bittenL.A. Times: Kobe Bryant walked away after the final play, his head down, lost among the silence of a quiet, deflated Staples Center.

In between the fouls and free throws was another game that crackled with intensity but finished with a lone overriding concept — the Denver Nuggets are for real.

The late-game hero of Game 1, Trevor Ariza, lost the ball on a late play in Game 2, and Derek Fisher missed everything on a last-second three-point attempt Thursday as the Lakers fell to Denver, 106-103, tying the Western Conference finals at 1-1.

Games 3 and 4 are in Denver, where the Nuggets haven’t lost since March 9, winning 16 consecutive games at Pepsi Center.

The Nuggets were 2-14 in playoff games against the Lakers before Thursday, but that changed amid a late-game flurry that left the home crowd stunned.

The Lakers were too, in case their eerily quiet locker room didn’t prove the point.

“They have home-court advantage now,” Bryant said, summing up just about everything.

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  • xfellerx


  • LakersOwnTheWest

    the refs screwed us in this game like always…Chauncy Billips falls down while dribbling and they call a foul 2 free shots under 2 minutes left, are u kidding me? then then Pau gets run off the court an they call nothing? also the lane violation on JR Smith that wasnt seen? I can go on & on …..Gift free throws by the refs for the nuggets are why we lost this game…..I just want to say that I Hate Referees!!

  • Odom the worst player

    The refs didn’t lose the game for us it was that stupid Fisher who did that. He keeps driving the ball to the basket in which he gets his stupid shot blocked every time, but he keep trying to do things that’s not his game. This guy has been the NBA for 13 years and has never been able to drive to the basket. It’s a shame when Phil has to rely on Shannon Brown who has only been with the team for half a season, because your starting point g still hasn’t figured out he has never been able to drive the lane. Fisher has to go. Mike Bibby is a free agent.

  • Odom the worst player

    The Lakers try and run the same offense as the old Bulls, but with one difference, the bulls had smarter players at the point. You would never see Kerr, Armstrong, Paxton, Hodges, Harper, etc try and do things that’s not their game like that stupid fisher who continue to drive the lane crashing into people when he knows that’s not his game. Also some blame needs to be directed at Phil Jackson. Andrew Bynum was playing well and phil didn’t play him the second half. I just don’t understand Phil at times.

  • ade

    Phil is gettin old with ideas. It is still going to be a long series

  • avcpl

    We can only hope it’s going to be a long series now.

    The Lakers are the Mavs. Great regular season team. Skilled players without the heart to win it all.

  • Rich

    I think they have the heart but Phil seems to be giving games away with his subs. He needs to sit Fisher, Vujacic, and Luke and give Drew more time.

  • getgasol

    I love Fisher, but I agree with “Odom the worst player” that Fish’s insistence on driving to the lane is dumb. He has always done that, and never has had any success with that, even back in the Shaq days.

    I also agree with the people who said Bynum should get more minutes. He played fine in the first quarter (the only quarter where we dominated) and then Phil sat him down the rest of the game.

    They should trade Sasha. He is way too inconsistent, and has done absolutely nothing for us this postseason.

  • Eagle County

    Haha. What a great game!! The refs did an excellent job officiating. The Lakers will go down in 6. They do not have the will to win this series. Carmelo owns Kobe!!!!

  • Yoni

    does anyone realize how bad the lakers defense is? they give up so many 3’s for a reason. luk and fish always help down low and leave open 3 point shooters and try to rotate back when its too late. fish always leaves his man to double team down low (ytf would u double nene or chris Andersen????????????) if the lakers could stay home on defense and stick to their assignments lenis f’ing kleiza would not make 3 after 3 after 3…..

    lakers played well enough to win tonight. it is soooo sad that something so easy and fundamental could not be executed. this is exactly what happened last year to the celtics and this is what the lakers always do on defense…

    BTW FISHER SHOULD NEVER PLAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 for freaking 9!!!! Missed 4 3’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I don’t care if he didn’t play most of the 4th quarter bc he played 28 MINUTES, which is way toooooo many!!!!!

  • starving-marvin2k10

    joa, carmelo owns kobe and your sillines owns you Eagle Country…
    just leafe your next comment after the game on saturday when your f*ckin nuggets get burned in their own house…
    this defeat was bad luck, bad refs and a couple of bad plays from the lakers. it wont happen again in that way…
    beat us whis decency or STFU

  • baltimoresbest01

    I would have liked to see Fish use some of his savvy and jump into Nene for the 3-shot foul (or at least try to rather than shoot a fadeaway 3).



  • deus_ex

    I blame the refs and Phil Jackson for this blown game. Some of us wonder why Kobe gets frustrated at Phil. Had Bynum and Shannon Brown been in the game that last two minutes we would have won by at least four.

