According to the New York Daily News, the Lakers may be shifting their focus from Dwight Howard to an all-star point guard:

Don’t be surprised if the Lakers shift their sights from Dwight Howard to Chris Paul or Deron Williams. New coach Mike Brown is expected to ditch Phil Jackson’s triangle offense and there’s some sentiment within the organization to find a star play maker who can turn the corner

With an aging Derek Fisher, and a disappointing season from Steve Blake, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that finding a starting point guard has to be one of the Lakers top priorities.

Chris Paul is due to make 16.4 million dollars in the 2011-12 season and has a player option in 12-13. That puts the Hornets in the same situation the Orlando Magic are in, possibly willing to trade their superstar before that player leaves the team for nothing.

Deron Williams is also due to make 16.4 million this up coming season, and has a player option in 12-13. However, after recently trading with the Utah Jazz to acquire Williams, the Nets are probably more likely to do whatever possible to hold on to Williams and entice him to stay and sign a long-term contract.

Who would you rather have Chris Paul/Deron Williams, or Dwight Howard? Vote Below!

Where should the Lakers focus be this Off-season?

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  • Blueharvest1194

    First, bitches

  • @TBullock23

    with how the game is played today a PG is very important. Ask Chicago. Not to mention we have a young Andrew Bynum is is entering a summer healthy for the first time that I can remember since starting playing significant minutes. Lakers get a start point guard and watch out..

    • gasoft

      and you call someone that has to wear a kneebrace helathy?
      get real bro
      bynum is a step away to another season ending injury
      we need to ship his ass ASAP

  • leana rae

    but it would be better if they get howard and paul to join the laker team

  • Showtim

    This is a tough vote since we don’t know the offensive plan we’ll be running, I do know I’d LOVE to see Fish stick around in a backup role and bring in Chris Paul.  I don’t care for Deron Williams….

    • Marquezchris19

      i totally agree wat about kevin love hes gotten tons od double doubles this season for the timberwolves wat about him??

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather take D-Will over CP3. He’s a better 3 point shooter, he’s bigger which allow him to post up smaller PG’s but that doesn’t take away from his defense which is also better than CP3’s IMO. If there’s no way we could get either, I would really like to see Steph Curry deal.

    Imagine though somehow trading Bynum for Dwight and Gasol for DWill :P Bottom line though is we need to do something, people talking about keeping the core and not trading any big names but I really really don’t think that’s an option. Especially since we’re bringing in a new head coach and also a new offense, I just don’t think our current lineup will be as good outside of the triangle. We need someone young who is a proven star. Gasol is neither, he was hardly a star in Memphis and I still think Kobe made him what he is. How many times did you hear “most skilled big man” in reference to Pau when he was in Memphis? Zero, that’s how many. With Kobe aging Pau looks worse and worse.

    Bringing in young star power can give Kobe the opportunity to play more of a backseat role, no doubt this is Kobe’s team and will be his team until he retires but if he can play more from the post and set things up it’ll not only keep him fresh all season but honestly if he played more that kind of role I could see him being a huge contribution at least for 5 more years on the court.

    • 0ne

      i call bullshit, cp3 shot 38% from 3 last season d will? 27%… ouch

      • Anonymous

        You should look more into it before calling bullshit. He only played 12 games with NJ last year that 27% counted for and career averages are almost identical. I just give an edge to DW in the category based off watching them both play. It’s just my preference, obviously.

        They’re actually almost identical in stats for every category, but DWill is bigger and IMO a better defensive player and 3 point shooter, like I said. But yea, if you have to run to google in a retort at least be thorough to avoid looking like a moron….ouch.

        • Anonymous

          CP3 is a WAY better defensive player than Deron, watch a game moron 

          • Anonymous

            Uh, how so? CP3 better at jumping lanes and getting steals but Deron can literally guard any PG in the league and even some SG. He’s better at guarding in the post but is still fast enough to defend the fastest players. I’d rather have Deron than CP3…You just saying “NO CP3 IS BETTER DEFENSE” doesn’t prove anything other than an opinion, “moron”.

