The Lakers sign Dwayne Mitchell. How do you guys like the signing? Camp fodder or something solid? The Los Angeles Lakers have signed free agent guard Dwayne Mitchell, it was announced today. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released.

Mitchell, a 6’5” 220-pound guard out of Louisiana Lafayette, played the majority of last season for the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League before leaving in February to join Brose Baskets Bamberg in Germany. In 31 games including 29 starts with the Energy, Mitchell averaged 20.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.60 steals in 37.3 minutes, earning a spot in the 2008 D-League All-Star game.

In 20 games with Bamberg, Mitchell, 25, averaged 10.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists while shooting .504 from the field.

Most recently, Mitchell played for the Lakers 2008 Summer-Pro League team in Las Vegas, averaging 6.7 points on .619 shooting, 1.5 rebounds, 1.0 assists and 0.83 steals in 15.0 minutes over six games.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    never heard of him, but i hope he doesn’t just rot in the bench.

  • andrewho

    as significant as the tractor traylor announcement…

  • andrewho

    as significant as the tractor traylor announcement…

  • lakrfan4life


  • cooleo24

    [sarcasm]hes the next michael jordan.[/sarcasm]

  • daboss1849

    championship baby!!!!!

  • Soichiro

    why the heck Mitch always invests on inexperienced players???


    What is Kupchak thinking? Our lack of veteran leadership killed us in the finals. Get real. This Mitchell ain’t gonna be an immediate help.

  • Shaq786

    i dont think its a garunteed contract, its just to covet his rights. WE SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON GETTING A BIG!… RE-SIGN Mbenga and sign Josh Powell!!

    supposedley we are in talks with the bulls… if we could crack LAMAR, farmar, mihm, joe crawford, a future second round pick, and walton OR v.rad….. FOR …. hinrich, noc, and Drew Gooden… we will be SET!

  • cooleo24

    [Comment ID #48020 Will Be Quoted Here]

    every innexpirienced players were have signed have been gr8t players.


  • dub824

    does this mean no sun yue?

  • GoLakers2008

    Hi gonna make Luke look patetic at practices…

  • kingkb24

    [Comment ID #48026 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he has some tayshaun prince like arms

  • sammie

    dwayne mitchell is a very good dunker, check out his videos on youtube and then you will see why mitch signed him on the team. he could probably come in handy for us.

  • lafanfromindiana

    I don’t get it. Why would we want another guard?

    Last year we got lucky because Fisher fell in our laps because of his daughter. After that, Gasol fell in our laps because of Jerry West relationships with the Grizzlies and Lakers.

    We are not going to be that lucky this season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happpy with our current roster even though Bynum hasn’t proved anything besides 1 solid half of a season , but our management worries me which includes Phil Jackson. They are so laid back which rubs off on the team and thats why we lose big leads.

  • Salty


  • GoLakers2008

    The Lakers needs somebody that can finish in transition when Kobe is at the bench. He is a good defender too. Way better than Luke “I’m gonna turn left, block me” Walton. I think the Lakers have a good starting five. The key for this season is a healthy starting lineup…

  • Michaelmichael

    our new javaris crittenton

  • lakerschamps09

    this is just to make sasha and farmar play better i think and make ariza get better..isk.. good luck to him

  • mr.laker19


  • Banzai


  • ricky

    signing dwayne mitchell is just a team’s way of securing their rights and is basically seen as a training camp invite, not a guaranteed contract.

    i think the current roster is fine, but the thing we REALLY need is to sign a backup PF/C to play behind gasol/bynum. i previously mentioned that the clippers recently waived a young, yet promising PF/C in josh powell. i really like his game and he had similar numbers to ronny turiaf last season.

    off-season moves the lakers should do. just keep it simple unless we get a deal we can’t turn down, of course.

    – sign josh powell 6’9 240lbs
    – re-sign dj mbenga (??)
    – sign joe crawford to guaranteed contract
    – bring in and sign sun yue

    with the roster i’m envisioning, we will have 1 spot over the maximum, so we can probably send either joe crawford or sun yue to the NBDL.

    1. C bynum
    2. C mihm
    3. C mbenga
    4. F gasol
    5. F powell
    6. F radmanovic
    7. F odom
    8. F ariza
    9. F walton
    10.G bryant
    11.G vujacic
    12.G karl
    13.G crawford
    14.G fisher
    15.G farmar
    16.G yue

  • varsityoptimism

    well he is cute so i dont mind him on the team

  • Michaelmichael

    [Comment ID #48042 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • 123KID

    youtube highlights dont impress me. when its an actual game situation and he does well, then he’ll be worth a contract.


    He can’t be any worse then fluke. Here is the situation….Kobe drives down the court, get doubled teamed then dishes out to fluke. Fluke gets the pass on the right side of the rim, after faking 2-3 times the defender notices this and go to block him. After fluke sees that there are defenders finally in position to block him he then jumps and get blocked.

    Situation 2…Kobe dishes out to Mitchell on the right side of the court. Mitchell thinks “forget all that pump fake when no one’s here”, he then jumps vertically and throws it down with 2 hands followed by a victory scream.

    I like situation 2…good job Mitch Kupchack.

