A possible return for “Cannon” Brown?

Twitter: ESPN.com sources say Lakers still talking to Shannon Brown about a return. Two-time champs obviously still want more guard depth

  • Sean All Ivy

    Shannon is way overrated. If they need another guard they should pick up Jaaber or Strawberry from the summer league team

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Jaaber signed a 2 year deal to play in Italy. It was worth around $1.3 million.

    • kb24dbest

      Don’t do it Mitch…. not yet.. I think the Lakers should look at other options out there like TMAC for the same price… We can get better players for the same price. This tells me the LAKErs are looking for comfort and are lazy to recruit players…

      • nath

        Shannon > T-Mac if he take approriate money

  • Drake Ramoray

    I rather have Jerry Stackhouse on crutches than Shannon Brown. This guy is overrated and doesn’t have a real position. He’s not a PG or SG and he sucks and everyone in the league knows it. That’s why he’s not signed yet. Please do not resign Shannon Brown!

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      I agreed please let him go and try to sign someone else

      • LakErS 3 pEaT

        We need consistent offense from the bench too not just defense

        • Jeremy

          We should re-sign Brown…he’s shown improvement in the past 2 seasons and I don’t think hes reached his full potential yet. I like that hes versatile enough to play either the 1 or 2 positions. I think hes the piece to the puzzle that gives Kobe maybe a little extra rest time in some games. Brown has shown flashes of really exciting basketball. One more season learning from Kobe and Fisher I believe would show great dividends. Another quality he possesses is a great learning attitude…not a poor attitude like Farmar, who deservedly landed on a looser of a franchise.

    • bjdaddy

      don’t be a hater all your life. plus the lakers run a triangle offense so a point guard is not really nessessary dummy

  • Sal jimenez

    Get it done

  • Moorepower310

    I hope he does comes back. So far I give this off season a fair B-. We got Blake for Farmar which was good but our draft picks were pretty much an A+ for only have the 43rd and 58th picks in the draft. I hope they give those 2 guys good playing time. If we can score a good big man to come off the bench with Odom I’d be really happy. Really if Bynum gets hurt again then who can come off the bench for Odom and Gasol? Mbenga and Powell? I’d feel good if we can get someone about as good as Ronny Turiaf was. but maybe Caracter can play some good ball and be the answer to my worries.

    • Jeremy

      Caracter appears to be the answer to at least some of our big man worries. If hes committed to getting/staying in shape I think he’ll be considered one of the biggest steals in recent draft history. If he doesn’t work out I think Mbenga is a very serviceable back up. He shows a lot of hustle and heart every time hes on the hardwood. To be honest I think they should turn to him more during the regular season to keep Bynum fresh for the playoff run. I think Bynum has shown that he doesn’t have a durable enough body to take the punishment of a full NBA season. If we want to bring another big name big man in I think it means we should trade Bynum while his name still has some value. What would be awesome would be for the Lakers to get Marc Gasol for Bynum…it would most likely open up some cap room as well.

  • http://youtube.com/lakersftw2010 RonRonGq

    what bout Josh Howard

    • NBAmazingKB24

      think he is going to piggy back in Miami

  • Str8 Ballin

    Wat bout Javaris Crittenton?

  • Betto

    I would prefer if they get T-mac over Brown. Haven’t the Lakers seen TLN on who we want? T-Mac is a better scorer and defender than Shannon “cow” Brown. xD

    • NBAmazingKB24

      i don’t think tmac will be joining Lakers.
      Tmac-(Highly interested in getting minimum to play with heat)
      Shaq- Atlanta

      We better pick up Shannon not much options left

      • KM

        Roger Mason and not much left.. Barnie, but he seems to want $$$ more than to play @ any vet min right now. Kwame Brown @ backup center?

  • John Cena

    You Can’t See Me! even tho i’m on tv in hd you still cant see me clearly and FUCK the Miami 3!

    • Robert

      I do agree no homo!

  • inverse

    I believe the lakers are signing javaris. I have a friend who talks to him and right now he’s in LA training and trying to heal his ankle. Javaris told him he’s in contract negotiations with the lakers too. I say we sign him. Won’t be bad for a third string guard. Has a lot of potential . Javaris>brown

    • nath

      Interresting source O_o

  • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

    Get Ebanks and Caracter. Are we planning on signing them yet?

    • Schism

      Ebanks and Caracter are considered the “Steals” of the draft, with Caracter getting top nod on the Rookie Ladder, (Ebanks is 4th).