          • CRodriguez

            thats what happens when people just look at stats. he saw the steals and immediately thought oh he must be better at defense.

          • Anonymous

            Not exactly dude I keep up with the NBA and watch games.


    We need to ship out Pau and get Dwight….And I love Fish but he’s run his course…It’s time for him to fall back and play back up to CP3…we need some vets on the bench.

  • edy

    man its a really hard to decide on paul and william there both great pg,but we do need a quick skilled pg guard to play for the lakers,we can weight until dwight howards available next year to sign him when he is a free agent , and that way we can decide to keep bynum or either trade him for an all star pf

  • Rfmoldaner

    Sorry, guys.  Hard cap will mean no CP3, DWill OR Dwight for the Lakers.  Lakers are so over payrolled its ridiculous.  Where do you start cutting when your payroll is $90 million, and the HARD CAP will probably be less than $60M?  HARD CAP means no trade exceptions, no Bird rules, no luxury tax payments, no spending to keep your own guy.  It means: you’ve got $60 million, spend it wisely.

  • Anonymous

    Point guard is the most overrated position in sports. Don’t believe me? Name the last team to win a championship that best player was also its PG. By my count you have to go back to the 90 Pistons. Tony Parker and Billups both won finals MVP but honestly neither of them were the best player on either of their respective teams.

    Big men rule the NBA I would take the best Big man in the league any day over the best Point Guard. If you think Im wrong look at the success of Howard vs. CP or D-Will. Dwight has dragged a team to the finals with very limited talent around him, meanwhile D-Will, and CP3 have been unable to do the same.

    • James Robinson II

      detroit pistons chauncey

    • Anonymous

      Are you forgetting we have Kobe Bryant on our team, plus if this trade happened it’d be with Gasol and we’d be keeping Bynum and moving Lamar to the 4…we’re still going to be big.
      CP3 / KB24 / Artest / Odom / Bynum

  • Tdoom15

    It all depends on who we’d have to give up. I dont think trading big for small is the greatest idea. That being said, i could see Pau for CP3 working out. Imagine how many easy buckets Paul would create for everyone on the team, espexially Bynum and Odom. We do need another legit playmaker, and Gasol isnt that, but he also isnt as bad as he portrayed in this years playoffs, unfortunately inconsistantcy is what you get with Gasol. Two out of 3 championships isnt bad, but it’s also less than we’re capable of.

    Bynum for Howard, now there is a trade that makes sense all around in my opinion. While Bynum has the potential, Dwight is already there and much less injury prone, I just don’t see this as a bad thing.

    Someone brought up Pau for Paul, and Bynum for about your dream scenario. That is a team that can do it all, however the likelyhood of this happening is slim to none.

  • E_sempai_i

    The hardest part is who the Lakers would give up in such a trade. Dr. Buss’s kids want to keep Bynum for as long as they can which I find absolutely puzzled. Pau Gasol ran out of gas in the playoffs and his value does take a hit. With Deron Williams and CP3 and like Dwight Howard, they absolutely make too much money for the Lakers to make a decent trade. Very difficult these rumors are to be made. If I were the Lakers, definitely make some moves though since Lakers got like 4 second round picks coming. Why keep those 4 second round picks? Luke Walton has been riding that metal cushioned chair for a while since the welcome of Matt Barnes. Shannon Brown showed no athletic ability after the leaving of Sasha Vujacic. Fisher is still probably staying since he wanted to come back to LA to help his daughter’s eye cancer since he said LA has the better care and treatment for her. (Wonder how the daughter is doing?) Throughout my years of being a Laker fan, I have always watched the opposition use the Pick and Roll offense and Lakers would be a little slow to recover. I think its best for the Lakers to trade small, get cash, and get a few players on a one year contract from the Free Agent market. Plus Theo Rattlif and Joe Smith are off the roster right?? Still though I would be really surprised by the Lakers to make a deal to get two quality players and get someone from Free Agency . CP3 and David West, Dwight Howard Quinton Richardson and or Brandon Bass, Deron Williams and.. (oh yea I forgot Nets Freaking Suck.. What bring back Farmar and Sasha) Anyways to end this comment, this is still Kobe Bryant’s team not Kupcake Kupchak or Dr. Buss’s kids. Kobe needs to voice out and sit and talk with them about how to build the team with Mike Brown as coach.

