Yay! Real Lakers news! :D

HOOPSWORLD.COM: The Los Angeles Lakers added to the roster on Monday signing free agent forward Elton Brown. No, not Elton Brand (it might trip you up on the first read).

Brown spent last season playing for the Colorado 14ers in the NBDL where he averaged 18.4 ppg and 9.6 rpg. A year prior his was in Greece playing for Makedonikos Kozani averaging 13.3 ppg and 10.5 rpg.

Unfortunately for Brown the Lakers may not have room to keep him past training camp (barring a trade that opens up significant roster space).

With camp just a few weeks away, the Lakers have 17 players under contract (a recent report that second round pick Sun Yue had signed proved to be incorrect).

The following is an approximate depth chart (that will certainly change as the team nears opening night):

PG: Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar/Javaris Crittenton
SG: Kobe Bryant/Mo Evans/Sasha Vujacic/Coby Karl
SF: Luke Walton/Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Lamar Odom/Ronny Turiaf/Brian Cook/Elton Brown
C: Andrew Bynum/Kwame Brown/Chris Mihm/Larry Turner

Although it would appear the depth is light at small forward, the Lakers can easily have Bryant, Evans and/or Odom play heavy minutes at the three if needed.

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  • two0one7

    Can you say “camp invite only”? This guy has about a 5% chance to make the team.

  • kyler_hay

    when i first read this i thought we signed Elton Brand haha but i dunno i need some video clip of him

  • raphaelr

    from the picture he looks look michael vick

  • Mien

    I just want to start off by saying I hope he’s what his numbers show that he is. Granted he was a star in the d-league:

    I think this guy is better than anything we have at PF.

    He’s not shy to attempt 20 fga.

    (better than passive LAMAR) He’s a low post scorer (Better

    than lamar) and he avg 32Mins/g (Better than foul prone Turiaf)

    18.4points on 13fga. 52% fg% (Better than Lamar) That’s

    great for a PF. J.O does 46%, KG=49%, Pau Gasol=50%. He

    doesn’t shoot any 3’s, he lives in the post (better than

    lamar at PF) He stays on the floor and he’s not foul prone

    (better than Bynum and Turiaf) . According to draft

    express, he has some good back to the basket moves. He’s a

    good rebounder at the PF 10rbs/game. Not a great

    shotblocker though.

    He’s played in several different leagues including Greece

    (european league with complete teamwork and passing) and D-

    league (where he was the star of the team..ala Tim duncan

    style. i think they won the championship..i might be wrong

    on that though)In the playoffs, he avg 46mins 25ppg 47% fg 93% ft% 12rbs/g 3assist/g 3pf/g 2TO/g http://www.nba.com/dleague/playerfile/elton_brown/


    basically i do hope his past success translates into our triangle offense..If so, This guy will be a steal. I just wish I could see a video of how he gets his points..is it on mostly jumpshots in the paint, or is his back to the basket move like tim duncan’s with hook shots and stuff.. he had one game where he had :
    38pts 13-24 fg, 12-16 ft, 10 off rb, 15 Total rb, 2 asst, 1stl, 1blk, 3to, 3pf in only 38MINS. I want to know in what fashion he attained those points.

  • Michael_23

    In response to kyler_hay

    I almost misread the title too. At first I thought it said, “Lakers sign Elton Brand.” LoL.

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”13523″]In response to kyler_hay

    I almost misread the title too. At first I thought it said, “Lakers sign Elton Brand.” LoL.[/quote]
    For one millisecond, I thought the same thing. lol

  • Faith

    If he outplays, Cookie, Vlad and Luke…I say he’s got a chance. Can he play D?

  • nyla

    I'[quote comment=”13532″]If he outplays, Cookie, Vlad and Luke…I say he’s got a chance. Can he play D?[/quote]

    Ha, I was gonna post the same thing. lol

  • JordanT

    i would rather have him than larry turner.

  • lakerfan81

    He is just a camp invite. thats it. Teams do it all the time, they need extra bodies for training camp so they pay people to come. It is good exposure for him though. I say that, but I remember one year during the Shaq-Kobe era a player that was a “walk-on” in camp but ended up making the team for 1 year, though I don’t remember his name. But the roster is already at 14 players that have guaranteed contracts so the chances of Karl, Turner and Brown making the team are probably 0.1%

  • daboss1848
  • BEC

    Its the NBDL it wouldnt matter if he avg 30-40ppg and 20rpg. The talent level, size, speed, and physical ablities of NBA players is far greater in the NBA than the NBDL, its a whole new world.

    At this point if its not a star player we get, whoever else we sign wont even matter Phil will play a nine-ten man rotation and that wont leave any PT for anyone else. Fish/Farmar or Crit(Depending how he plays), Kobe and Mo, Luke and Vlad, Odom and Turiaf, Bynum and Brown and Mihm. Those are the only players that are going to see “real” minutes. Everyone else we get or sign is really meaningless. Thats a 45 win team in the west (No way we win more than 50.) and a 6 seed and a second round exit if we dont play Suns or Spurs. I think lakers have a chance maybe not a favorable one, but a chance nonetheless to beat anyone else, Spurs or Suns not even the slightest.

  • fatty

    Mitch can rest. Job well done. You can now go on the well earned vacation.

    “The championship is in the fridge, the butter is getting hard, the jello is jiggling …….”

    Mitch and Jim Buss, the ‘Promise Keepers’ need to go out, celebrate, and toast to the upcoming season. They need to take a good look at this Laker Team, look at what they have done, and warmly accept there accomplishments with pride, and then,……. wave ‘bye-bye’ to Kobe.

    As Jim clinks glasses with Mitch, toasting “Can you dig it? We lost two of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. God we’re amazing! CAN YOU DIG IT?!!” And Mitch replies, “And here’s to Bynum. Hope he turns out to be half the player Shaq was. Won’t that be something?!”

    As tears well up in Jim’s eye’s. “Man, Mitch, You got to be one of the biggest ‘Butt Kissers’ I’ve ever met. And…and…I love you for it man”

    Mitch quietly smiles and tells Jim. “Thank you Mr. Buss, its nice to be paid and appreciated for what I do best”

    Jim takes hold of Mitch’s hand, looks him in the eye, says calmly and deliberately, “and of course, we all know who created this mess, don’t we?” Without hesitating, Mitch replies firmly, “Yes we do, Mr. Buss, yes we do.”

    At this time, Jim loudly proclaims, “Enough of this silly stuff. Let’s go do some REAL Laker business. We got some Laker Cheerleader scouting to do.”

  • gugy

    another unknown player. Good job Lakers FO.

  • daboss1848

    gentlemen, he is merely camp fodder – I am lost in the melodramatic statements aimed at the FO.