      Leave it to the Mitch and the Laker Scouts to find gems in the NBA Draft. Yes, the will be signed, and for league minimums which will help with the overall payroll.

      They are already comparing Caracter to BBaby Davis, and Ebanks as the next Ariza.

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Mitch said that they are likely to make the team as that was the reason they were drafted and they will also not strain our salary as they will most likely get paid the rookie minimum at $473,604.

  • SoCal NBA Dreamer

    Wow, that was a waste of time. Bell going to the Jazz now. Wishful thinking, that the Lakers having a pimp out defensive team with Bell, Artest, and Kobe. Oh well, what is next? Shanon Brown, I tried to pull for him to do well for the Lakers. But he didn’t much of anything. A few dunks here and there, Farmar did much more. But Farmar didn’t fit the Lakers offense, and he is gone. TMac is good thought. But I don’t know about his health. The Lakers have to worry about Andrew health enough as it is. Luke, for get about it, he haven’t had a good year for a while. I like Matt Barnes a lot. But I haven’t hear anything about the Lakers wanting to sign him. Javaris, I haven’t heard anything about is game. Did he improve since he was with the Lakers? Man, I watch a lot of Summer League. There is a lot of talent D leaguers and Euros. But Strawberry, Ebanks, and Character would be a good addition.

  • jonb

    Love shannon but tell me how resigning him and standing pat with what we have makes our bench BETTER. If anything i think its weaker. All we’ve done is replace farmar with blake and still have no consistent SCORING THREAT off the bench. Come on lakers recruit!

  • SoCal NBA Dreamer

    Have anyone heard anything about the Lakers doing a salary dump? I mean Sasha has expiring contract. Luke, you hope someone would be foolish enough to take his contract. But stranger things has happen. Like the whole Pau Gasol trade. I keep my fingers crossed.

  • stewie

    T MAC is old we need some young legs signing shannon brown and devin ebanks will make our bench solid!!!!!!

    • toomuchagenotgood

      I like the way you think. too many fans on here seem to want a senior citizen team. I am surprised no one suggested getting moses malone out of retirement. I say bring back shannon and hopefully sign barnes. kurt thomas is a thousand years old we dont need him.

  • JohnCenaDX
    • stewie

      HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakers3Peat!

    I love how some of you guys assume that if they are talking to one person that they definitely aren’t talking to another. They are negotiating with everyone that is within reach. Be patient. Mitch and the Lakers know what they’re doing. They already brought us 2 in a row.

  • kslakers

    Lakers need a big. KURT THOMAS.

  • tricky

    Fuck raja he can suck my purple cock

  • Hunt4Six

    Guess that’s what happens when you “OVERPAY”….Lakers dropped 16mil on Blake???!….I mean, he’s a good pick up, but 16mil??! …..And you throw crumbs at a LOYAL VETERAN who’s just won you a 5th Championship?!!

    We need that attacking 2 Guard to rest KOBE, and Shannon Brown is NOT that Guard.. I think McGrady would be a scarier improvement for opponents. More so than Sha’ Brown. But looks like Mitch might go with an old retread, in Sasha.

    Bottom line, we haven’t really made any moves to improve what we so desperately need,……A BENCH THAT CAN SCORE!!!

  • Kamakazi

    I don’t think Blake got overpaid, being a backup guard averaging 6 assists will earn you that. My beef here is that the Lakers seriously thought that Sasha V and Luke would spurn the Lakers if they didnt get paid 5 mil, and that was just bad leveraging on their part. A bench that can score, that’s steve blake, you might forget the triple double he got the last game vs the clippers.. but I don’t. I think the Lakers are exploring every possible avenue in terms of Kurt Thomas, and even TMAC, who knows. I think if what the report from bleacherreport.com “The Lakers’ front office became irritated after reports surfaced that the former All-Star was willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum with the Miami Heat.” Then maybe he can chance his mind, maybe not, the deal is if he does the Lakers can actively pursue sign and trades and those other tools.

    • hunt4six

      I don’t know “K”, I still think the Lakers overpaid, man. I mean he’s a great facilitator for sure. But who will he facilitate? The Lakers certainly can’t depend on him to carry the scoring load for the 2nd squad. And I know he’s capable of scoring and all. But I think the Lakers would do better by getting that guard with the scorers mentality to attack the basket and keep the pressure on the defense while Kobe rests…….I don’t know, but they need to do something.

