Championship hangovers are the worst!

O.C. Register: It makes sense that there is a post-championship hangover, because it’s human nature to relax after success. It also makes sense that a team so incapable of sustained greatness might just not be great, after all.

Perhaps the Lakers will still get to the top floor, but they’re on such a slow-moving elevator that they’re beginning to wonder themselves if something is broken here.

And Lamar Odom is the perfect poster boy for this season of confusion.

Odom was the one to speak out angrily after the lethargic effort two weeks ago against Toronto, ripping his team for looking lax and standing soft. But Odom just a few days before that had sounded a positive note about the team’s identity being patience. And for months before that, Odom had laughed off the Lakers’ problems, cavalierly admitting the team was “playing with too much swag,” cockily suggesting a switch on the locker-room wall could be flipped to send in another gold trophy.

Odom is playing hurt with a sore left shoulder(first mentioned publicly during the Charlotte game on March 5) and still managed a game-high 13 rebounds Sunday night against Washington. He had a team-high six assists, yetPhil Jackson said: “Offensively, he just didn’t seem to be involved.” Odom was out there during halftime warmups running hard … so he could hurry back from shaking hands with actorGerard Butler and producer Jeffrey Katzenbergin the courtside seats.

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