ESPN: The final seconds ticked down and Michael Jordan slowly rose from his seat. He waited until the final buzzer and then briefly clapped.

Jordan showed little emotion after the Charlotte Bobcats won their first game in three tries since he agreed to buy the team. And why not? Beating the Los Angeles Lakers has become routine for this franchise.


No matter the personnel, coach or even the impending owner, the Bobcats own the defending champions. The combination of Stephen Jackson (21 points) and Gerald Wallace (17 points, 10 rebounds) overcame 26 points from Kobe Bryant on Friday night in Charlotte’s 98-83 victory.

“I really don’t know,” Wallace replied when asked to explain Charlotte’s seven wins in the past nine meetings. “You can say that about them and you can say that about Cleveland.”

Indeed, the Bobcats are 3-1 against the NBA-best Cavaliers this season. Oh, and they’ve lost twice to the six-win New Jersey Nets. It’s why they’re still a game behind Miami for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

“Those top teams bring out the best and they bring out big crowds,” Wallace said. “Come to a New Jersey game and we probably have 500 people.”

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  • mystified

    those damn refs

    • asdfghjkl

      Stop blaming the refs. Our big men suck.

      • hkjg

        what big men?

        • CB4 or NOAH

          what a shame a team does have a twin tower! OH! I forget twin tower doesn’t exist anymore! 911 lakers 911….

      • MASMIK

        we lose a couple of games and all of a sudden our big men suck…. it was just a couple of bad games. everyone needs to calm down

        • Al

          Our coach sucks.

  • mystified

    it has to be the refs fault pau is the most skilled big in the world bynum is a franchise center lamar is has the most versitilaty and everybody knows kobe is the best player to ever play to in the history of the game

  • Dazerlokote!

    the lakers seem out of it.How come kobe cant play defense he plays his man like hes just going to miss because kobes guarding him..Defense is the key Ron can play perfect defense on his man but if your going to make every other player on the team an allstar then get used to losing. Go Lakers! Defense!

  • Robert

    The Lakers have battled through a tough year of injuries, not to mention the Finals last year, and still have almost the best record. It’s clear that they’re a bit worn, and so may need to really take it easy and save their push for the playoffs.
    Winning the Championship takes its toll, which is why it is hard to do it 2 years in a row. This is why the Spurs would win it every other year, and now their team has fallen apart. Expect another couple of championships from the Lakers. Hopefully this year, and most likely at least one other, with this team.
    But, if they make great offseason moves, then I would say maybe 3 out of the next 5-6 years.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    ive been noticing the last month or so that the refs are tough on pau…just because he is soft doesnt mean he isnt getting fouled! like pau getting hacked on the arm during that offensive rebound and dunk attempt toward the end of the miami game…..with that being said, the lakers attitude needs to change big time. if this is the momentum the lakers are going to go into the playoffs with, we are in for a struggle. while i still believe we can get out of the west, we will not be cleveland or boston in the finals with the attitude they have now.

    • CB4 or NOAH

      blame mitch he should have traded pau for bosh n bynum for noah….soft and baby for muscle n hustle….

      • Marwan Marzina

        Sure, that would’ve solved ALL of our problems. Some trades here and there and we are all fine. While we’re there, do you want to get Kwame back? Because trades DO fix all of our problems.

  • Mr Terrific

    Bench Fisher. Bench Bynum. Problem solved.

    • Al

      Bench Fisher. Give Bynum more touches.

  • berkyberks

    time for a change! bigman goes kobe stay, kobe goes bigman stay…I’ll be on the team wherever kobe goes he maybe the last thing I’ll be watching in basketball.

  • asg

    From day one the league has hated on our lakers. there is something wrong with the picture. idk if it is the refs or the league officals. But we get no respect at all.

    I’ve been preaching that change has to be made. fisher and bynum to the bench. or jus bynum. Gasol will show up, idk about bynum, it seems as if he cares more about numbers, particulary points. He’s our center but he is not a center. even turiaff can blk more shots than bynum. so phil bring bynum off the bench or our season is over. Gasol and lamar work best. other teams have figured out our strategy. if theres no trade at least make some tweaks. i still have faith in PAU.

