ESPN: Dr. J roused the Philly diehards into an appreciation for the city’s last championship team. Kobe Bryant riled up those Sixers fans simply by touching the ball.

The 76ers could only wish to matter as much as those two greats.

On a night Julius Erving and Philadelphia’s 1983 championship team was honored, Andrew Bynum and the Lakers stole the show. Bynum scored a career-high 24 points and grabbed 11 rebounds and Lamar Odom had 21 and 11 to lead Los Angeles to a 106-101 win over the Sixers on Friday night.

“We got the ball in people’s hands and they delivered,” coach Phil Jackson said.

Bryant, the Lower Merion High grad who was typically booed all game, was held to 19 points. Bryant failed to thrill his hometown fans, but he did leave Philly with a more memorable keepsake: the Lakers’ first regular season win in the city since February 2000.

“It’s always special coming here,” said Bryant, still bothered by a groin injury. “Every time I come here, I realize how much I miss it. It’s always fun.”

The experience would have been more fun for Bryant had he caught up with Erving. Bryant wanted to chat with the Hall of Famer he patterned his game after in his formative years.

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  • Kobefan24


  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Im going to go to the mall and ask SANTA to give Kobe what he wants for Christmas…that championship

  • Ed

    I hate the way Kobe is playing. Even though we won today, it felt like a loss, because Kobe scored only 19. I can’t watch that SOB LBJ win the scoring title, it just kills me to see that.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    [Comment ID #20153 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why, its good that he doesn’t get a scoring championship because that means he doesnt have to do all the work. Let that”SOB LBJ” win that dumbaass title that means nothing

  • gugy

    Kobe is hurt. Give the guy some time and he will get back to be a killer machine.
    AB is doing great.
    LO did amazing job. If PJ can get into his head and make him believe in himself, this team will be very scary at the playoffs.
    I think the key for this team is LO. He can be the man and he can be the man that will cause us defeat. I am not sure if we can trust him. Let’s hope he can prove myself wrong prior to the deadline.

    Go Lakers!

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Agree with Da LO… Pt.

  • mplakers

    the trio of odom, bynum, kobe might be the look of the lakers 3 years from now when kobe loses a little step. bynum will lead all stats, odom second and bryant last… second thought bryant will still be better than odom even with a lost step.

    the game was a little slow possibly because just like everyone else i was expecting a blow out but, a win is a win particularly on the road and in a different time zone.

    the silver lining on the cloud is that the bench didn’t play up to par and we still came away with a game that we led most of the way and won.

    given the laker’s success recently, it looks like a team has to wow the lakers front office in order for any major trades to happen. that’s alright lots of quality free agents this summer after the lakers make some noise in the playoffs. after all, if the referee favored cavs can make it to the finals, this improved laker lineup should also be capable even though we are in the west.

  • mplakers

    i get the feeling the nba wants a lakers versus celtics finals…so the referees better start cutting US some breaks instead of the low market Cavaliers. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF lebron wannabe shawn kemp with a better j.

  • JoJo

    Kemp was a pretty good shooter!

  • joninjapan

    why is no one commenting on the fact that if kobe had scored one more point we would have had four players reach 20points, thats like, detroit of 2004-2005 numbers

    i’m also worried that the starters are playing too many minutes. its hard to get into the flow when you only get 10minutes a game spread out five minutes at a time.

    to be fair, the bench didn’t look like it could get a shot off or even get the ball into bynum so i can understand why the starters okayed so many minutes. . .but having all four of your main guys play more than 35mins a game… not a recipe for playoff wins

    and with kobe obviously not healed fully yet i don’t understand why sasha or j-crit arn’t getting more minutes. . or why chris mihm didnt get any minutes against cleveland. he had size enough to guard Z and Z wasn’t about to out athletic mihn hahaha

  • 4 20

    Boys the laker’s played well despite Kobe’s horrible game. Man bynum is going to be a all star next year for sure, if phil jackson benches him for kwame brown (i doubt he will) then he will be the craziest coach in the nba. Maybe he is trying to motivate bynum by saying that, and i think it kind of worked 24pts 11reb 1 blk. But at the end we need to keep up this consistency for another 56 matches and finishes the year 50+ wins.Finally i hate luke walton he is so inconsistent, did u c the sixers match, man i felt like killing him

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    AB is an all-star waiting to happen period. My bad for being one of the one’s last season to diss him! For that I give Mitch mad props. If the league does not recognize Drew’s presence by the end of the season. It will fill the pain the next!