    I think Phil Jackson has some type of brain tumor or something that’s impairing his judgment. It is obvious Fisher sucks and is more of a liability than an asset. I say we trade both Fisher and Sasha and try to get Bibby next season, and bring Sun Yue back from the D-League.

  • deus_ex

    Our starting line-up next year needs to be.

    Pg: Bibby, Farmar, Sun Yue
    SG: Kobe, Brown, Draft Pick
    SF: Ariza, Odom, Luke
    PF: Gasol,Powell, Draft Pick
    C: Bynum, BMenga,

    We need to draft some more small forwards or power forwards. Although Bibby has some mileage on him, he will be a much better asset than D-Fish.

  • Eagle County

    Laker fans need to stop cryint. They lost because Denver punked them. The Lakers are soft. The Lakers are turining into the Pistons. They will get to the western conference finals, but will never come through with a championship. They should of have lost to the Rockets but injuries helped them out. Guess what Laker fans, Denver is healthy and dangerous.

  • LakersFirst

    Fish is useless now. I love Fish for what he has done over the years but he needs to go. I always cringe when he takes the ball to the hole, he is by far the worst finisher in the league. Kobe will bust out in Denver for 50 and get us home court back.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    so our players were up 1-0 and 15 points in the first quarter, they thought it was not compelling anymore to fight
    they thought they already won game 2

    too bad the other team played 48 min hard with great effort

    in defense of fish…he has to drive sometimes, even if he knows he is going to miss it
    he draws defense and pow scored twice off his missed layups
    in this way the defender has to give him mre space for shooting (which unfortunately lately means BRICK)

    kobe played a good game, but he was tired and did not defend as good as the first game
    nobody can play 100% both end of floor everygame
    that is why we have every other player on our roster
    KOBE should be reted for OFFENSE and evry other idiot in this game should spit blood on DEFENSE for god sake

    this team is soft…wont win shyt
    i hope next year most of the soft players are traded


    all of them together will never win anything
    u need to have some thugs and defensive minded players to allow kobe to play some offense

  • Kobe8

    this Laker team need to stop RELYING on Kobe too much, i mean the guy is guarding the best players on the Nuggets team and is expected to lock em down and go and score 30+ points on the offense? if Odom & Gasol were as aggressive as the Denver front court is, it will be easy for Kobe to take over in the 4th.


    Derek Fisher, Lakers: He had five fouls, went 1-for-9 from the field (0-for-5 from the line) and didn’t even hit the rim on his last-second 3-pointer.


    Where was Bynum in the 2nd half??

    Why take out Kobe in the 4th with the game tied and momentum to Nuggets?

    Why didn’t you call a timeout earlier in the 2nd quarter when Nuggets making their run?

    why are you doubling anyone on the nuggets except for Carmelo?

    why aren’t you telling Pau to shoot the damn ball when he is open?

    why do you take farmar or brown out when they are doing good just so that you keep the same rotation?

    why do you play luke longer than 5 minutes?

    why don’t you put on a NUGGETS jersey??!!!!!!!

  • Al

    Phil Jackson is a moron!!! He proves me time and time again. We’ll win nothing until he is gone. It feels like he is sabotaging Lakers on purpose or he is just the worst coach in the league. Fisher and Vujabrik must be benched also.

  • gugy

    calm down!

    I learned against Houston that We have a talented team that has ups and downs. Truth to be told, I just tired of freaking out after every time we lose.

    It seems that the Lakers will bounce back again and then possible lose it’s balance and bounce back again. Yes we have issues, but who does not. We need to be very patient with this team.

    I believe we will rally next game and maybe we will lose in Denver game 4 but regain it at Staples. That’s just the way it is with this team. This could be indeed a 7 game series. This is just the second game. It won’t be easy, so be prepared to be angry few more games. That just how this season is playing out for us.

    Last year we had easy until the finals and then we all know what happened. Maybe this year this struggle is happening for a reason, a purpose. Maybe that’s how we will learn how to focus when we really need to win, when it matters most or when the season is on the line.

    We do not have the easy route like the Cavs had so far. Even the Cavs the media darling lost a game when they finally encounter a serious opposition. Boston last year had such a hard time getting into the finals having two 7 game series and 1 of 6 games to beat us at the finals.

    I believe PJ and Kobe know what they are doing and will push our guys to perform and make the right adjustments. That’s all we can hope at this point in time. Have faith!

  • lainok

    Number one big issue…the refs. at this point it’s a joke.
    number two…Phil…get over your friendship with fish, kobe makes million upon millions of dollars a year, if he has to play 48 minutes of basketball, then that’s what he is paid to do, stop letting sasha mess up our momentum, and when bynum is playing well, don’t sit him out during the second half.