      • Kamakazi

        Lakers will find someone and shock everyone is my guess.. lol I’m thinking around the last summer league game, they are scouting it for talent, and if they do, they can still sign the draftees, its almost imminent, but as far as having a guard with a scorers mentality is concerned.. Ya I’ll co-sign that statement. Who knows right now man but I hope something gets done about that, if not now, then hopefully later. We all know how it was hard for Phil to depend on the bench because while fast, it didn’t produce <– key word here. Shannon was like 7 ppg but even less in the playoffs. Who else in the bench mob, besides do the lakers have to depend on to be a risk taker and go to the rim, and Blake to score and move the ball around or hit open shots etc in bunches? –things in the "to do" list right now.

        • Kamakazi

          I meant to say besides lamar odom taking it to the rim, .. then blake..

        • Hunt4Six

          Yup, you hit it right on the head…(7) ppg in the play-offs will not get it done, man……But, I will say this, I REALLY like the rooks!……Hopefully, they’ll turn out to be of the kind of value that “Nick the Quick” was……..(Nervously optimistic)

          • KM

            At 2nd round they already look good even if its the summer league, but compared with their 1st rounder draft class the Lakers r@ped. Seriously they scored big time with the rooks.. And since the Lakers don’t really need a legitimate PG not like they don’t have any right now, they have to look for a lengthy guard, and that’s possibly roger mason or matt barnes. Shannon brown is definitely still in the mix, or they can get javaris C. The list goes on who you could get instead: Gerald Green, dj strawberry, others who are left over from the SL.. I really like this Roger Mason kid though basically man for man the same playeras Shannon minus the elite jumping ability

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    i like the idea of tryna bring in guys more youthful, but i honestly dont think of shannon as bein the future of the lakers. i think when phil is no longer coach and possibly shaw steps in, that shannon doesnt fit into the triangle system. guys like ebanks and caracter have more of an upside. as for adding other additions to fill in the bench, i think we should try and release sashas contract with upcoming draft picks and get a trade goin or maybe add someone like a javaris, dampier (highly unlikely but heard he got waived or something), or pick-up fairly young FAs like a sean may (definitely a work in progress but could of been a laker), or a cj watson, or a matt barnes.

    • Kamakazi

      Dampier had a huge contract man, he was the most overpaid center in the league in shaqs age range. I agree with your latter comment, I would welcome risk taking ballhandlers like watson, or matt barnes.. If Mitch Kupchak could pull a sign and trade for a shane battier, or a james posey eg (shannon, and sasha’s expiring contract) for either of them, I think he would.

      • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

        ya it was bit of a long shot on dampier, but i do think there are a couple young guys out there that are still pretty valuable like watson, barnes, amundson, or a rasual butler. but i think our best shot is tryna find someone to take someone like luke’s contract or sasha’s contract. we obviously dont need to fix our starting line up, but every great time needs a solid bench. i think our bench has been somewhat outplayed in many years, but if we do end up signing our rookies, just adding another talented future guard or back-up center would be awesome. not just great to think about the 3-peat but the future of the lakers.

        • KM

          100% agreed.. if Mitch can find a suitor (some team that wants to set themselves up for the 2011 FA) Sasha is the most likely one to get traded along with a shannon brown as a combo trade ( I dont think they can trade their draft picks but im not 100%sure, I think they still can) for a shane battier.. Rasual butler is another cat that the lakers could look at, it doesn’t even end with barnes, like, the lakers don’t need to wait until he makes his “decision”<<—1hr special? or twitter hint? A lot of teams over the salary cap, teams that are in our position are trying to get him (heat, celtics, magic, dallas) all trying to get him for their MLE or vet min. Recent reports suggest that he will lean for $ over any championship run (obviously with the CBA and that possible lockout). In any case, I think any of those players you just mentioned would be class A backups. I would add roger mason and javaris critt to that list too. In a sign and trade a shane battier or james posey (I dont know you could go on and on).

  • Showtime4eva

    S H A Q gonna need shaq. Ego or not.

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Do we have the money for him? His ego will end up getting in the way, asking for more money, like he did before he got traded.

      • Showtime4eva

        I know his big mouth and attitude sucks I’ve always been against him coming back but the heat ain’t playing around and what he could provide is far more than what a guy like Thomas could provide shaq provide size, strength.he can still score. His big body on defense. He knows the system. An that big body would ware guys down! That’s some bangin. He’s 38 I don’t know how much he would ask for but we should find out. But I also know very well what a distraction he can be.

        • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

          shaq is a big dreamer. he still thinks he can be the starting man on teams, but yet he doesnt wanna play big minutes and most teams make him sit if there are back-to-back games because he may get injured or he’ll just get tired easily. then he wants more money for multiple years, but then a lot of teams dont wanna pay him less than the veterans min and for 1 year. shaq is a great pick-up, but he needs to lower his standards just a bit and stop thinking hes the most dominant man in the game today. guys today obviously have a hard time guarding him, but all these young guys today are quicker, are more explosive, and have more in their tank than he does. shaq would be a great addition to the lakers if he stop with all that ego and learn how to utilize himself in other ways. if i wanted shaq, i would tell him if u wanna feel younger and save the tank, learn how to defend block shots and rebound and assist on the defensive end and become a quarterback passer to the young guys like a shannon and LO for the fast break. and since guys off the bench are more of a anti-triangle, do a semi-fast break and hold the ball while shaq comes running like a train down the middle and overpower his opponent for an easy dunk or duece.

          all in all, this can make shaq the best 6th man/bench center, he makes his stats consistent and high, it preserves the gas in the tank, and at the same time, he has a chance to win a 5th ring, he can retire his jersey, and he has a chance to mentor possibly 2 future hall of fame lakers in pau and bynum.

          pitch that to shaq mitch.

          • KM

            Yup best Center the lakers could get as an insurance (provided bynum gets injured you still have a legitimate Center that can give you 10ppg.. Mbenga never did this. IF I was kobe I would reach out. I think everybody is pretty much about winning rings as he has shown us, he will forgive players that he believes can help the team in any way shape or form. Put that ego stuff aside is priority no.1

  • Brown Hater

    So the Lakers are gonna resign Shannon Brown because Mcgrady said he was thinking about taking the league mininum to play for the Heat. Maybe if they had of actually spoken to the guy he might have signed with us. Great just stand pat while the rest of league gets better, another year of guard going right around Brown and him dribbling the ball for 15 second to jack up a brick


    Last year, our starters would sit on the bench while being up 6-9 points. Then our bench would come in and just like that the other team either caught up or went on a 12-2 run, having our starter work hard again to get the lead. Eventually we would win by miracle Kobe’s last second shots. That’s why he did so many of them last year. All because our benched sucked. We need scorers on the bench. Stackhouse, Tmac or anyone that will give a good 8-10 points per night. We also need a big like Shaq. He will not only give points, but will clog the paint.

    • KM

      Exactly- Blake will help us because he is a legit PG. that can not only run the triangle with ease, but be active without the ball or get on people’s faces to back them down somewhat. So that D is a + his 3pt shooting’s a n obvious bonus. Blake or Odom could both be defended so who else steps up as a SG? Barnes can shoot but he isn’t what you can call an offensive juggernaut. Yes, a hard nosed guy that can do it, but TMAC can already back people down in the low post and do reverse layups in b/w 2 defenders. Roger Mason is likely a more efficient shooter, but does he really address that issue? Shannon brown could start to develop a poacher’s mentality having blake around, but you could say this about anyone really.. in essence blake is a better sasha when it comes to assisting and looking to pass first (unlike jordan). IMO you could easily lose sasha because blake would be doing his job (a sign and trade is in order?) I would do it. Im sure Mitch is looking at the possibility right now for a battier, posey- etc

  • Laker s Army

    Shannon and Sasha need to go with luke driving the wagon.
    Shanno is lost ,dude can only dunk, Sasha is only good at free throws now and luke is good for nothing.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Good one. LMFAO!!!

    • a word of advice

      Be careful, you might hurt wifelovesluke’s feelings

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Shannon is an spectacular athlete but his game is too one dimensional.
    The kid dunks and sometimes hit 3’s and that’s about it. If we can keep him for cheap, I would not mind, if not, I rather have a veteran that plays good D.

  • LA3Peat2010

    can someone please tell me why we aren’t talking to tmac about accepting the vet min, while he is about to take the same deal with the heat?

  • jonb

    From La Times:

    ====—— === ——===
    /_____l______l__ ___\____
    ll- – – Mitch Sign Matt Barnes -]
    L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

    a good combo guard that also plays DEFENSE and was a kobe nemesis earlier this year.

    • KM

      Defense wins titles its just that simple. Example: Barnes on Tony Allen (upgrade from Shannon/Sasha/Jordan) Blake on Rondo (same as the latter)… Kobe/Artest/Ebanks on Pierce or Allen.. Shaq/Bynum/Caracter on BD or Perkins/Z. Damn right I said it… Miami will tough it out against the Celtics Bulls or Magic.