    LO has always been in my mind capable of achieving all-star status it’s just getting his maturity level and confidence where it needs to be. Overcoming a death of your child is one that I would not wish on my worst enemy so I can only imagine… Let’s just hope he stays strong mentally and he will flourish.

    Kobe is Kobe fellas.. The greatest of our time.

    So long as our trio does the damn thing and our bench matures we will be in fine shape come playoffs! Keep in mind we will have PLENTY of free agents to choose from next year.

  • Nabil

    Last year, if Kobe goes 6-20 for 19 points, and the bench contributes 16 points, we loose that game (even with Lamar’s hot hand going). The difference Fisher instead of Smush and Bynum’s growth. And another difference- this is an off night for our bench, not a typical night like last year. So things are looking up. But no, I don’t agree with Kobefan24, this team isn’t title material (this year). If we want a title this year, we need to make a move.

  • LA Forever

    Great game and your right Nabil, if kobe scored 19 and the becnch scored 16 we would lost the game, so the 2 main changes are that Bynum’s growth and fish coming to LA. I want to see the bench play better, they need to score atleast 30 in the Suns Game

  • Jcritt.=star

    Do you guys think that phil should start ariza instead of walton once he learns the offense?

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #20186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes i think he should start him and im also starting to get anoyed at the fact that he’s not giving Critt much of any time Phil is on my fu-ck-en sh!t list…

  • MILO

    What if we gave up Kwame Vlad 4 Mike Miller he’s more consistent give me some more options on good three point shooters.Or maybe Kwame and Walton???I forgot my password for espn t-machine help me out!!!!!

  • Jcritt.=star

    Milo said:

    “Do you guys think that phil should start ariza instead of walton once he learns the offense?”

    yes i think he should start him and im also starting to get anoyed at the fact that he’s not giving Critt much of any time Phil is on my fu-ck-en sh!t list…

    I totally agree. Right on:)

  • Jcritt.=star

    Hey what happened to luke? Phil took him out of the game at the end and put in Ariza(thank god). Just wondering if you guys know the scoop!

  • KamPow3r

    You guys do have to remember we did play the Sixers. Obviously its a great win for us and really should boost the moral and confidence of a lot of these young players especially AB but have you notice that Odom usually has great games against these mediocre teams.

    We need Odom to step up to the plate when we really need him, against the elite teams of the west, including Orlando/Detroit/Boston.

    In the end, great win! But it was the Sixers… and if we can have performances like this against the elite we would be in great shape during the playoffs

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    U dont agree.
    show me why.

  • Jcritt.=star

    U dont agree.
    show me why.”

    If you have watched the laker games in which crittenton plays for more than 4to 5 minutes in total it is clear. his ability to read the floor, stretch the defense, drive strong to the hoop and finish well, as well as drawing defenders. Common Phantom wake up!

  • dj matt 20

    bynum’s potential now is limitless. if bynum keeps on working out more, and more he could play like Dwight Howard.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #20211 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This will show you why. Crittenton outplayed farmar clearly this summer. Here is some complete game video in which they were both playing. There are more summer games with both of them in it and again Crittenton outplayed farmar and you can find them at
    I love farmar and his game and if you like farmar who will love crittenton because he is the real deal. Hopefully these links work for you.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #20215 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Let this put to rest the comments that Kobe motivated Andrew to become who he is this year. Listen to both these exit interviews of Bynum which was before the famous comments of kobe “ship his ass out” Andrew is motivated and he doesn’t need Kobe to be motivated. What he needs for kobe to do is pass him the damn ball. lol