    • lakerstillidie

      are you insane? this is not a KOBE BRYANT team, yes he is the star player but he doesnt have the voice to speak out on what the front office have to do. LAKERS are still the team to beat next season(if there is a game next season), they just need a point guard that can makes the play for them. And make it easy for Kobe and the big men to score. Leave the rebuilding of the team to our GM. i know he can make the right decision

  • E_sempai_i

    Yet it is interesting to see the Lakers give up Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, and Steve Blake in a three way deal. I like playing around on ESPN NBA Trade Machine a lot. If the Lakers are up to this trade, I sent those four players away to get Dwight Howard, CP3, Trevor Ariza and Brandon Bass. With that trade proposal it has the Lakers increasing their win total to 18 more wins than last year.

  • Odeck_unlimited

    Hi,yes they need a good point guard atleast,but for me they can trade Bynum for Howard.they can still trade some good point guard somewhere there.or Gasol for Love and first round pick(point guard) for lakers side.Brown and Walton for Carl landry.Another option still good Gasol,Howard and Bryant.And trade Brown for Felton or Augustin or Barea.only my opinion,tnx

  • Anonymous

    I am shocked by the poll results. The Lakers have built the NBA’s perpetual powerhouse foundation by pursuing and grabbing the most dominating center of every era. Chris Paul is great, but I dunno.

  • laffsatu

    lets hope they do a big move and leave kobe out of the decision so he can get all butt-hurt like seems to always do.thats why people like lebron more he knows how to smile. 

    • Anonymous

      what a strange little thing you are.learn to speak and type before trying to do it,how likes lebron?? let’s see your hands?

  • Eddiefernandez1181

    The league is no longer dominated by big men. I mean the lakers have done well showing otherwise, but Dallas just won the finals with barera and Jason kid as the point guard with one dominate defensive force in the middle. The lakers need a speedy guard who could create for kobe and at least one of the big men that we have already. Unless the lakers don’t have to give up two of the three big men we have to aquire a super star pg then the lakers will draft a guard or send some picks away for a lesser guard. If we can get a mike conely type player then we won’t need to give up anyone of value and keep are same team. But we desperately need an defensive 3 specialist who can hit the open jumper and create a little off the dribble and we need a speedy point guard the most who can create get steals and hit the open three. Other than that we are fine.

  • Chrmngblly

    Did Bynum have that new stem cell treatment for his knee last year?  Who else knows about this?  I think we ought to give some to Kobe, too.  I like Bynum, but if Howard can be got, grab him.

  • Jayr_dayao

    Bynum + filler for Dwight then Pau + fillers for Paul

    we have a new big 3 of Dwight, Kobe, and Paul

    • lakerstillidie

      dont be just like miami, and i think that will never happen

  • Roly L Tan

    Bynum + Artest in exchange for CP3

    • LizzakeShizzow

      Sorry Jimmy Buss isn’t giving up Drew “Golden Child” Bynum. 

  • In Flames

    Bynum will develop nicely next season. We should get rid of Gasoft first.. trading with CP3 would make sense now. Odom can fill Gasoft’s place, we can get someone like Landry from free agency as backup. He’d want to come too with CP3’s arrival.. and we can look at our chances at the end of the season for Dwight.. Bynum’s stock will increase with Gasol being out of the team, he’ll get more ball.. with CP3 on the team.. who knows we might make head on trade Bynum Dwight that time.. Magic would want him instead of nothing.

    • mcado

      Sir John – Bynum will not develop next season – its been 5 years now – what we see is what we got.   A 7″0 Center that has moments of greatness, but will always be on the injury list.
      The older a player get’s the more prone to injury they are.