  • BruinLaker

    we need another big, not a guard

  • L.A.alltheway

    He is pretty cute, so what the hell

  • Phant0M

    Wth ^?!

  • lakers4life

    [Comment ID #48025 Will Be Quoted Here]

    they already said hes coming next year..

    and everybody this is just a camp invite, we had like 10 of these last year

  • dennis

    this guy looks like he has potential to be a really good baller for this squad.. Did pretty well playing in the summer league

  • west213

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    wtf r u a guy?

  • lakers4life

    [Comment ID #48064 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes he is a guy, whats ur point? ;)

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    We haven’t signed Sun Yue yet…


    WHOOOO?????? >:-/

  • NATH

    WTF, I live this guy, I love Mitch, I adore Lakers and I am waiting for Sun Yue…


    I think Mitch has outsmarted us again…as Stu Lantz says,this guy is NIIIIIIIICE,

  • lakerfan81

    Its a camp invite. All teams will have around 18 players at camp including the Lakers. The Lsakers will go with 13-14 players for the season.


    we will see…..


    Anybody familiar with this guy,

  • dante

    [Comment ID #48023 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that is the worst idea i have ever heard

  • MILO

    Well he’ll get opponents in foul trouble, the only problem with this guy is that he cant make freethrows!!!

  • xtro

    wtf is that guy????

  • Ignard

    unless this dude comes to camp and TOTALLY wows the coaches he’s not making the team or he won’t get much playing time, were does he fit? Who’s minutes would he be taking away from? Not “The Doberman”, not “The Machine”,or even Ariza, heck for that matter i doubt he can take Carl’s spot who by the way was the best player on our summer league team. Oh yeah and i forgot about our second round pick to. We got enough dunkers, we need some mean basketball players.

  • two0one7

    1. Guess nobody here watched the summer league. Mitchell looked pretty impressive there.

    2. The term “camp fodder” comes to mind. He’s not guaranteed a contract. He’ll be invited to training camp. Whether he makes the team is anyone’s guess.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #48115 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i watched it long enought to know that he’s not taking Coby’s spot! and besides he’ll probably not see much playing time as did Coby last season… i think Caner-Medley also had a shot at making the team!!!

  • Michael_23

    Dwayne …… Wa … uhh Mictchel!

  • lskerfan567

    sowhose dwayne mitchel, is he canadien, i still say bring in mike tyson i think he has sum hops…….away from the cops

  • two0one7


    I did watch most of the Laker Summer Games. Dwayne Mitchel had a few good moments going to the basket. Strong upper body. But he did not distinguish himself as an breakout player. Had only average ball handling skills. Not able to develop a go to shot or break down the defense to get others a shot. Pretty much a very raw above average scorer when at the basket. Thats really all i saw in him in about 5 games. I doubt any of the player on the Lakers camp will make any significant contribution. Hope I am wrong, but the way the camp works, the Lakers can sign anyones camp players who are not the first two draft picks of a team. Same for the d league, any of the player are available to be a D league player and or signed to another team.

  • sirtoken

    Milo………i also liked caner- medley. He was probably the best player at rebounding and energy. Only thing that hurt him was his offense. If he made a few more of his shots, he would have stood out more.

  • lskerfan567


  • laker4ever

    i’ll go for CANER-MEDLEY!i think he’s the only player that impresses me in the summer league.he is a good replacement to Ronny Turiaf coz he is very energetic and a very good defender around the basket.he also has a better shooting than turiaf.his shooting should be developed coz he has the potential of replacing the team spot left by turiaf.i just hope mitch will bring him in our training camp and we’ll see if he can fit in.

  • Smush Walton

    Somehow I’m not surprised. We’ve seen this act many times before.
    Mbenga, Coby Karl, Newble, and now what’s-his-name.

    Without a doubt, if Bynum had not gotten hurt, numb nuts would have never have traded for Gasol.

    A team like the Lakers needs a top notch GM, not the Clouseau we have now.

  • Fred A.

    Instead it is D Wade its D Mitch!!!!!!!!!! lol…


    I told y’all we should’a got…..PIETR…DAMN!He’s in Orlando,HAHAHAHAHA!Funny how ALL my prospects just keep gettin’ picked up,I CAN’T HELP MYSELF,I’M THAT GOOD!!

    IT’,When we get some REAL NEWS!My Laker fans in DC are gettin’IMPATIENT!!

  • kelvz

    lets sign josh powell…he is young and he have numbers same as ronny…he is a good backup for pau…bring also sun yue…


    off the bench
    vlad rad
    sun yue
    coby karl

  • tonry maxile

    are your guys crazy,i’m from louisiana and seen this guy play many of times.he can do what every they need him to.all he needed was someone to give him a chance ,he we prove you non-belivers wrong trust me.and oh boy can he jump out the gym.good luck dwayne m.GO GET THEM……………

  • Jermaine

    I agree with Tonry. I watched this kid play at Louisiana-Lafayette and he is a gifted athelete. I think he makes the team and contributes heavily. Besides Kobe, what other pure 2 guard do the Lakers have? Aside from that, what other person on the Lakers team can break down a defense and create his own shot? All of you non-believers and obvious non-ballers will love this kid come mid season.