A loss is a loss, its how you lose that determines who you are!

O.C. Register: The Lakers were back.

Not to Orlando after last visiting in June. Not from 10 down in the fourth quarter.

They were back to being competitors, and that’s why their loss Sunday to the Magic will stand as a victory in the long run.

The masters of the obvious will call this a low point, the team’s first three-game skid with Pau Gasol. The real truth is that the Lakers laid out there: high-intensity effort, same as they brought last spring when they were good enough to be NBA champions while losing lost five out of 11 postseason road games.

It’s that difficult to win on the road against focused, good teams, so no shame in not quite pulling it out Sunday.

The Magic showed up playing well, riding a four-game winning streak, and motivated after countless days spent sitting in the treatment room at their training facility, where there hangs a photo of Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelsondejectedly watching the Lakers celebrate the championship on Orlando’s home floor.

“That was just a battle,” Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy said. “That was much more a battle than a basketball game. It was extremely physical, both teams fought extremely hard the entire way.”

As usual in their post-title season, the Lakers ran into a team that fundamentally wanted it more. For a change, the Lakers played like they wanted it, too.

“I saw what I wanted to see,” Kobe Bryant said afterward. “If we play with this kind of effort, it’s going to be hard for a team to beat us four games in a series.”

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  • keepon_keepinon18

    I kind of felt like this is how the Lakers have been since Christmas: they brought their energy to the top games and didn’t try as hard on the easy games. These tough road games, however, ended up in missed FTs, the other team getting hot, or missed game winners.
    It all looks to me like the LA offense needs to be better. I, for one, suggest (finally going to not deny it) Drew goes to the bench and Lamar starts. It would work much better.

  • https://openid.aol.com/opaque/4bdde368-2b97-11df-8b9f-000bcdcb5194 onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    This lose is real. Pau finally got pissed hopefuly he stays with that fire in the belly.
    Lamar needs to get fired up. Bynum should just be a bench player still to unexperinced and not productive.
    Ron hit open shots and make lay ups.
    Fisher play mad d and hit 3 s.
    We can win a back to back but some guys need to step up.
    Mitch not getting Finley was stupid Boston got him.
    MITCH we need some fire power.And dont go get Brian
    whats his face he sucked thats why we traded him.

  • trippleocho

    I liked the energy they had on Sunday, too bad we missed some easy shots but they showed some heart in that game. Hopefully they can play like this the rest of the way.

  • lakerman1

    The last few Championships have been one & done. Confusion, blame & dissention always come to play especially with todays players/teams who seem to think they can turn it on at will. And because people have short memories they tend to forget this is the same issue we had in the Shaq era. Only time will tell if ths current squad can pull it together these last 18 games and get away from the finger pointing ( Pau Gasol ). At least Ron brings the energy & strength every game unlike some others ( Pau Gasol ). I completely hate the finger pointing. Every loss is a team loss. Tonightsgame against the Raps should be when the team re establishes the swagger and get away from the blame.