  • purplegoldveins

    we all knew the lakers were gonna lose a game or two, it happens most of us(check the poll up top) picked the lakers in six. point is, its the playoffs and this is a good team, if ariza doesnt fumble the ball in the end its a different story, luck is a factor ask any coach. but its ok, nuggets are not going to win 17 straight games at home, and i think before its said and done two very important things are going to happen, 1. kobe will break their heart in denver this weekend 2. the nuggets will remember, that well, theyre the nuggets.

  • Pasadena

    I feel for Kobe. I can understand why he feels deflated. He’s doing EVERYTHING…pouring in 200% more strength, energy, willpower, defense, doing everything that he can to win. However, there’s only so much that one person can do. Putting out all this extra energy will come at a price and wear him down more quickly. The only other guys on the team who are helping him out on the floor and more consistent are Trevor and Shannon Brown. I’m sorry, but the truth is that the rest of this team is overhyped. The negatives outweigh the talent of this team. Talent alone does not win championships. As someone else mentioned above, we have players who don’t utilize their strengths and try to do more than they are capable of.

    – PAU: awesome offensive firepower when NOT being physically defended; gets immensely bothered (missed shots, lots of fumbles) when physically defended; below average defender; soft (cannot back in and move a physical defender half his size during post-ups); whines alot to the refs; laid back attitude.
    – FISH: his age is showing; can’t keep up on defense any more against most PGs in the league; can barely elevate; always drives for layups attempting to sell a foul (fish, do you not get it?…teams around the league and the referees KNOW you layup flop) instead of actually trying to make a layup; below average to mediocre jump shooter.
    – TREVOR: excellent defender; average shooter; plays with intensity and heart/emotion; skinny–has trouble against bigger players (Melo).
    – BYNUM: emotionally sensitive; somewhat weak minded; does not fully grasp his role as rebounder/defender/shot blocker as being higher priority than offense; overwhelmed by the intensity of the playoffs; yet not utilized enough by Phil.
    – KOBE: best player in the league; being relied on too much; not getting enough help.
    – LAMAR: physically talented but does not have the intellectual capacity to drive those talents; prone to mental lapses and bonehead plays; mentally weak; below average shooter; good passer; good rebounder; below average defender who’s idea of defense is to stay flatfooted with arms raised up; good chance that he misses 1 of 2 free throws nearly every time he gets to the line; good chance that he turns over the ball when he dribbles too much.
    – SASHA: worst shooter in the NBA (and he’s supposed to be our 3 point specialist); makes bad shot selections; average defender; wastes energy on defense by constantly bouncing up and down; whines alot; has the emotional tendencies of a pimple-faced teenager.
    – LUKE: does not belong in the NBA (nuff said).
    – SHANNON: energetic; athletic; good shooter; good defender; not afraid to drive in to the basket; should start; should be given more minutes especially in the 4th quarter over Fisher.
    – FARMAR: arrogant; mediocre shooter; quick; young and energetic; below average defender; should also be given more playing time over Fisher.
    – POWELL: big body; good mid-range shooter; good rebounder who is underutilized.
    – PHIL: 9 championship rings; overall, one of the top coaches in the league; however tends to be stubborn and does not call time-outs appropriately; has bad substitution strategies.

  • Pasadena

    BTW, as a team … the truth is that the Nuggets are more ATHLETIC and TALENTED than the Lakers. Most Laker fans won’t admit it, but it’s the truth. The Nuggets are for real, and the Lakers losing home court advantage is not a good thing. The Lakers laid back attitude is a big problem…keep ur expectations low…Nuggets have an excellent chance of winning their next two home games.

  • Dragon

    Its just up to the players doesn’t matter what the game plan is. Its all up to the players now to fight. We need to shoot better and play smarter Lakers need to play more aggressive too. Its either win this or take an early vacation.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    CALM DOWN True LAKER FANS!! Hey I can agree that Sasha and fish aint hittin’ I hope Phil makes an adjustment for nezt game and realizes that he will need to swing LO to the SF for a small period of time and either have a Kobe/Ariza backcourt. I totally agree Phil should have inserted Shannon Brown during that Jump ball and unless Drew was hurt, I cant imagine why he didnt play in the 2nd half…oh well damned if you do damned if you dont in the playoffs especially when u lose. laker fans you guys need to have some faith in our squad.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Boy, Pasadena,

    with this attitude might as well jump under the bus and forget about the playoffs.
    We know Denver is a good team, so is the Lakers. We do have attitude issues that are erased when we play with confidence. We had a glimpse of it last night when we were up 14 points.

    I have faith the guys will step up. If not then maybe we need to wait for next year. Go Lakers!

  • Eagle County

    Wouldnt it be funny with all of the commercials of lebron and kobe if they didnt make it to the finals.