      Trade Odom now because he has a better trade value.
      If possible Trade Bynum now while we still can before he gets another knee injury.

      Under a new coach Bynum may develop better than in Jackson system but it still a big risk knowing that he does get injured easily.

  • Mr Laker19

    I would rather have Howard. How many good PGs are in the league? Plenty. Paul, Rose, D Will, Westbrook, Rondo etc. How many great Centers in the league?? HOWARD, thats the list. Bynum has potential but he is too injury prone to depend on. If we Keep Pau and Kobe and get Howard we are in good shape. We do need to add a PG though. One that can consistently make open shots.

    • mcado

      Bynum needs to go. Why? 5 Years – No complete seasons and he’s making over $15million.
      3 Knee operations and he’s making over $15 million. He’s making Howard money.

      You make a valid point but consider this.
      This is the “Year of the PG” not the Center.
      The reason why the league has very few centers makes this point very clear.
      Even though Howard would be a great pickup – he may not be the right pickup.
      With Bryant you only have a 2 year window. So, you have to ask yourself is Howard the type of Leader that will keep the Lakers competitive? The simple answer is NO. 

      CP3, Williams and other PG maybe a better fit now improve your future outlook.   Howard does not move well without the ball – he’s  gotten better but still has a ways to go.  We saw it this year in the conf. finals with Orlando – Howard got a lot of points but no one else was able to get their offensive going because it slow the game down so much that their rhythm players could not hit shots.  Why? Because Howard doesn’t move well without the ball he can’t create his own shot. (Dunking is not included in this comment)

      With that being said – what did we learn from the Lakers exit? The Lakers did not have  enough ball movement, the tempo got to them, no PG play, no speed, no one could get their own shot except Kobe.

      The Lakers need a really good PG.
      The Lakers need youth.
      The Lakers need to get rid of Luke Walton at $5.6 million.
      The Lakers need to get rid of Fisher at $3.5 million.
      The Lakers need to move  away from the Bynum experiment.

      If the Lakers need to keep Bynum then we have to trade Odom.

      The Lakers spend  $24 million more than the Heat.  But the Heat has on paper a better roster.   It may be time to get rid of Mitch.  The team that everyone needs to prepare for is the Heat and Thunders – young teams with great, i said great talent.

      The Lakers needs are to many to address in one season.  So I say let’s help Kobe get 2 more rings.   Upgrade the PG and Small forward positions now. 

      • Mr Laker19

        I hear you. I would still be fine if we kinda kept our core of Kobe, Pau, Odom, and Bynum and upgraded at PG. But i come from the school of thought that says when you have a chance to get at HALL OF FAME player, you take it. So Bynum and Odom become expendable. But if we went in the direction of PG i couldnt argue at all with it. We have to upgrade there regardless

  • SamV

    lol ya like the lakers are gonna be able to afford  CP3…NOT.  They would have to trade away so much to get him or NO would have to take crappy players for him.  I don’t see the lakers being able to make that kind of an upgrade to their roster unless they give up a key core piece:  gasol, odom, or bynum.

  • Arty

    I would give up Gasol in a heartbeat to acquire Chris Paul..insert Odom at the 4 and odom easily will get 18 and 10 a game as a full time artest/blake/walton and fisher to get a back up big and use your mid level on a back up guard.



  • Marquezchris19

    i say we trade gasol for cp3 and bynum for howard since hes doin abosolutely nuthin amd if we can get those 3 we will be unstoppable do u remeber when it was gasol and chandler together they were ballin everybody up now just replace chandler wth howard and add kobe as an outlet…. now that sounds amazing

    • Marquezchris19

      mean cp3 not gasol sorry

  • Guluster

    how about the Kevin love for pau gasoline trade
    If we do it then we can also obtain a 2nd overall draft
    pick which will definitely be a point guard. And then we
    can trade for Dwight Howard. And with all the extra pieces
    we acquire from the timberwolves trade, along with the rookie,
    Send it to new Orleans for Paul, It might seem a little pushy but
    here’s the starting lineup.
    Center: Dwight Howard
    Power Foward: Kevin love
    Small forward: Ron Artest/Odom/micheal beasly
    Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant
    Point Guard: Chris Paul



  • Eidraq

    There are plenty of good point guards in the league. Only 1 dominant center (who does not get injured) remains. Go for Dwight. There are plenty of point guards in this league.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but we don’t have one.