    Speed is another factor. we are to slow with the so called twin tower. Screw that we need the line-up that won the ring for us.


    2nd unit

  • asg

    i would like to see the cavs play in the west and then talk about the record. Every team plays their conference 4x and other conference 2x. i would like to see the Cavs play each western team 4x in a season. and then see their record and the health of lebron.

    • Marwan Marzina

      You’re right. You know right now, Thunder being at #6 in the west, in the east they could challenge the Hawks for the #4 seed. Im not kidding here. Its true thats how easy it is.

      • berkyberks

        yah but it won’t happen so embrace it! but the lakers loss to the teams that is fighting for the 8th seed in the east.. what a shame!

  • Kobe8/24

    Wake me up when it’s the playoffs. Some dudes look like they don’t wanna play out there.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    A pathetic performance.
    Careless turnovers, airballs, shots off the side of the board, no rebounding, lousy freethrowing, no D, no hustle, no passion. Looks like we can forget about passing the Cavs for best record. We had better snap out of this funk come playoff time or it will be a quick exit.

    Luke isn’t the only one making me puke lately.

  • MIchael

    What’s with all these so-called laker fans on this blog making retarded comments like “mitch should of traded pau for bosh and bynum for noah” or references to the lakers and 9/11. First off, that’s just disrespectful and second, how are those trades even possible or relevant right now? Please please please refrain yourselves from commenting if you don’t know what your talking about. I wish there was a filter button called “gibberish” so people can be spared from reading this nonsense. If you are going to criticize at least do it like Luke make me Puke. You can express your frustration and at the same time sound like you know what your talking about.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    Orlando is licking its chops,this could get ugly.

  • drive-for-16th

    we need to forget this loss and put it in the past and move the fuk on, and try to deal with a 3 game losing streak now, SUNDAY GAME IS A MUST WIN OR ELSE WERE FUKED. We dont want the west teams getting closer to our record even more. The lakers have been critisized the most the past 2 years since the team became elite again cause no one wants us to win like we always do like the media and shit, they just wanna see lebron or someone like the nuggets win, we need to keep our shit together and we cant get frustrated and all the team needs to do is just go out and play cause thats way we need to send our messege that we run this shit and hate us or love us we will win the ring, thats the mentality we need not the crap thats bin put out lately cause all were doing is giving media fresh things to critisize us on, espn already started sayin that the lakers are overrated. Kobe said itin the post game that hes gonna talk to the team in a pissed off tone to ask everyone that do u want to defend our title or not. and i think i trust him /that he will get the team in chek and we will prove the doubters wrong again.

  • Pastorius

    Kobe Is A Goner – Jerry Buss Is Preparing To Go All In One Last Time:

    • daboss1848

      nonsensical, but cute.

      • LC09

        lmao pastorius one word retard… wow y da f uk wud we trade kobe man… ohh jus kill yo self for that sh it

  • Popcorn

    The Lakers have bad habits that’s all. Unfortunately Pau and Bynum get a bit lazy and at times they look as if they don’t know their defense assignments, Bynum specially suffers from the 2 problems he is lazy and gets loss out there. Then he ends with stupid fouls. I like Gasol and Bynum but their weakness is the hustle play, the lack of heart you know?… Gasol is a very good player but I always seen that he needs to go strong to the hole; with that size and length he should have no problem. Attack the basket with dunks because how many times has everyone here seen Gasol go for layups and even when he gets slapped across his arms or body the refs don’t call the foul?… In other words he needs to man up and get physical at least he will either dunk, get blocked or the refs will have to call the foul. He faces up his defender and a lot of times either shoot a jumper or do the spin hook shot that he does good but not every night those shots are there for him and that is when he needs to just say I have to attack the ring. I’m not saying he needs to become D Howard out there but make the effort of attacking the ring for dunks because he normally don’t get the calls; and that way the refs will have a bit more pressure of making the call. Bynum needs to become the team’s #1 rebounder and shot blocker his points will be there all he needs to do is focus on those 2 areas and stop being fucking lazy and run the court, another area where he needs to change his game a bit is when he gets the ball in the paint instead of start bouncing the ball in there wasting time and possessions for different plays to develop; he needs to either make his move to the basket or even just pass the ball if the play is not there for him. The Lakers can play the best basketball in the world but our lack of passion or call it discipline, heart, physical game is just not there consistently. It’s not out forte but they are capable and they need to start to step it up.
    The whole team needs to follow Artest. The WHOLE team needs to get Artest’s mentality and approach to the game. The playoffs are almost here and they need to turn it up and make it happen sooner than later.
    I agree that by moving Odom to the starting line up and Bynum to the bench the team will be more dynamic.
    Lakers is time to play championship level basketball.
    We all know you guys can is a matter of making it a habit.