  • T. Holliday

    WOW – Laker fans crying about the refs……really??? Kobe gets star treatmnet ALL the time w/officiating. How about Nuggets best defender on kobe and earns 3 quick fouls….needing to sit…and don’t say he isn’t a good defender…just ask Chris Paul….and yet, Nugs still held tuff. Ain’t no SWEEP happening this year…different year, different team…NUGS aren’t laying down! Should be 2-0 NUGGETS with 2 steals from LALA land……could we find ourselves in a 3-1 series after NUGS win at home twice??? Sure would be nice……oh, by the way…How come we got no FAKER FANS posting on the Denver Post today??? MAN last year and after game 1 this year…all I read was the LakerNAtion braggin of domination….I guess you’ve woken from your dreamin’

  • Sh!t bird county

    Wouldn’t it be even funnier with all your sh!t talk if Lakers burn Nuggets in Pepsi center?

  • dEDGE

    The Lakers have not lost 3 games in a row all season long, and this streak extends to when they first signed Pau last year. If Denver takes two at home, that’ll be 3 losses in a row.

    But that’s not going to happen… Lakers take at least one to split and then the series is all back to even. As each game progresses in the series, Denver will implode from the mounting pressure and higher stakes.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    I will repeat again, all of this struggle is great for the Lakers. We are moving along and learning along the way. We will win in Denver 1 game no doubt.
    Let the Niggets dream on, They will not ever win a ring.

  • T. Holliday

    Good point re:3-in a row,….I’ll admit I was worried if the Nugs went down 2….would have been hard to pull off 4 wins of the other 6…..

    Nugs at home…..hmmmmmm, check out their home court record, remember home court should be worth at least 5 points, maybe a couple extra calls goes our way, and since it appears that this series will be decided in the last few minutes of the 4th…anything can happen, including 3 in a row….

    As for the pressure of playoffs and self imploding….NOT THIS YEAR…last year sure, probably….IT IS A DIFFERENT CAST OF CHARACTERS….was never a BIG fan of Billups….I AM A BELIEVER! If we still had AI…we would be watching the playoffs just like Phoenix

  • T-Dub

    The problem is not the offense…103pts should win a ballgame. DEFENSE IS THE PROBLEM! It’s the players and the coaching. Fisher can’t defend anyone. Pau, Odom, and Bynum can’t defend the paint…plain and simple. I don’t mind Melo getting 30+ points but Billups…28pts, Martin and klieza…16pts each is the problem. Klieza had wide open 3’s, and Martin had wide open lanes to the basket. This is PHIL JACKSON’s inability to coach anymore. This is PHIL JACKSON’s inability to evaluate talent anymore. This is what you expect in preseason, not in the WCF! No matter what happens this season, it’s clear that it’s time for PJ to retire, and time for a fresh, new philosophy.

  • lakers741




  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Pasadena: I challenge ur knowledge of NBA basketball how dare you say Luke doesnt belong in the league. You obviously dont understand…and your emotionally inflated comment is all yours to have.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    relax LAker fans relax if you paid attention our history is all about drama in LA

  • trade_gasol4_Nowitzki


    everyone is a “”””””Bailout””””” on Kobe in the playoffs, in the season they do great, playoffs garbage..Kobe does his thing, others dont do shittttttt

    the nuggets crowd is going to be a firing chants, with weak as the lakers look, their going to drop down…

    lakers=nba champs?????????? I thought we had it this year with bynum playing at a higher level in the beggining of the season, and beatning all the good teams and breaking other teams streaks, in the midst of the end, it seems lakers are still the same as last year “”Weak Mentally”…seeing them going to 7 games against the Rockets without their 2 great superstars “McGrady+Yoa”…its tough to see lakers beating denver

    Other than KOBE+ARIZA+BROWN..everyone is weak as pu$$$yy

    Phil Jackson is so stupid..we need to start JORDAN FARMAR instead of FISHER…the only reason we won game 3 of the Rockets series is because Farmer STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T. Holliday


    Boy, I like the way you think!! FYI, on the NUGGET’s postings some of your lakernation fans believe that Phil still has it…in fact, way too much smack talk after game 1…”we only had a couple days to prepare and Phil outcoached Karl”…..”Phil’s a GOD and he will make game 2 adjustments to beat the NUGS worse”……

    I’ve never been a fan of a coach that has the opportunity to coach the worlds 2 best players (Jordan, Bryant), earn rings and think “what a great coach” with Jordan and Bryant – I might even be able to coach thenm to the playoffs…..Surround Phil with slightly better than aveage players and I’d love to see what his winning percentage is….

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #72391 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey joseph,
    While your comments are always good for a laugh, your Sukdic team is done for the year so you need to get back to your jerking off.

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    The problem of these blogs is that there are so many bandwagon fans.
    If the Lakers had the ability to close the game last night like they did on game 1 without making mistakes on the last minutes, everybody would be saying that we would be at the finals.

    You guys need to realize this is the playoffs and WCF. Denver is a good team and will put up a fight. Both team make bonehead mistakes and can crumble under pressure. Even the Cavs who is supposedly and invincible team lost to the Magic.

