Article on state of Lakers. Interesting read. This is the most depressing part of the Lakers’ scenario: What if Kobe Bryant was right? What if his summertime evaluation, that this franchise is not going to be capable of competing for a championship not only now but for years to come, is spot-on?

And, really, what are the chances that it’s not?

By all appearances, not very good.

You don’t judge a team off an exhibition game or even an exhibition season, so we’ll discard Tuesday night’s 102-81 stinker against Utah at Honda Center. Playing rotations are mixed up during the exhibition season anyway, and the Lakers have spent the month without Lamar Odom, which means that what we’ve been seeing isn’t an accurate representation of what the 2007-08 Lakers really are.

But how do we know what the Lakers really are?

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‘Lakers struggling on defense’