  • Jim

    This is absolutely the WORST game I’ve seen the Lakers play since they got Pau. This turnover thing is getting ridiculous. Seriously, I never felt that we had a chance to win this game after the first quarter.

    Just an observation, but I think Kobe might be coming down on his teammates a little too hard. When you’re playing with the greatest player in the game, it can cause you to be tense and tight and always worried that if you make a mistake, you’re gonna get chewed out. That didn’t exist in the 3 games that Kobe was out with the sprained ankle. They were loose, running the offense and seemed to lift each other up whenever they got the chance.

    In the last couple of games, I’ve seen Kobe show looks of frustration when guys make turnovers and then when he turns it over, nobody says a thing. It’s like he’s beyond reproach.

    The mental aspect of the game of basketball is huge, if you feel that your team mates are not behind you through thick and thin, your gonna be pressing when you get in the game and you’re inevitably not gonna play well. Sasha is a perfect example of this, his head is so screwed up these days, he’ll probably never play like he did 2 years ago for the balance of his career.

    I appreciate Kobe’s leadership, but I would like to see a little more positive reinforcement. I think it would produce better results, and even draw them out of this funk that they’ve been in for the last couple of games.

    • daboss1848

      We dont say these things here at The Kobe Nation!!!

      • Jim

        No disrespect to Kobe, he’s still the man. I’m just keepin’ it real.

        • daboss1848

          As I said, “keepin it real” here at The Kobe Nation, requires assignment and assessment of trouble to fall elsewhere. Keep your comments limited to Pau, Bynum, Fish, Luke, Farmar, etc.

  • papachango

    hey did you guys see farmar get torched out there!
    the guy is not going to get any better!

    • Jordan Farmar

      That’s why they didn’t put an option on my contract!

  • Robert

    Phil is a ‘playoff’ coach. It will all be fine once the season is over. Until then, it could ‘suck’ for a few games (like this one). I still think Kobe needs to look at the 4 games in which his team won without him, and see how he can make the best of it with him IN the game. They were doing something right, then. He needs to have them work ‘with’ him.

  • dEDGE

    The proverbial switch wasn’t in the off position last night.
    It was as if the Lakers were stumbling in the dark just trying to find the damn thing…

  • Laker4 Life

    If the Lakers don’t start playing defense they are gone have their first 3 game losing streak since pau was traded to the lakers. The problem is the big man. Both Pau and Bynum are lazy and they let their opponent score easy points in the basket. if I were Phil I would bench Bynum and make Odom a starter. The lakers right now are playing like the New Jersey Nets. No defense and no offense. Maybe Mitch should have thought of making a trade in February to make changes and make the team better.

  • Kobe8/24

    The team is fine. We don’t need any trades, Bynum should go to the bench and Lamar should start. Pau CANNOT play with Bynum in there.

  • Pastorius

    LC09 asked: wow y da f uk wud we trade kobe man…

    I respond: Because he’s getting old, and Lebron is young. Lebron is, at this point, more consistent. True, he has not won any Championships yet, but neither had Shaq when he arrived here.

    Do you remember Shaq arriving here to play with the Lakers? Did you have any doubt the Lakers were set to win Championships when Shaq arrived?

    I did not. I knew what was going to happen.

    I predicted Shaq showing up in Laker gear two years before he did.

    Now, I’m predicting Kobe will be gone and Lebron will be here.

    You can laugh, but you say nothing to refute my argument.

    Why do you think Buss is not working on an extension with Kobe? Why is he risking losing the amazing up-and-coming talent of Shannon Brown?