    Have faith that we can rebound at their court. We have done it many times in the playoffs. Plus there is a trend that Lakers always rebound after they lose a game on the playoffs. If we win Saturday, I already will see these same bandwagon fans shouting we are on the finals. Give me a break…

  • boogs

    wow… some lakers fans are so quick to throw the team under the bus. every time they lose, i hear tons of people crying about trades. its 1 game! these 2 teams match up really well. i agree that they need to step their game up but people need to relax.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #72398 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Good start…
    We need to flush Luke as well.
    He is an absolute piece of sh!t

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #72412 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This post should be the default first post for all future articles.

    Without Kobe this team is the Clippers.

    Over the last few years our biggest improvements were getting rid of GARBAGE (i.e., Smush Parker, Kwame Brownstain, Brian Cook). This offseason we need to complete this effort by disposing of PUKE WALTON, VUJABRICK, LAME-O, and DEAD FISH!

    Lamar hopes one day to be an “NBA TV Analyst”.
    Maybe on the retard channel!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #72428 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The fact of the matter is that LUKE is an absolute piece of sh!t.

    He should be working FULL TIME is his restaurant!

  • flobe24

    no need to jump ship after a loss that could have gone either way. the team doesn’t need to be pointing fingers at each other for blame. win as a team lose as a team. take responsibility for their mistakes and correct them in the next game. playoffs are all about adjustments. the nuggets made a good one by inserting kleiza in the game. now phil will make his adjustments for game 3. the team needs the fans to support them not tear them down when ever they lose a game.

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #72412 Will Be Quoted Here]
    perfect analysis, i would add that ariza thinks he’s better than he is offensively, and trys to do too much sometimes.

  • T-Dub

    Pasadena….I totally agree! Except where you say Phil is a great coach. In his past maybe…He did have MJ and Pip, Shaq and Kobe…alot of coaches could have won with that. He’s been tested the last 5 years and have failed every time. It’s one thing for Kobe to complain about his help, but not Phil when he has all the influence over his roster. These are and have been HIS GUYS. He’s the evaluator and not a very good one. It’s time for him to go!

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Stupid Laker Fan bandwagooneers need to bounce !!!

  • LakersFirst

    This game was the mirror image of Game 1, just with the opposite result. If you look at the box score, this was a very even game. Here’s the box score:

    Very close game, but at the end of the day, if the Lakers make their free throws, they win this game.

    No need to worry true Laker fans. The Lakers just need to bring energy into Denver. They’ve won there in the past and they can win there again. And for the Kobe-only fans, remember what he said “we’re not the best road team in the NBA for nothing”. Yes, Denver has a winning steak at home, but remember, the Lakers have been “streak killers” this year. Just ask Boston and Cleveland.

    I’m enjoying the test. All Laker fans should.

  • flobe24

    LakersFirst I agree with you 100%!

  • Kobe8

    people too worried. i think the Lakers can win in Denver. I just want to see more help for Kobe. The past 2 games he has worked like a slave and we need him more on the road because he’s not intimidated. The rest of the team might get nervous playing in a hostile environment but not Kobe. But with him playing both great offense and great defense, he might start to fade when fatigue kicks in because lets remember this guy did not have any rest during the summer.

    So i hope they make adjustments and come out fast in game 3 & 4.

  • erickishungry

    FISHERS TO BLAME….HE SUCKS…START FARMAR AND SHANNON BROWN FIRST GAURD OFF BENCH. LAMAR starts bynum off the bench…Phil Jackson is suppose to be a genius coach but i dont know if he sees fisher being stupid…I havent been annoyed at any loss this season as much as this one. Because of Fisher..the reffs have are dumb too…dont see J.R. Smith my ass…but mostly Fisher..times up for that guy

  • Kb24sdbest

    I’m going to criticize the lakers again, not because they lost but even in wins, i will continue to do so until they win the championship. I hope they are reading our post. The 3 big problems that will cause them a championship this year is DEFENSIVE rotations, LACK OF FOCUS (for the entire game or moments like free throws), and LACK OF PHYSICAL TOUGHNESS. This laker team better learn quickly before its CANCUN time. Mental toughness comes from focus, will to win, and a mindset of keep fighting and never give up every game. If they haven’t learn this now, i think it’s too late lakers.
    NOTE::::: Talent alone does not win you a championship. It takes mental toughness, physical toughness, and smart plays together with talent to win the trophy.
    Come on lakers…. You can do this, let’s keep fighting….fighting.. fighting…until we get that trophy… LET’s GO!