  • Tyboz

    Shooters! Speed! This is what we need

  • Anonymous

    Finaly!!! I was sayin for yrs that Fish is to old and should be backup. Farmar was ok, but they do need a real killer pg…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you’ve been saying it for years, but up until this past year, you’ve been wrong. It’s easy to just say something that will inevitably be true, then claim credit for it when the time finally rolls around.
      I could start saying Derick Rose is old and washed up every year till he IS old, then say, “I’ve been saying that for years!” I’d look pretty foolish doing that, though, wouldn’t I?

      • john

        stupid post is stupid. Most of the Lakers fans know that Fish is no good for a starter. So what if that guy wanted him to sit in bench too? Fisher has been a liability for this team for 3 years. It’s ridiculous. People were bashing Smush Parker but Fisher didn’t have any better season than him.. 38% shooting, 2.5 apg.. jokes… long story short, stop being smartass.

        • Anonymous

          You know, you’re right. I admit it. Fisher really was a liability and missing all those clutch shots against Boston and Orlando really cost us those Championships. We should have kicked his old ass to the curb years ago. Who knows, we could have 16 Championships by now!

          • CRodriguez

            he could have hit those clutch shots coming off of the bench as well. i think thats what he should have been doing for the past couple years, coming in for clutch situations.

          • Anonymous

             …as opposed starting and being in at the end of the game for clutch situations?
            Your own post points out that it made no difference. We won two championships with him starting and Jordan Farmar coming off the bench.
            As we now stand we need an athletic, young starting point guard. If Farmar (who WAS given the chance to win the job) or Blake had been starting the last three years, we would now, still, need an athletic, young starting point guard.
            WOW!!! You people must be the ones who were all going, “Gee, Usain Bolt smashed the world record, but he REALLY should have run faster!!!”
            The fact is, simply stated, that our need at point guard, where we have no competitive starting talent, is greater than our need at center, where we have arguably the second most talented center in the league. Therefore, we should concentrate on the greater need first.

          • mcado

            Well stated. Very well stated.

            PG is what the Lakers need the most.
            Kobe is older and just will not have the energy to always be at a dominate level as he has done in the pass.

            PG is the first need
            a  3 point shooter is the next need.
            Getting rid of Walton has to be a top priority too!

            Improving the bench has to be a major objective for the off season.

          • Anonymous

             …as opposed starting and being in at the end of the game for clutch situations?
            Your own post points out that it made no difference. We won two championships with him starting and Jordan Farmar coming off the bench.
            As we now stand we need an athletic, young starting point guard. If Farmar (who WAS given the chance to win the job) or Blake had been starting the last three years, we would now, still, need an athletic, young starting point guard.
            WOW!!! You people must be the ones who were all going, “Gee, Usain Bolt smashed the world record, but he REALLY should have run faster!!!”
            The fact is, simply stated, that our need at point guard, where we have no competitive starting talent, is greater than our need at center, where we have arguably the second most talented center in the league. Therefore, we should concentrate on the greater need first.

        • Anonymous

          BTW, “stupid post is stupid”? That’s right up there with “All your base are belong to us.”

      • laffsatu

         i`ve been saying for years 242fakerfan should buy a clue

        • Anonymous

          I did, remember? It was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the lead pipe.
          You’ve also been saying for years, “It puts the lotion in the basket!” But it still hasn’t and you’re never going to finish your skin suit.

      • laffsatu

         i`ve been saying for years 242fakerfan should buy a clue


  • SC81

    Chris Paul or Dwight Howard, but not Deron Williams.

