HOOPSWORLD.COM: As Team USA preps for the Olympic qualifier in Las Vegas, the microscope once again focuses on Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

While it was only a couple of months ago he was demanding a trade on national radio, he had since retreated from the spotlight. While his message hadn’t changed, he did stop publicly discussing his future with the team.

A recent television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! focused more on housework than the prospect of Bryant refusing to report to training camp.

While one ESPN reporter close to the Laker All-Star has suggested such a possibility, Bryant himself suggested otherwise to the Los Angeles Times.

To the question of whether or not he’ll be at training camp, Bryant replied “I have no reason not to be.”

Bryant also spoke to ESPN this past week about the tumultuous summer:

I think a lot of people misinterpreted it. But that’s water under the bridge to me, because going forward we’re handling our situation between ourselves, meaning the Lakers organization and myself. If things, if things were to be different, we both would have handled the situation a little differently.

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  • MacBSlick

    Everything is Kobes Fault. I swear, dont you have to have some tradeable assets in order to make a trade? What “Leverage” did we have to begin with? Kobe is coming into his 13th season for us. How is it His fault that the F.O. has made terrible Draft picks and trades to begin with? Was Brain Grants contract Kobes Fault? Cookie, Sasha, Mckey, Shammond, Kwame, Walton, Smush? What leverage could we possibly have had?
    I hate these stupid glamour Mag write ups. Pincus can do better if you ask me.

  • foxxy

    this will be kobes 11th year…stop blaming him for all the bad moves made by the front office!!!!!

  • gugy

    Kobe it’s not at fault.
    Lakers FO is. PERIOD!

    We are all waiting for the big move. So far nothing. Is Kobe going to be a Lakers when he can opt-out? Very likely.
    I believe Kobe will give 110% when the season starts and he will always do. He wants to be in the headlines as the best player. He loves that and fans love that. So I am not worried about that.
    I hope the whole Lakers organization wake up and bring the team to become a contender with such a special player. Seriously, not many times in this league a team had such a amazing talent in Bryant. So let’s not waste it in order to believe about a kid that so far nobody has seen that much potential. Bynum might be great but now we have greatness in our hands, so let’s waste it.

  • keep24

    There is no doubt that the FO is at fault here. Through all this, everyone has taken a hit but Phil Jackson.

    I think Phil is equally guilty here. He is a one trick pony (triangle offense) with an inability to coach young players. Phil is not the type of coach for this team.

    We need a coach that not only knows how to deal with young players but one who is also willing to be more of a participant in the team. The $10 million is not for him to sit on his a$$ and do nothing. This is why KB was pushing hard for coach K three years ago.

    There is only one logical way to handle all this:

    1. Since there seems to be no trade possibilities at the moment, you start the season with what you have. If Phil gets off his a$$ and coaches the team, there is no reason why we could not land the 5th or 6th spot.

    With good coaching AB, KB and LO trade values will rise!!!!!!!

    2. Kb should keep his mouth shut and pretend to be happy. That way, towards the trade deadline we might be able to do something big. just go and look at the list of possible free agents for next year, most of which that have an opt out option. Many struggling teams would love to get something for them.

    3. With another strong piece and a 5th or 6th spot we have a shot at doing something. If we could get past PHX than we should be fine. Dallas is great during the season but will never be a real contender. SA in getting too old (remember LA in 2003?). We will have a shot.

    The most important thing to remember is that we should fight and fight and then fight some more to build something around KB.

    The mentality of the FO should be that WE WILL LET KB WALK AWAY A FREE MAN BEFORE WE TRADE HIM!!!!!

  • cyrus

    Leave Kobe alone. I had enough of these nonsense Kobe articles. Everybody wants to be the center of attention talking about Kobe. It’s not productive and does more harm than good.

  • Faith

    Global warming is Kobe’s fault. He literally went to the Artics and used a blow dryer to melt and dislodge ice.

  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    I hope Kobe gonna stay.