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    I agree this is probably Fisher’s last year is confidence is shook..and maybe that foul he gave Scola wan’t the wake up call he needed. Lakers need to make some adjustments especially down the stretch I guarantee with shannon Brown in the game at the end we come up with some of those loose balls. But this game was not a blow out and we were right there in the end what is encouraging for me is the fact all of the Laker fans who really deep down inside are not Laker fans let alone knowledgable about the game and playoff basketball…remember we swept these fools last year there lookin for revenge! The Lakers will win at least one in Denver they are better when they are motivated. Its up to the coaching staff to put the Lakers in the right position to win. Effort will be there they just have to “EXECUTE” the game plan on D and cut down the turnovers in Denver and allowing them to have easy baskets because all we have to do is make them work for every thing and not let anything be easy. I still believe in certain situations we should go bigger and play Lamar at the small and have a huge backcourt with Kobe and Ariza.

  • Kb24sdbest

    I’m not ready to flush luke yet. Luke can make the smartest play and then on the next play he can make the dumbest play. I still think he has one of the highest Bball IQ’s in the team along with Kobe. And he’s an underated shooter. He just needs confidence. Great pick up on Bibby, i would love to have him on our team. We need a shooter and a real banger down low to give hard fouls and block shots.

    Start Farmar, let fisher come off the bench. Let Brown sub in for Kobe instead of Sasha.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Certain Situation Line up:



    We need boards and way to up root Carmelo down low on certain plays
    especially on offensive boards…I watched every Lakar game this year and I have yet to see lamar at the 3… makes me wonder the best thing about Lamar Odom is that he is versatile and with certain teams you have to allow him to be that.

    These will not be starting line ups just situational

  • T. Holliday

    “remember we swept these fools last year there lookin for revenge!”…..

    Last year……who cares….the NUGS are NOT the same team as last year….nor are the Lakers…that’s why each year starts a new season….

    A close game at home….that’s what “home advantage” means…too bad Lakers couldn’t win at home-in playoff basketball YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HOME COURT, so when you have one taken and almost lost the other -I can only believe that the LAKERS were LUCKY to only loose one- could have easily been 2!!…so, your hopeful that the Lakers can steal one on the road against a very good, peaking, playing well, bench loaded NUGGETS team…..Good luck …..I for one am not betting on it!

    NUGS up 3-1 after this very memorial- 3 day weekend.


    Exactly WHY do u set up a play for derek fisher and make KOBE BRYANT a decoy? As soon as i saw fisher on the side and kobe being guarded i knew phil was setting up a play for fisher, who shot the ball and…..


    [Comment ID #72456 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We’ll see. Enjoy your only win….Troll.

  • T. Holliday


    Before last night faker fans claimed “sweep time”…now it’s enjoy the only win….faker fans were wrong about sweep-maybe your wrong about 1….hhmmmmm

    Needing all those extra games to finish Houston might wear heavy on those sea level legs at 1-mile high! Believe me altitude does play a role…I was recently in LALA land- (sorry to say-Didn’t really enjoy your city – but hey we all have our opinions) anyway danced all night to the dead and barely felt exhausted…Maybe because training at high altitudes helps stamina – maybe go ask some Kenyan runners about training at higher altitudes….

    NUGS win both at HOME!

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    BullSh!t..T,Holiday..How old are you?? How much basketball have you watched in the past and present..I hope your paying attention to the present..It doesnt matter where you win or lose its a win and a loss none of the less. ANd yes it is a team that is pretty much the same squad with the same coach with same nasty taste in there mouth from being swept last year that is added incentive. Yeah now dont get me wrong i’d like to serve at home like everyone else..BUT this is the playoffs and its always about the game in front of you. You cant linger on the game you played before(especially if you lost) If you are worried about losing a game at home in a 7game series than u dont belong there. If your a Nuggets fan then cool your opinions have warrant but to come talk sh!t about a team u supposedly support makes lil to no sense at all. The Lakers dont owe you sh!t homie. Unless u a blogger who just likes being animated with his comments then its all gravy just dont come to LA talkin that sh!T

  • T. Holliday

    not sure what your trying to tell me…..

    Agree – a wins a win…regardless of where it’s being played. However, there is a reason why teams try to be a higher seed – they want to play at home and probably becasue there is some truth to the “home court advantage” piece. And so, when the top seeded team BARELY pulls off 1 win of the 2. one might worry that going into an away 2 game series where the other team now has the “home court advanage” could put you down 3-1.

    To clear up other pieces of confusion….I am not a lakers fan….

    and lastly – Nugs do have some player personnel changes from last year’s swept team….Billups not AI. Made all the difference….AI is talented – and I wouldn’t want to challenge him 1:1….but him with 4 other team mates…the other 4 watch him dribble for 22 seconds of the shot clock.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    T. Holliday,

    I knew it, you are a troll.
    Guess what? your team never won anything in life, even if you pass the Lakers this series, Denver will never be better than the Lakers history of accomplishments. That’s why the Lakers is probably the most hated team in basketball. Because the losers hate to see winners win.

    Why don’t you leave your mediocrity to yourself bro and go chat with that who_re of Eagle county.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Its the Playoffs son. Nothing is for certain.

