Lakers Summer League Schedule and Roster

    The Lakers summer league kicked off with a scrimage today against the Clippers. This should be interesting as the roster was released as well. James White (a LOT of people wanted him drafted over Farmar a few years ago) was included on our roster.

    Below is a schedule and complete schedule and roster of the Lakers Summer League team…

    The NBA Summer League is July 11-20 in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center. Here is the Lakers’ complete schedule…

    Friday, July 11th, 5pm – Lakers vs. Pistons
    Sunday, July 13th, 5pm – Grizzlies vs. Lakers
    Tuesday, July 15th, 5pm – 76ers vs. Lakers
    Wednesday, July 16th, 5:30pm – T’Wolves vs. Lakers
    Friday, July 18th, 5:30pm – Lakers vs. Raptors
    Saturday, July 19th, 3:30pm – Lakers vs. Nuggets

    Full Schedule (pdf file)

    Here is their roster:
    1 Cedric Bozeman G 6-6 220 UCLA
    25 Pat Calathes F 6-10 210
    15 Nik Caner-Medley F 6-8 240 Maryland
    12 Joe Crawford G 6-5 207 Kentucky
    26 Bryant Dunston F 6-9 250
    20 Sharrod Ford F 6-9 235 Clemson
    21 Taj Gray F 6-9 230
    34 James Hughes C 6-11 225 Northern Illinois
    23 Davon Jefferson F 6-7 215
    2 Dontell Jefferson G 6-5 200 Arkansas
    11 Coby Karl G 6-5 210 Boise State
    4 Thomas Kelati G/F 6-5 210
    9 Marcelus Kemp G 6-5 210
    24 Sean Lampley F 6-8 230 California
    22 Yi Li F 6-9 210
    31 Lorenzo Mata-Real F 6-9 245
    3 Dwayne Mitchell G 6-5 210 Louisana-Lafayette
    5 Brian Roberts G 6-2 175
    35 Michael Southhall C 6-10 260
    6 Quinton Thomas G 6-3 185
    10 James White G/F 6-6 195 Cincinnati
    14 Martin Zeno G 6-5 200

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    • Sako

      James White? The “between-the-legs” from the foul-line James White. That guy has some sick hops.

    • Sako

    • Thomas

      The only name I recognized was Coby Karl…wasn’t he in the D-League half the season?? I don’t normally follow our summer team because none of the guys end up making the team.

    • The Nugget

      Where’s Sun Yue?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • daskeenyrrrj

      James White = the freak
      Lorenzo Mata-Real = UCLA
      Cedric Bozeman = McDonalds All-American but injured way too much in UCLA
      Davon Jefferson = USC who Lakers might have drafted this year

    • Tim M.

      Davon Jefferson! I’ve heard bad things about him off the court, but I’m glad to see him on the roster.

      Glad to see Bozeman and Mata-Real too. Should be fun to watch.

    • LD2k

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      Tearing it up in China. ;)

    • Ko8e_f@n

      James White is SICK!

    • kisofdeath

      that roster seems kinda big i dont remember summer league rosters being that huge….

      james white hmmmmmm interesting

    • dawg09

      who won

    • Michael24

      omg james white hes a jumping jack

    • Corey Bynum

      dump joe crawford and coby karl for james white

    • lskerfan567

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      didnt you ever watch ucla ball or at least usc

      i hope lorenzo mata makes the team thats the kinda player we need

    • lskerfan567

      this foo culd do a 720 dunk??


    • Whatsa

      Even though these are just prospects, I can’t wait to watch the games. I hope Coby Karl gets tons of minutes =D.

