One report claims Lakers have been shopping Farmar and even made a deal to Houston; who turned it down.

O.C. Register: One such move could involve Jordan Farmar. The Lakers are rumored to be shopping the back-up point guard and their first-round pick and reportedly contacted Houston about dealing. The Rockets turned down the deal.

  • JC

    I think we should keep Farmar.


    Farmar was supposed to be our future starting point and I was alright with it. HE just doesn’t have the defense that we need to cover a player like Deron Williams or Mo Williams. Once Shannon completely adapts to the Triangle he will be taking most of Farmar’s and Fisher’s time since he’s fast, athletic and has the defensive mind-set we need.

    I wouldn’t mind a trade for Farmar but only if we a guaranteed to see Sun Yue in the next couple years for 10-15 mins a game. This is highly doubtful and I don’t think he will ever have a NBA career, but you never know. I think he’s got a lot of potential and I’ve seen what he can do and would fit as a back up PG for the Lakers.

    Farmar might be dealt of for a random throw-in or some unrestricted expring contracts. I was thinking that Turiaf could come back and Farmar could be put into that deal. Either way, no major changes will be done. We will resign Shannon, Odom, and Ariza and maybe a expring contract trade from another team to free room for next season but anything could happen.

  • gerrard

    well i think we should trade him if we get a player like devin harris

  • barcalakerfan4life

    maybe if they had include sasha vujabrick and puke then they would of got the trade done and not declined.

  • lainok

    right now shannon is the most productive. but I don’t think that means he’s the future. Jordan has to keep growing up, but I think he has a better feel for the game, and how to run an offense, as opposed to Shannon who is more physically gifted. A smarter PG will always win out over the most physically skilled. CP3 is probably never going to win a ring, nor will Iverson. But Fish has four already. And he is nowhere near as physically talented, but he understands the flows of the game better. Which is why I think we need to keep farmar.

  • WifelovesLuke

    ” barcalakerfan4life
    Jun 25th, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    maybe if they had include sasha vujabrick and puke then they would of got the trade done and not declined.”

    Please provide ANY evidence as to why Luke should be traded. Anything besides “he sucks”. Something logical besides “he got no game” or “he can’t shoot”. Show a little bit of basketball IQ as opposed to hate. Understand the value of “role” players on championship teams so you don’t make yourself look more lame that you already have.

    Now Sasha…..that’s a different story.

  • LakersQueen

    I think we should keep Farmar. He might be small but he’s faster then Brown on the court. Yeah- Brown is a little more phyiscally built then Farmar but Farmar knows the plays a lot more. He’s a great assit. to the team and can get things done when he needs to. Plus Farmar still has 1 more year left on his contract just like Fisher. I would love to see Farmar take over for Fisher when he retires.

  • Edward

    We need farmar to mix things up. Farmar is more of a push the tempo point guard where shannon can look to score. Either way they are completely different point guards and both bring something that we need. Shannon can look to become a point guard like Fisher… he has a consistent shot, can take it to the rim when needed, and plays body up D, which is good against derron williams, or baron davis. Farmar is needed because body up D doesn’t work on quick point guards like tony parker, or cp3. Why didn’t shannon play in the finals? That’s because Farmar’s speed was needed to counter rafer and jameer’s pick and roll. He could get around the screens. I think both of these point guards are a combo to be feared, as they can do everything. Don’t forget Farmar is athletic as heck, he’s just not the strong type.

  • Kb24sdbest

    i agree. we shoud keep him. I think we should give him another chance. I saw some growth in him. Why don’t they trade Sasha instead. I’m sick of Sasha. He’s one dimensional player who is so erratic, inconsistent, has an attitude, and immature.

  • kaynam24

    farmar for harris or kirk hinrich include sasha too

  • willow

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    Hahaha! It’s always funny how some people want other teams to take out your garbage…coz I know I wouldn’t take theirs. Hilarious!

  • willow

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    Good point. Jordan’s more of a true PG than Shannon…who’s more of a natural 2.

  • willow

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    You should also consider Chris Bosh for Dj Mbenga and Josh Powell.

    Maybe even Brandon Roy for Sasha, Farmar, and Sun Yue.

  • Big Phil

    Why would we even consider trading Luke? He has such quickness, is a lock down defender, he rarely turns the ball over, he is a knock down 3-point shooter, and he’s got those FABULOUS post moves!

  • Big Dick Nick

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    Luke is the real MVP of the Lakers and the league. The boy needs to make 100 mil a year. You can put 4 scrubs next to him and he would average 100 points a game. In his spare time we can elect him president also and he can save the world Obama is destroying…

  • sam

    i think we should change kobe to point ariza at shooting odom at small pau at center andbynum at power

  • Fred A.

    The lakers should be shopping Luke and Adam!!!!!!

  • K20

    we should trade him for ricky rubio!!!!

  • willow

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    I’d trade Sasha Vujadick for Ricky Martin.

    “Here we go, Livin’ La Vida Loca”!!!