  • gugy

    Lakers will get a win in the next two games in Denver. They will adjust and get better. This has been the way this playoff season is working out for our team.
    Just remember last year when we somewhat cruised through the playoffs and how Boston struggle to get to the finals.

    Adversity builds character. So maybe that’s what is happening this time for the Lakers.

  • kobe8

    I thought this was a Laker fan forum. We don’t wanna see some haters from other teams posting here. So, if you ain’t a Laker fan get the f*ck outta here you f@g.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    Thank u Kobe* for speaking the TRUTH and I dont mean Paul Pierce

  • kobe8

    I’m sick and tired of these fans who support loser teams coming here and talk s*it after we lose a game but don’t show up when we win. until your team does better than what this Laker team is doing, i think you should just SHUT THE F*CK UP.

  • T. Holliday

    wow Kobe8 a bit sensitive…sorry you can’t handle a friendly, respectful debate between sports fans…..I saw lots of Laker postings in the Denver media after game 1…haven’t seen much after game 2 so, yeah, I though I’d check on the Laker Fan forum for a little LA education…

    So, far nothing really surprises me with the postings…you got some complainers about refs, playing time, Zen coaching…and you got some optimistic fans believing in Lakers splitting in Denver and going on to win….

    As to haters posting on this forum…heck most of the hate is coming from the Laker fan base…either hating individual team members or Phil or geezs maybe even their mothers….

    I’m not posting hate…just an opinion that Denver is the better team this year. not last year or even during the 70’s ..but right now this week…I gotta think Denver has yor lakers this year….I guess we find out tomorrow and Monday.


    [Comment ID #72391 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #72399 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lots of tough talk, cumin from some tough cookie, after only ONE of the most obvious of gifted one/last possession victory! …We shall see just how long your personal joy ride will last! …Enjoy! …for now.

  • Rob

    Quit crying Fakers fans. You know your team is lucky to win even one game at home.

  • lakeshow

    im a laker fan but until phil gets rid of guys like luke walton and sasha this team will forever be a joke and wont win another nba title sasha is suppose to be a robert horry type of player hitting 3’s but that aint happening and what about walton?? enuff said and what is wrong with gasol? why cant he play tougher?? he crumbles under pressure garnett and ray ray exposed him in last year finals and now the nuggets are doing the same thing!!

  • T. Holliday

    Thanks Grandpa-(AL)
    Tell me again how you and James Neismith came across a peach basket and invited a new game……

    Yeah – I know nothing is for certain wheather it’s playoff or regular season..and sure, playoffs are a very different beast than reg. season (I guess that’s why they play the gamne and not just hand out championship rings to random players and teams)….
    …the point I was making is..Home court does carry with it a certain advantage and as such, I believe that the Lakers will have a very hard time splitting the 2 games on the road …especially after loosing 1 at home…..Also, as we both agree nothing is certain in sports, a city in Nevada has made lots of money letting sports fans bet on games – they even do something called a point spread….sometimes point spreads change based on the location of the game and they might even call the home team a favorite to win…again there are upsets and favorites don’t always win…..and here I will repeat myself and I apologize for those that have to read it agaian…. just an opinion that Denver is the better team this year. not last year or even during the 70’s ..but right now this week…I gotta think Denver has yor lakers this year….I guess we find out tomorrow and Monday.

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    T,Holiday…How long did it take you to come up with that? Rook. Im prolly younger than you…none of the less we wont get into that type of dialogue the fact is that the Lakers play Denver tmw evening. Game 3 its plain and simple win and some one goes up 2-1. Nuff said sucka.Bye

  • T. Holliday

    Thanks AL-
    Oddly enough, I think if we were both fans of the same team we’d probably have alot to agree on……

    Hopefully, games 3 and 4 are well played by both teams (of course I want a different outcome than you) and are as exciting as games 1,2.



    The Award Winning Flick of the Year goes to… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

    “ab4sure” aka ass4sure…Takes home the Grammy as the Frontrunner who always lags behind LakersFirst and since his day to day comments, lack any real schooling, he has chosen to swim alongside his deprived buddies, in an effort to conceal the shortcomings of his Fish-Fried mind, from the rest of us who reside here in The Greatest of all nations, LakersNation!

    …Swimming in a tightwad school of foolish freakish fish, trying to get by with the only hoops education he has ever known, “Sucking Donkey Balls” through no fault of his own, even though he “Cums” with a Rebel yell, as a Phi Beta Kappa, Honorary Derriere, from the Infamous School of: …”BlowFishesRus”

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    [Comment ID #72492 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your are right my Brotha!!! They all can take it up the ASS4SURE Like they Do IN Prison sucking each other like Gay cousins in the South. Keep It up Warlock my Brotha. You are doing the Lords Work with all the Harassing. You make MY Job easier. Don’t let up now, You Here!!!

