L.A. Times: Funny thing, the Lakers don’t seem that impressed by fourth place in the Western Conference.

Kobe Bryant and Coach Phil Jackson were both reluctant to make a big deal out of it, suggesting instead that the Lakers hadn’t touched their potential yet.

“I can’t say that I’m surprised,” Bryant said. “We’re playing well. I think we can get much, much better. I think we’re doing a good job right now, but the key is to keep working.

“These guys are young and a lot of times, a young team can get caught up in playing well . . . and that’s when you start slipping. It’s my responsibility to make sure we stay on top of what we need to do.”

The Lakers trail San Antonio, Phoenix and Dallas and are one of the bigger surprises in the West, overcoming the uncertainty surrounding Bryant’s unhappiness to jump to a 15-9 record. They have won six of their last seven and have defeated Phoenix, Utah, Houston, Detroit, Denver (twice) and injury-struck San Antonio.

They are third in the league in scoring (107 points a game) and have the third-youngest team in the league, according to Elias Sports Bureau. They were the ninth-youngest team on opening day, but that changed when they acquired Trevor Ariza for veterans Brian Cook and Maurice Evans on Nov. 20. The average age of the Lakers is 25 years 181 days, making them older than only Portland and Seattle.

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  • peteypablo24


  • Showtime

    lets see how this season is going to turn out after the all-star break. I hope they can keep up the good work!

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    DAD’S PREDICTION: LeBron BEATS Kobe, but Lakers BEAT Cavs

  • Michael_23

    Kobe makes a very excellent point. They were in 4th place last year in the month of December and blew it by the All Star break. Kobe knows what to do from experience. He cannot let the guys celebrate too much. It’s a long season and we barely made it through 20 games. Good start for the Lakers, hopefully a great finish in the end.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • LakersFirst

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    Don’t forget, last year the injuries are what killed the season (I wouldn’t say the “blew” it). Hopefully the Lakers can remain healthy.

  • keep24

    The best to improve is to get rid of Lamo Odom – NOW!!!

    Hold a fire sale if you have to and get a second or third option for KB now, before the all-star break so that the team has a chance to build chemistry.

    They should have made this trade during the off-season.

  • MILO

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  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Good Luck.

  • http://Farmers.com Jcritt.=star

    I agree with phil and kobe they need another perenial all star that can demand a double team, share the ball, and score big! I don';t mind having odom he can get you a tripple double however is very inconsistence. Which will be a liability for this laker team. So lakers make a move now and lets win it all

  • LakersFirst

    Now I’m not going to defend LO, however, his problem is consistency. Last game he had 17 pts and 16 rebounds. That’s not bad. He just needs to grow some b*lls and be aggressive every night. There are nights where he just plays like a little girl and other nights where he plays like an all-star. BE A MAN LO. BRING IT EVERY NIGHT!!!

  • http://thelakersnation.com YalalaP the One
  • Rob

    I believe that the coaching of Phil Jackson needs to also improve. In the game tonight I saw a lot of mistakes. I any given season I believe that Phil is capable of lossing 5-7 games for the Lakers because of His coaching style. This game tonight was one of them

  • MILO

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    that would never happen D wont let go of Melo

  • Flush Odumb

    Right on keep24!

    The first move we must make to get out of mediocrity is to get rid of Lame-ar Odumb. The next time I hear how “versatile” Lame-ar is I am going to puke. He has proven time and time again that he can not be counted on. How many more times does he have to get get all tangled up while driving straight into a defender or how many missed 3’s does he have to fling up we finally pull the plug on this rag? The first move we need to make is to unload this TURKEY!