get their physicals in Memphis.

HOOPSWORLD had Ryan McNeill on the scene, who was able to capture some of the team’s thoughts about the blockbuster move.

“A great trade. I think it’s good for both teams and the players involved. Javaris wasn’t getting a chance to play and he’ll go over there and get some opportunity now. It will be a good situation for him,” said second year point guard Jordan Farmar. “They made a trade for their reasons, with their money and stuff and it’s great for us to get a player of his caliber to come and compliment Andrew [Bynum] in the middle. When everyone gets healthy we have something to look forward to.”

Farmar in particular has to be happy with this move since Crittenton plays the same position. Word is Farmar was in the gym when he found out the Lakers had drafted another point guard this past June. He put in a lot of the work all summer and his game has improved because of it.

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  • bc18

    since we were at the top of the standings WITH kwame, imagine what we will do WITHOUT him and REPLACING him with a player a million times better than him!!!!!!! fo sho holla at us lakers man!!!!!!!!!!

  • True Lakers Fan

    Nice Article everybody feels happy with the trade :)

  • Phant0M

    The pieces are here.
    We put em together.
    Now its time to MOVE and win.


    now that we have a guy who can get 20 ppg we should have a good point spread

    KB #24 27
    PG #16 22
    AB #17 18
    LO #7 14
    DF #2 12
    SV #18 11
    JF #5 9
    RT #21 9
    TA #3 8
    LW #4 8
    VR #10 7
    DM #28 6
    CM #31 4
    CK #11 2

  • ricky

    with so many scoring threats that the lakers will have once the entire team is healthy, its gonna be easy buckets every night. if the players play unselfishly and play within the offensive system, everyone can score with ease because bynum, gasol, and kobe will all demand at least a double team.

    this is gonna be an exciting season and the beginning of a new chapter in the lakers history books. GO LAKERS!!!

  • thomas thomas

    these are all good Free agents

    Emeka okafor
    Ben gordon
    Luol deng
    Daniel gibson
    Michael Finley
    Baron Davis
    Andris Biedrins
    Steve Francis
    Elton Brand
    Corey Maggete
    Sam Cassel
    Shaun Livingston
    Ricky Davis
    Jason Williams
    Andre Iguodala
    Shawn Marion
    Grant Hill
    Ron Artest
    Antawn Jamison
    Gilbert Arenas

    thats about 20 good free agents that can either help the lakers on offense or defense, so lets get some


    You guys are over the luxury tax. This is pretty much your team. You guys can’t afford any free agents.

  • Ko-Pau19

    this was an all around great trade by the lakers and the FO! It really shows how committed they are on how they truly want to win rite now with the talent they have. Now as laker fans, all we can do now is pray and hope that they can gel, and hopefully we can raise that WORLD CHAMPIONS BANNER once more!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #24806 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Steve’s right. The Lakers are over the luxury tax after the Gasol trade, so the only way to get a free agent is to sign them with the MLE or with the veterans minimum, which is probably too low of a pay day for the free agents that were mentioned.

  • mplakers

    i wouldn’t jump the gun to that conclusion yet lakersfirst.

    some of those guys have made their money already and wouldn’t mind getting the MLE (which isn’t anything to scoff at) while being on a team that has a great chance at a championship for years to come.

    antawn jamison and gilbert arenas have mentioned considering playing for a championship rather than money. I’m not betting my house on it but, they have mentioned it on a few articles.

    cassel, brand, francis, artest, and baron davis could possibly do the same. all those guys have made significant money already.

    who of us is really worried about that anyway? if our team continues to develop chemistry with each other, they simply don’t need anybody else. it doesn’t hurt to look for improvements but, they already have a great core of starters and bench support.

    hey STEVE who are you? are you a suns fan? i’d just like to ask you how do you maintain your patience with a team that has never won a championship. it’s good to empathize with a loser’s perspective once and again just to stay humble.

    teams and fans who are full of themselves just because they make it to the the playoffs and have never tasted the the sweetness of true championship victory, might as well be called THE LA CLIPPERS. that’s about as far as they’ve gotten right?

    the lakers don’t play that.

  • ab4sure

    Don’t expect the lakers to sign any free agents that have more than one or 2 yrs. left in their basketball life. Any signing now will cost the lakers double due to the luxury tax. A five million MLE contract a year is a 10 million a year contract. None of those previous players listed seem practical for the lakers situation.


    Kobe said he liked Iguodala.That would sweet if they could get him to the Lakers,they need another athletic player on the team, a SLAM IT IN YOUR FACE LIKE PLAYER to compliment KB/ARIZA/LO. I think Maggette will take a pay cut more so than anybody on that list,even JO said he would to get a ring,dang,LA is going to have alot FA’S wanting to be there,ask JAMISON.

  • JoJo

    I love how greedy the Laker fans are! The rip off the Griz and now they wana sign a guy whos asking for 57 mill. Maybe he’ll take a paycut? Yeahhhhhh maybe! Maybe every player should sign with you guys so the rest of the league is the CBA. The Lakers are the NBA version of the Pats.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #24862 Will Be Quoted Here]

    AB is absolutely correct. Any free agent signed, even with the MLE is double. Any player that signs for the MLE of $5/mo is actually double to the Lakers because of the dollar for dollar luxury tax, making that player a $10M player. Besides the Lakers still have to resign their restricted free agents in the offseason (i.e. Turiaf). The Lakers should focus on that before signing any other free agents. Turiaf will be tough to resign because any team can make an offer to him and the Lakers will have to match it if they want to keep him.

  • pjt

    I think it could become a great move…If Phil thinks he’s a good fit for the triangle offense…that’s good enough for me, and important if he grows in the triangle…On paper we can win it all…still hope for Artest in the off season…