Should the Lakers sign him? Do they even have a roster spot for him? Sound-off in the comments and tell us how you think.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: Chris Webber: CWebb is not as coveted as he had hoped he’d be when he signed with the Pistons. The same labels remain for Chris, and his desire to get a multi-year deal above the NBA minimum is what’s keeping him unsigned. The Pistons would take him back under the same terms they signed him last year, but Chris’ camp still believes he can get a multi-year deal from a contender according to league sources. Dallas and Detroit seem to be the only teams with serious interest in Webber, although he believes the Lakers are a possibility too.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Hey, if he is available, i dont see a reason not to take him.

  • J-Cool

    we are gonna get Yi jianlian.
    i just heard it from people. Like most stupid people who come up with rumors say, “IM NOT AN INSIDER BUT……” F THAT!!!!!

    I would like to say,,,, IM an insider on this one!!!!!! haha.
    i heard bucks aren’t reupping with bell and they finally gave up on YI and they want a good backup pg (to replace bell), backup sg, and starting pf to move cv to starting sf, b/c most importantly they cant get Yi to come to the city of Milwakee.

    i hear farmar, kwame, evans and a next year’s 1st round pick s locked up for simmons and Yi.

    I guess bucks line up is

    Mo wiliams / Farmar
    Redd / evans
    CV / Mason
    Bogut / Gadzuric

    i heard we’ve been offering that same combo of players (kwame, evans, farmar) for numerous players but have been rejected.

    IMO, i think those players we tried to get w/ that combo were artest and camby. But we couldn’t land them.
    Who Knows??? But all i know is is that that combo landed us Yi and Simmons.
    My friend told me that Kupchack tried desperately to get a starter w/ that combo all summer long without giving up our core starters. When that couldn’t happen, he and Phil decided to make our bench more solid then ever.

    I think it has more to do with a politic push from the international side of Yi, but still, i am excited as heck with this one. Not b/c of Yi, but I’ve always wanted Simmons. Im telling you rite now, that guy is a poor man tmac.

    Found this on: … 79926.html

    This guy apprently had a source back when the Kidd deal was brewing so he seems credible.

  • J-Cool
  • fatty

    Only if he plays for the vet min. can we afford him.

    He would make us an instant contender. right lol

    But he could have a role in an improving Laker team.

    Honestly, I don’t know why he would want to come here unless we are contending for a title. It is interesting that Detroit won’t sign him. If it was between us and Dallas, I would rather Weber play here. I think the Lakers are closer to the title than Dallas. (after collapse in playoffs, Dallas is going downhill)haha

    So I vote for Weber. Go get him Mitch. Actually Kobe’s play in Vegas may draw some interest from Weber. Kobe with the right talent around him, improves Kobe.

  • LiL_K

    SIGN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J-Cool

    Sorry The Clublakers Link Was Messed Up At First … 79926.html

  • fatty

    Yi to the Lakers? He would have a friend with Sun. Interesting. Plus Simmons is just starting to come into his own. Add Weber to the mix…..

    Maybe this is why Turner got a contract.


  • fatty


    We need the shout box back to discuss this potential trade.

  • raphaelr

    hmm, do we still have the remainder of our mle? because couldn’t we offer a multi-year deal with that? plus, I don’t think he is looking for money in a contract since he has the waver from philly, so he is still payed, I think he just wants multiple years in the contract.

  • fatty

    I heard we only have 1 mil left of the MLE. He could get that with the raise each year for 2-3.

  • J-Cool

    That Right Fatty We Need To Discuss This.

  • foxxy


  • J-Cool
  • J-Cool

    Anybody Thinks That We One Of The Three Teams In The Running For Howard?


    I’d love to see cwebb on the lakers. He’d be a nice addition and get us closer to being contenders. If I was Buss i wouldnt even mind paying a small luxury tax to get him here. Unfortunatley with the front office as idiot ridden as it is, it seems hard to believe they’ll manage to draw his interest. For the record if it was between cwebb and juwan howard id take cwebb.

  • fatty


    Agree with you on all three points

    1. want Weber
    2. FO is riddled with idiots
    3. I choose weber over Howard

  • lafanfromindiana

    Why would Webber or anyone else want to come to L.A. when nobody knows what Kobe’s future is with the Lakers? Sad but true.

  • J-Cool
  • J-Cool

    Good Decision Reggie.

  • rompx

    c’mon sign him trade sasha for a draft pick

  • Michael_23

    How bout we offer him multi-year vets minimum.

    … and championship ring.

  • J-Cool

    Jermaine O’Neal, his knee surgically healed, says he feels better than he has in at least a couple of years. He’s 10 pounds lighter than last season.

    Indications are that they will keep O’Neal and see how he reacts to Jim O’Brien’s system instead of taking a trade offer they are lukewarm about

  • killo15

    i think that we should sign cwebb and pay some luxury tax. and if it’s possible try to push for jkidd. it’s hard to make the lakers better people most teams don’t want to help because they know they’ll be a dangerous team.