ESPN: Paul Pierce scored 33 points and Kevin Garnett had 22 points, 12 rebounds and six assists Sunday night to lead the Boston Celtics to a 110-91 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Boston took the lead in the first quarter and never relinquished it. Each time the Lakers threatened, the Celtics would pull away again.

Kobe Bryant scored 22 for Los Angeles, going just 6-of-25 from the floor. Lamar Odom had 14 points and 10 rebounds.

The victory in the final of two meetings between the teams this season ran Boston’s NBA-best record to 26-3 and extended its winning streak to six straight. It also ended a four-game winning streak by the Lakers, who still have won 10 of their last 13.

The Celtics prevented Lakers coach Phil Jackson from moving ahead of Boston Hall of Fame coach Ray Auerbach on the career wins ladder. Jackson remained tied with Auerbach for seventh on the all-time list with 938 victories.

Ray Allen added 19 points for Boston and Tony Allen, filling in for Rajon Rondo, had 16.

There obviously was a lot of emotion during the game — and a lot of jawing at the referees, who called seven technical fouls over the course of the game: on the Celtics’ Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen and coach Doc Rivers; and the Lakers’ Bryant, Trevor Ariza and Kwame Brown.

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    STD goes to lamar. how many layups you gonna miss fool?

  • Lakers

    Do not give up on these Lakers. They are the second youngest team in the league. Just let PJ, Fisher, and Bryant crack the whip on these young puppies. Kobe is still the best player in the league even though he played bad today. Lakers were just unlucky today notice all the missed open lay ups. All the calls going Celtics way. Kobe wasnt shut out he just didnt focus. Before the game he was joking around with Stu Lanz about the short shorts. Thats why we got crushed they were not mentally ready. So dont sweat it. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart It’ll be alright lets just do our part and do what we do best which is be the die hard Laker fans :0)

    ps: We accomplished our mission which was to win at least two of these three tough games

  • Lakerzzz

    Horrible horrible game, no one showed up, I was really looking forward for the lakers to beat up on boston to send a message, but they weren’t even close to doing that. And it seemed the officiating wasn’t that great either a lot of things went for the celts. And did anyone feel there were tooooooooo many dreadful pauses of the game like excessive tv timeouts, and sideline stuff too, which i was not feeling at all. That sideline camera also bothered me, i didn’t like that view. I really didnt think the Celts were that good, but you have to give it to them for showing up to play, but I do think paul pierce is really overrated, he’s slow,not in good shape, and would not be anything without ray allen or garnett, even though he had thirty or so, they way the lakers defense mark madsen could have gotten thirty. Maybe the lakers do need to shake things up again because they looked lost out there for pretty much the entire game. Bynum also needs to develop some post moves because if Kobe, Fish, or Farmar don’t get him the ball he’s not going to score. So I guess back to the drawing board, this was a HUGE regular season game they let slip, but we will come back strong!

  • Lakerzzz

    Also the lakers beat themselves tonight not the Celtics!!!!!

  • jack

    can anyone say lakers are a tough team now? gezz… all that blood. eh. its all good. Celtics won’t be around long I think. How can all of them be so perfect? Something has to go wrong somewhere with them. As for Lakers. the tough schedule is gone. Next three should be blowing candles. Lets get this game out of our minds now. its hard. but we still beleive in this team more than ever.

  • laker_27

    Everyone were missing easy lay-ups and having balls in-and-outs tonight. They could possibly add up to the missing 20 pts.

    maybe it was the shorts or because the missing FT’s of Fish early set the tone

  • Lakers

    btw we all know some injury gonna happen to the big 3 with there agressive play

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I do think the shorts were a big distraction to the Lakers. I’m not saying that’s what caused them to lose, but it definitely made them self-conscious. The game had a weird feeling to it all night, at least I felt something was off. Anyway, the Celtics are good, I’ll give them that, but this was NOT the Laker team we’ve seen in the last 11 games. If those Lakers had shown up tonight, it would have easily been a very close game that could have gone either way. If you notice, they hung around the 5-10 point margin for quite some time. I’m looking forward to this team regardless of a bad loss.

    PS I never really knew how much of a beast Pierce was. I guess it just goes to show how much publicity all-stars get on losing teams.

