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A few days ago, we brought you a video of Amar’e Stoudemire calling Pau Gasol soft at a New York Footlocker.

Once the video became viral, Andrew Bynum immediately took to twitter to defend his fellow Laker

“The NBA is a weird place! How can a man that plays 0 defense call a 2 time champion soft?”

Lamar Odom, and Ron Artest had a few things to say, once they learned of Stoudemire’s comments. They both chimed in, courtesy ESPN LA, in the locker room before Tuesday’s game against the Jazz

“Pau got moves. He don’t have to be hard. That’s why he got us,” said a shirtless Artest as he flexed his chest and arm muscles.

“How are you soft and average 10 rebounds?” Odom said.

Ron made sure to mention this as well:

“Amare posed on the front of [a magazine] butt naked!” Artest said. “OK, is that tough?”

Finally, Phil Jackson, when asked about Stoudemire’s recent comments, may have had the best advice for Gasol:

“Win another championship,” Jackson said. “Just go out and do it again. That keeps people quiet really quick.”

For some reason, there is a stereotype placed on all European born players. Gasol, considered by many, the most accomplished and polished big man in the league, has been called “soft”, by both Kendrick Perkins, and Amar’e Stoudemire this season.

  • Ihaveabigmamba

    Haha he got told!

  • Jason

    I would hardly say the Amar’e video went “viral.” Rebecca Black= viral. Amar’e video= merely uploaded.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Lol @ Artest

  • BeYoung

    I like Drew’s response its too funny lmao

  • iikebasketball

    all the lakers need to stop talking, and even listening, to this crap.
    just go out and play.

    phil, of course, gets it right. Win another championship. and shut up that way. not through twitter or espna la.

    • LakerMarc

      Amare’ shouldn’t talk cuz he thinks he’s all hollywood…hollywood as in the queer in the movie Mannequin” then yes he is. LOL and he has the shades….LMFAO!!!!

    • LakerMarc

      I think their coming to his defense makes it look like he’s hiding behind them and artest saying thats why he has me and whoever else he said is ridiculous cuz its like he’s saying I’ve got his back..well maybe Gasoft dsnt need him to hv his back ..I dont think someone like Gasol needs to apologize or ask for forgiveness for who and what he is…ppl like him dnt hv to try to belong…he’s not in that frame of mind…you can tell…..its called confidence and it goes beyond cockiness because most cocky ppl arent very confident..they only feel ok in their element

      • LakerMarc

        who else do you know in the NBA that embraces and hugs everyone and holds their heads like that…most of the american players prob thought gasol was gay at first bcs it was new to them and made them feel uncomfortable at first but has gasol changed anything? hell no and the others hv to either get with it or continue being stuck in their own world which is very sad…and ppl nvr grow that way….stagnation

  • iikebasketball

    “shut THEM up that way”


  • LakerMarc

    He’s a fancy and very cultured man which probably doesnt help in the impression it makes on american people who arent exactly the best judges of class, talent, and culture. I mean he loves Opera and really fine things which makes sense because his family is very well to do and European families with money do those kinds of things like sending their kids to classes for etiquette and the like. It isn’t soft, it isn’t gay, its different..maybe being from the hood and acting ghetto and being Kenyon Martin is ridiculous and foreign to Pau…it sure as fuck is to me…Down with the Hood Rats!!!

    • Riley

      ahhh the real lakermarc shows his true colors a little racist bitch knowing damn well you wont say none of that shit in person

      • LakerMarc

        no not racist..get it right idiot…eliteist which is different and yeah I am like that maybe I’m in the same kinda situation as Gasol….I can relate…Riley get over it… if ur ghetto or thug or if you come from a place where you worship ppl who glorify that lifestyle…that’s cool but don’t force that shit on me…I’ll never have to answer to you and you’ll NEVER sign my paycheck bro’. The chances are that you would never be in the same parts of town as I am and I dont live in fear anyway…ppl like you aren’t welcome where I come from….does that make you feel better tuff ass….you hard yeah you hard…LMFAO!!! it has nothing to do with race…show some class asshole!!!!

  • Luck Sucks

    Pau is soft. He has always been soft. When he is playing well, people overlook his softness. Last night David Lee punked his ass.

  • Laker Warrior

    soft are not dude has 2 championships,voted in europe as one of the best athletes, internationl team mvp and champs and these thugs that next jobs are at the car wash . Dude was going to go to medical school.
    Amare is a joke.

    • Dre81

      when a punkass kid says thugs he really means something else and we all know you wont say that shit face to face you little bitch

      • LakerMarc

        grow up, man

    • LakerMarc

      well the same goes for that punk Riley

  • Fuk The Haters

    It is u thats racist ^ for thinking thugs means something else. Gasol plays Basketball the right way. The goal is to put the ball in the basket and not push and shove because u have no talent like Kmart/Perkins……
    As Far as Amare!
    Hes still butt hurt about loosing to Pau and the Lakers last year and he will keep loosing because hes soft and plays no D.

    • LakerMarc

      I dont know when the fuck everyone got butt hurt about the use of the word thug, or ghetto, or soft or hard or hood rat…its the people who are hurt that created the dividing line to begin with then criticize those who don’t fit that bill AND FRANKLY DONT WANT TO…get over it this forum is about the Lakers and is for Laker’s fans…all this getting butt hurt abt race and being hard or not or thug or not is nancy pansy shit…and the ones getting hurt and defensive are the ones who like to beat their chests …evolve mofos evolve!!!