The Lakers DID made a move today… Coby, not Kevin… While the Boston Celtics appear on the verge of acquiring Kevin Garnett for a package headlined by Al Jefferson — it seems that Garnett has changed his mind about playing in Boston…we don’t know superstars who changes their mind frequently, do we? — the Lakers announced the signing of…Coby Karl.

It’s something that has been in the works for quite some time. Karl, a 6-foot-5 guard, played on the Lakers’ summer league team and average 12.2 points. He had a solid career at Boise State and you might remember that Karl had cancerous lymph nodes removed from this throat this year.

  • LiL_K



    now were talking championship baby :)

  • LiL_K

    wehave 5 PG now good job mitch!!

    fisherr kobe java sasha coby….

  • dark_ice18

    how much?

    anyways i like his game…he can play SF and SG…

    now we need to make a move for either Artest of JO nooow!!!…cause every team in the NBA is getting better:


    and thats jus a few…lakers need to get better NOW!!! or say bye to Kobe… :(

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    [quote comment=”9837″]now were talking championship baby :)[/quote]

  • BEC

    Whats up with this signing of Coby Karl? We dont need another guard or small forward. We need an impact player, mainly a big man, this signing doesnt make any sense.

  • schnide

    good move, hey guys remember when we were 26-13 before injuries? if we have any luck at all in the health department this year, i really don’t see why we can’t be a 50-win team. same group with some very nice, if not spectacular, additions: fish, crit, karl, developing farmar and bynum. QUIT IT WITH THE PESSIMISM

  • getgasol

    Another guard? Something’s fishy.

    I have a feeling the Lakers are making moves to make a Jermaine O’Neal or Pau Gasol deal work.

    Either that or the Lakers front office is stupid as hell and I can’t blame Kobe if he leaves next season.

  • lakerfreak

    i think thats a good move b/c he seems like a good player but i didnt think it likey b/c we have enough young talent at the point and he isnt going to get time behing kobe and evans at SG and even behing walton and vlade at SF this move doesnt make sense because we had a 1 in 3 chance of landing webber. This only makes sense if we are trading crit (hopefully along with bynum and brown to the Pacers for JO)
    so its a good move if we are giving up crit b/c then we need a young PG/SG/SF if we keep crit and this costs up C Webb then i need to slap mitch

  • schnide

    oh btw, of course the bottom line is what EXACTLY we paid for him…

  • rpouncy14

    Coby Karl. Hell yea?!!!

  • dark_ice18

    maybe gettin Karl is a hint to a blockbuster trade we all been dreaming for?

    …Artest, JO, Pau Gasol, Marcus Camby, etc?????????????????

  • dark_ice18

    so this is how are team looks today….

    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Luke/Vlade/Coby Karl

    ^ DEEEP ASSS TEAM!!!!…too bad their all bench warmers except for Kobe and LO…sadness….

  • schnide

    ^that actually looks pretty good

    man what happened to keeping 14 players on the squad…

  • dark_ice18

    [quote comment=”9866″]^that actually looks pretty good

    man what happened to keeping 14 players on the squad…[/quote]
    theres something fishy and i dont mean derek….

  • schnide

    dark_ice: i sure hope so…

  • dark_ice18

    [quote comment=”9869″]dark_ice: i sure hope so…[/quote]
    i mean its obvious look at all the guards we have besides Kobe:

    Fisher/Javaris/Farmar/Sasha/Mo Evans/Coby Karl/Sune Yue*(In CHINA)…i mean we got so many damn guards…theres no way we keep them all…some are out, maybe Indiana wants Farmar or Javaris…maybe Sacramento wants in too?..who knows…but thats too many guards!!!!

  • schnide

    yeah the FO obviously has a goal, whether they achieve it is another thing…

  • SILO

    Thats the last roster spot for the lakers now. 15 players.

    so, sasha, farmar, java, fisher, coby.

    at least two will be gone in a trade.

    most likely to be traded, sasha, farmar.

  • LakerNation1

    i smell a trade coming along. with coby, dont we have the maximum number of players on a team? im sure someone is gonna go if we are going with JO.

  • rmeazy82


  • kisofdeath

    so basically we got a 15 man roster half made of guards….

  • Fred A.

    That is good and now he has to prove something in the post season.

  • fatty

    Why did we sign Coby?

    Fatty who always as an answer has none. Don’t get me wrong, Coby is a solid pick up, but not what we needed.

    He is a free agent, so I would have to assume he gets the rest of our MLE, or a little less, probally 660,000. Also being a FA he can not be traded for at least 90 days.

    The signing is very curious. Usually guys like Coby, undrafted, are invited to camp, to possibly try out for a spot or to be picked up by another team. But we flat out signed him to a gauranteed spot with only summer league?

    George Karl talked extensively about his son’s chances in the NBA. Three teams had invited him to camp, but he felt little chance of making a team so he encouraged Coby to sign in Europe and work his way into the NBA.

    That was then, and this is now. What happened?

    Coby has a deadly 3 pt shot and he is not afraid to take it. But he is smart and passes like Walton. His D was good what I saw.

    Two GM’s at Vegas said he was the mistake in the draft. Both said he should’ve been a late 1st rounder, but teams were afraid to committ because of his illness. When you look at his kneck, you will notice two very large surgery scars, reminding you how serious his cancer was.

    Geogre Karl said Mitch has been secretly scouting him for 3 years. If he turns out to be good,(an undrafted rookie with a contract) Mitch did very good.

    He took our last roster spot, which Mitch said we were saving for something else. The Lakers are very high on him to do that as well.

    Whether or not a trade is coming, this is a signifigant move by the Lakers.

    A Coby Karl Moment: At the Vegas SL, Critt had stolen the ball for a breakaway and he missed the layup. With two defenders to rebound, Coby on a hustle play skied over them to jam the ball down. The crowd went crazy.(which they always do at vegas) The guy can play. My daughter says we now have two kobe’s, a white one and a black one. lol Chick would’ve had fun with that. Kobe passes to Coby, back to Kobe, back to Coby, SLAM DUNK Coby. haha

  • Justin M.

    Wait a minuet, another guard?!?!?! The Lakers must be getting ready for a trade or management has gone off the deep end big time. What’s next, releasing Kobe to the free agency?

  • fatty

    Wait a minute. Its not a gauranteed contract after all. Just a camp invitee. He has to earn a spot and Mitch said that will be hard.,1,1519871.story?coll=la-headlines-sports&ctrack=2&cset=true