Fisher will guard Rondo and Bryant will be on Allen, but the frontcourt matchups may take some maneuvering.

L.A. Times: The tradition has been well-documented, from Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, but who’s going to guard whom in the latest version of Lakers vs. Celtics?

The teams start the NBA Finals on Thursday, but there was still a bit of uncertainty, perhaps even coyness, on the Lakers’ behalf as far as matchups.

Derek Fisher will guard second-year point guard Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant will start out on Ray Allen, but the frontcourt is somewhat unsettled.

Lamar Odom said he expected to match up against physical Boston center Kendrick Perkins, who outweighs Odom by 34 pounds.

“I’ll try to meet him as far out on the court as possible,” Odom said. “I’ll have my hands out, be like an offensive lineman coming right off the line and jam him early. I guess I’ll be Orlando Pace out there.”

Pau Gasol probably will start out on Kevin Garnett, and Vladimir Radmanovic probably will draw Paul Pierce, though this is the type of series where defense-minded forward Trevor Ariza could get more playing time, presumably against Pierce.

With two more days of practice before Game 1, the Lakers aren’t being overly committal at this point.

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  • Luis24

    Pau on KG I agree, KG don’t post like Tim so Pau can bug his jumper and he’s fast enough. LO on Perkins is ok because maybe same height and on offensive end LO will burn him. OR of we start Ronny moving LO to 3, and Ronny to guard Perkins, idunno later Ariza can guard Paul, Celtics should worry about how to stop Kobe and machine can stick on Allen and show him he’s the future 3 point shooter

  • Lakers 24 7

    I like putting LO on Perkins, LO is faster and can rome around the perimeter daring Perkins to leave the paint, which will leave the paint open to our guards like Kobe and Farmar, plus the Celtics dont really have any plays for Perkins, hes just there for Rebounding and put backs, and Paus length will probably bother KG…I like our match up against the Celts, they can have LO and Pau post up and they are good interior passers.

  • lakers879

    i dont like the fact the radmonovich gaurd Paul peierce…WE NEED ARIZA TO GAURD HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • True Lakers Fan

    start Ariza

  • bluekang

    Yea I like the idea of starting Ronny at the 5 and moving Odom to the 3. He’s bigger than Pierce and almost fast enough to guard him. Plus Ronny will take that occasional 15 footer which could, but probably won’t, bring Perkins out of the paint opening it up for us.

  • Remy

    yea, ronny should start to guard perkins…but will that bring him out to guard him so we can open the floor for penetration?…cuz i know boston would dare ronny to shoot that 15 footer

  • bluekang

    [Comment ID #38148 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m sure they would dare him, but Ronny pulling Perkins out would just be icing on the cake since I think Lamar could do a pretty bang up job of guarding Pierce.