  • drake hunter

    Boston tries to play so hard and perfect and try to blow every team out all the time that its so annoying. Too bad for them Pierce, Garnett, and Allen all choke in the playoffs. Garnett doesn’t want the ball in crunch time, Allen can’t create his own shot other than running off screens, and Pierce tries to be the man in the clutch yet it was Antoine Walker making the big shots for the Celtics in the playoffs when they made it. Combine all three together and Kobe still has more playoff experience by himself. Its a long season, you win some you lose some. Even Phoenix lost to Minnesota this year and Spurs got blown out by Raptors yesterday. Detroit will still take the East so let Boston win all the games they want for now.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks all the calls were going the Celtics way early and mid to end of the third quarter. The Lakers couldn’t catch a break from the refs. So much for home court advantage. It didn’t help that they had like 20 shots go in and out ranging from lay-ups to jump shots. Kobe didn’t have a good game shooting and they couldn’t get Bynum involved early. Crittenton to me seems like a player only trying to make the highlight reels. He got a lot of playing time this game and really had no effect on it other than trying to go behind the back like 10 times. Also for a guy 6’6, he looks like a midget with his short arms, just my opinion.

    In conclusion, I think the shorts to start the game were awesome and freakin hilarious (especially on Fisher) but that was probably the reason why we started slow and in turn lost control of the game. The guys were probably a little antsy and nervous running around in their short shorts that they couldn’t really focus on the game and play the way they usually do. For a second I thought this was a game 7 of the NBA Finals the way the Lakers Organization and Telecast were making the game out to be on TV. Why can’t the Lakers win 5 in a row. I don’t know but it’s still early in the season so this was just another game. I was hoping that either Pierce, Garnett, or Allen would have sprained and ankle or something coming back into the game in the 4th up by 23 with 7 minutes left. Too bad Odom didn’t sucker punch Allen instead of pushing him down.

  • BEC

    Although there was just some bad luck for the Lakers, calls didnt go there way or quite a few shots went in and out, you have to hand it to the Celtics, they played a really good game. This is the number one defense in the NBA and they showed it. Its not going to be easy for Bynum to be effective against this team. Bynum gets his points off picks and put backs, but this team especially perkins and garnett cover the pick well and as a team they collapse well, so bynum cant really get points of picks and when it comes to put backs, Celtics rebound well so nothing there either. Bynum still has some trouble using his size, a guy like perkins he couldnt even really back him down, he has a good 3to4 in on him, he actually took a little faceup fade away jumper, which as a big man you shouldnt be doing, although he was in foul trouble this game its going to be hard for him to be effective offensively against good defensive teams with some size like the spurs. As for Kobe, he just had a bad night, a lot of his shots just went in and out, didnt take too man bad shots, just a bad night for him, a little credit to the celts for that. As for our other guys they just didnt have the energy that we are used to see from our second unit and others, they just didnt have it tonight, Celtics just did a good job on defense. Apparently were the fourth highest scoring team in the NBA, but in the end DEFENSE is what wins games and celtics have been doing that all year. As a team it just wasnt a good game, just poor execution on both ends. This team is still not on the contending level, a lot of work for these guys to be done. I like Kobes comments on how our guys have to double the work, they have to if they want to make some noise in the playoffs. Just one game though good learning experience.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    it all good the lakers r good,we won pho,utah, and lose to boston by 19 when we shot terrible from the field.bynum has been in foul trouble for the past games and will have a big game against sixers.we have easy games coming up lets go i am excited

  • BEC

    As for the shorts having some type of effect, distraction or nervous or whatever, they played better with them in the first half than they did with their regular shorts in the second. We got blown out in the second not the first. Atleast in the first we were somewhat in the game, the second half with the regular shorts was just trash.

  • Michael_23

    Bulls only needed 2 all stars, lakers 2 all stars, spurs 2 all stars, pistons 1 all star, … of course these teams had their complementary players.

    Celtics need 3 and don’t care about their payroll (went way over the luxary tax) to go for a championship. Celtics are good, yes, and they have the best record and may even go all the way. But man, if I were someone on that team I’d be thinking that we’re getting this title easy. And I don’t think I’d appreciate it too much. These guys carried their franchise team before and when I think about it, they just gave up and decided to cheat by coming to Boston. You think Eddie House would go to Boston if the big 3 did not land there? James Posey? Scott Pollard? I don’t think so ….


    DON’T GIVE ON THE LAKERS!They’ll develope as they go on into the season,even I’ve been critical of their efforts and Kobe ramblings but this team is a LOOOOOOTTTT better than last year’s or any Laker team since Shaq’s departure.The Celtics are basically an All Star team with Garnett,Pierce and Allen,plus J.Posey won a title in Miami so it’s not going to be easy against a team like that.I’ve been CRYING for months for LA to make a trade for Artest or JO(without giving up Bynum or LO or JF{Farmar}).THE PACK RULEZ!!!