    • Russ Ahi

      yeah, the summer league roster looks really big

      but i actually hope they sign lorenzo mata-real down the line…

      maybe not next season but you never know…

      for those of you who followed UCLA bball, he was a good player, getting rebounds, playing good defense, creating some energy and stuff…

      you never know, if ronny turiaf decides to become a warrior…the lakers would love to have a guy that could come in for a few minutes to create some excitement and grab some boards

      god, the thought of ronny leaving us is too hard to even talk about…

    • lskerfan567

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    • S-quire

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      You’re totally right, he’s not a “energy guy” but he’s definitely a “fan favorite,” especially with the hispanic population of LA. He looks skinny and goofy, but he is actually a VERY intelligent player and NEVER whines about calls. He’s limited offensively but is a true center. Me and my fellow Bruins were always happy to see him come into the game. Also, during UCLA’s first (recent) final four run, Bozeman was a key veteran presence. He totally redeemed himself that season after being underwhelming and injured for a while…no room for him though… Anyway, I think there’s potentially room for a big. On an unrelated note, after the Forum Blue and Gold article I read, I’m starting to think maybe I wanna keep LO…

    • daniel almonte

      ay davon jefferson is the real deal…lakers need a explosive forward like him

    • http://deleted kb4sure

      anyone just get rid of any europian their soft but gasol is ok for a while he has length and talent.I rathered have coby over sasha he’s also a shooter and athletic and a fan favorite too and cheaper.just him first no rookies pls.were going for the ship not rebuilding.

    • Fantastic5LAL

      Mata Real, Bozeman, Caner Medley, Kemp, Crawford, Jefferson, or anyone who works really hard, high energy guy that hustles

    • hZm


      I reeeeeeally like this team!

    • lskerfan567


    • Fantastic5LAL

      he didnt do the 720

    • lskerfan567

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      look at the first video penbdaho

    • Spydaman70507

      If Dwayne Mitchell & Michael Southall of University of Louisiana. Dwayne can fly and Micheal is strong if both make the team you laker fans got a steal I seen them both play.

    • newtdog10

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      Thats not james white doing the 720, that “The Air Up There”

    • lskerfan567

      [Comment ID #44581 Will Be Quoted Here]

      seems that i’m the penbdaho

    • schnide

      sign mata-real! haha, really loved him at ucla though

    • True Lakers Fan

      [Comment ID #44584 Will Be Quoted Here]

      my sister knows him they r like real good friends

    • lskerfan567

      [Comment ID #44587 Will Be Quoted Here]

      this si very exciting news thank you for this comment now everybody knows that ur sister is friends with him, have no idea why i chose to comment this

    • CajunAmos

      Dwayne Mitchell was quite a dunker when here with the Ragin Cajuns. I’ve added a link to a video reel. BTW he’s number 23 in the video.

    • BringDFishBack

      Very happy to see Bozeman and Mata on there. Bozeman got a chance in the NBA in Atlanta with a 10 day contract but didn’t see much time. Hopefully he can show them what he can do. While Mata is similar to Ronny, I just don’t think he is as skilled so he won’t ever become another Ronny. Don’t get me wrong I really like him as a player and is the ultimate hustle player, and would love for him to make the team. They must be pretty high on him too seen as he started against the Clipps.

      Even though Im a big UCLA fan and HATE USC, I like that Davon Jefferson is on there. He made a dumb decision by leaving USC after his freshmen year, but hey what do you expect from a USC kid? :) He was pretty good though, and maybe he’ll show some of that.

      The main issue I have is that they have 22 players on the roster. How are they gonna be able to give everyone enough time to prove what they can do?

    • varsityoptimism

      USC basketball coach Tim Floyd’s thoughts on Davon Jefferson: “YOU’RE WORTHLESSSSSSSS!”

    • BringDFishBack

      Here is a more updated roster with only 16 players instead of 22.

    • Mamba2410

      [Comment ID #44522 Will Be Quoted Here]

      How about stop thinking about keeping Odom and start saying “I truly want to keep Odom, and am sorry for ever wanting to trade him, we’ll have the best frontcourt in the NBA”, everyone should start saying that, “GET ARTEST ONLY IF WE DON’T HAVE TO TRADE ODOM, OTHER THAN THAT, DON’T TRADE ODOM AT ALL THIS OFFSEASON, ONLY MIHM AND RADMANOVIC!”

    • Freshh



    • Caralisa

      I know #6 personally…his name is misspelled “Quinton”…it’s actually Quentin Thomas. He just graduated from the University of North Carolina…and all of his family and friends over here in The Bay are so proud of him.

      GO LAKERS! =)

    • HEELYEA!

      QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!! I hope Quentin, not Quinton, makes the squad! One of the most underrated players in college basketball and I hope his rap career turns out like his college career. One of the best!