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. Reading these fake lakers fans and trolls here is just plain annoying.
    We need some news and tomorrow I am hopeful Lakers will deliver good ones.


    ^^^^Halleluiahs to all the stooges, and to all a good nite… at-at …At Night!

    Can’t help but LAUGH at this fool, all nite long… at night!


    [Comment ID #72493 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are very welcome, glad to be of service!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #72496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s probably the Boston Suckdic fans, Joseph and Hibachi. They are just bothered that their sh*t team is done and that it will be another 22 years before they are significant again.


    [Comment ID #72496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Glory! Glory! Glory! The Lord Is Good, My Brotha. Lift up Your Hands in the Air and Say Hallelujah Praise the Lord! My Warlock Brotha.

  • ilikebasketball

    to say we cost the game ourselves is to say the denver nuggets aren’t good, they are good.
    so keeping that in mind, down the stretch, what happened? miles of bad calls, and frequent, that stopped the flow of the game for each team.

    but last minute jr smith. and ariza gettign pushed down.
    it’s just disgusting.

    the refs need to not be treated like they are gods.

    they should be asked questions after the game, just like the players and coaches.
    their feet should be held to the fire, and maybe they will realize earlier that they need to retire if they are too old, or come to realize that at times they are insanely bias.
    odom is hated so ferociously and is prevented from doing anything down below.


    what could they possibly think when they see the game footage afterward and see jr smith running into the jump ball? or martin throwing gasol out of bounds?
    it’s puke inducing.


    [Comment ID #72504 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Very, very well said!

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    The NBA needs a gigantic revamp.
    Truth the matter, Stern will never do anything too radical.

    It’s time for change on the NBA. Stern, Stu Jackson plus all the upper management needs to step down and let new blood take the helm of this association.
    New ideas, transparency and accountability for the referees needs to take place in order to have a fair game. Unfortunately none of that will take place as long as David Stern and his mafia stay on power.

  • T. Holliday

    I think any fan from any team would agree…..refs make bad calls…..sometimes it helps your team….sometimes it hurts…..and when your team’s easier to look back at the bad calls… calls balance out within a game or series? who knows let’s hope so…as fans we want a even and fair playing field….I’m sure there are a few of my fellow nugget fans that would complain that the refs blew calls that went against us….

    Be that as it may…I totally agree with after game press conference for the zebras……and how about a little accountability for those whistle blowers


    Hey T. Holiday,

    Come back and see us, after you take your much needed long Memorial “Holiday” Weekend… Just maybe, you might be singing a different tune by then…
    …Maybe, spitting out something like; “Against the Wind” …This, as everyone knows, is never recommended!


    Hey Holiday,

    Your latest post is more like music to my ears than your earlier posts!

    Very well said, indeed!

  • T. Holliday

    Mr. Juan-
    I appreciate the fact we can at least agree on something….as to your posts…I must apologize ..I have no clue what you’re rambling on about….


    Understood T. Holliday,

    Some of my posts are aimed at a few lost fellow-supposedly Lakers fans, but since you’re not in the kitchen, then of course, you won’t need to bare the heat!

  • T. Holliday

    Mr Juan-
    Yeah, I hear ya….bandwaggoners drive me nuts….Gotta have faith, and gotta stay on the wagon even if the wheels start falling off…….I can’t claim being a bandwaggoner..because I like the lowly Orioles in baseball


    No Bandwaggoner here,

    Strictly Los Angeles, all the way to The Ships, but never WAVEring outside the ring!

  • T. Holliday

    on a side note…Good thing Lakers play at the Staple Center….I visited The Forum last week…wow, what a pit…..getting and going to bathroom there was a challenge.

  • bwins

    there’s no doubt in my mind that lakers will win at least one game in denver. after all lakers have the best road record in the season meaning they know somewhat what it takes to win on the road. i still pick lakers 6.

  • i have a question,
    why DON’T we get the ball to pau? i’m worried he’s getting exasperated with our inability to get the ball down low where we have a good chance of getting a high percentage shot with our spanish treasure.
    is it because denver’s defense is denying pau and our other big guys the ball? i’m pretty sure we have something in our playbooks to get the ball down low. i don’t want us settling for drive and dishes, long range low percentage shots, and in the process, frustrate and disconnect ourselves and our team away from pau.
    let it be noted that pau is slowly but surely showing his frustration with the losses and the team…

  • i don’t want to make it seem like we should spoil pau and get him everything he wants. i’m just saying the days of having kobe give us 81 points and a 30point scoring average is (fortunately) over.
    let’s keep the ball moving, let’s settle for good shots, and let’s get ourselves in the flow!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Lakers is winning tonight.
    My Crystal ball tells me.

    Mark my words. We will talk later.

  • LinZi

    Keep up the good work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add “send to email” tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.