  • Felderse1

    I rather have both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard as LA Lakers but Dwigt Howard would be perfect for Kobe.I can see the Lakers winning at least 3 more titles with Howard available.Keep Pal Gasol and Lamar Odum because of their offense prowess.But Derek Fisher can come off the bench,give Shannon Brown the starting point gurad position,give him a chance.But Kobe got a least 5 good years left,he take cares of himself but I expect the Lakers to return to NBA Finals next season.

  • Papadawa

    I say go for CP3…I am going on the assumption that Bynum is going to do his work in the gym this summer to strengthen those knees and will come back next season healthy and motivated to prove himself…remember now…in head to head competition, Bynum gives Howard fits…one thing is for sure…whether the Lakers run the triangle or the square, they aren’t going anywhere without a legit point guard…and it should be CP3 or at least, his backup, who can start…Jarrett Jack…

  • Anonymous

    Fisher won 5 championships with the lakers and made some key baskets so lets not dump on him. None of the so called super star gaurds have won one title. Like all athletes he is at the end of his career and I hope he has a bench role this year and goes for a sixth title. With that being said the Lakers looked like a train wreck in the off season. Only the Lakers know what the issues were inside the locker room. Pau looked like he cracked up. Not the same Pau who took the club to three straight finals. Kobe is getting on in years so changes are likely. Dr. Buss or the family does not sit on there thumbs. They are a Los Angeles treasure the Buss family unlike the McCourts who have destroyed the Dodgers. 

  • lakers24

    Dwight Howard would be an amazing setup with Kobe Bryant. We defo need a good PG as it is true that Fish is aging, but is still an cracking player in his own right, I’d say Chris Paul would definitely be better than Deron Williams, however I wouldn’t mind Deron.

  • Wandrae3

    Either guard would be awesome with CP3 slightly better than Deron.  I would worry about Howard who though a great player is known for his pouting which can be a club house detriment.  CP3 has the right swagger to make the Lakers go into the next gear but the question is what will it cost the Lakers. 

  • jdbinwa

    Yeah — a superstar point guard is desperately needed to make another championship run.  Chris Paul would be a great addition to the team!  Forget Dwight Howard — he and Kobe would mix like oil and water.  In fact, it’s hard to see both of those massive egos even fitting in the locker room at the same time, much less achieving playing harmony out on the court!  Dwight is talented, but not worth the potential conflicts and turmoil he could cause.  The new coach and a new system to learn will bring enough upheaval and disruption without adding a Bryant/Howard face off to the mix.  The Lakers already have a great front line.  Get a first class point guard instead!

    • Jai

      Howard ego? What makes you think he has an ego that would clash with Kobe?

  • Rhuntington

    Trade for CP3, he would be the perfect compliment to Kobe.  The Lakers are deep in the front court, either trade Pau or Andrew for Paul.  This would bring showtime back to Los Angeles.  Go Lakers

  • Garyshepherd89

    The laker are fine at the center position with Gasol and Bymum,I blieve the lakers really need a play maker at the point gard position. This will allow the lakers to have more of transition type of game, relative to having a half court offensive scheme.

  • jdbinwa

    If the Lakers trade anyone in the front line, it should be Bynum and his bad, BAD knees. They will be an on-going problem for him — and for the Lakers, if they keep him. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a brilliant player, if you are always sidelined by injury and sitting on the bench.  As time goes by, bad knees never get better — they only get worse!! 

    • Anonymous

      Dude he didnt have any serious injuries this past season.  He missed the first few games of last season due to a poorly scheduled knee surgery and he had a couple scares but he never was sidelined for a lengthy period of time like the previous 3 seasons. 

      • mcado

        bynum history with the Lakers
        2008 – 35 games played
        2009 – 50 games played
        2010 – 65 games played
        2011 – 54 games played

        The simple truth is Bynum has not played a full season but once in his 6 season with the Lakers.  It don’t matter how minor or major the injury was.  He was not there in the finals when the Lakers first played the Celtic and he was not there when the Lakers played the Magic. 

        Bynum will do better under the new coach Brown but he will always be prone to injury – this issue gets even worst the older he becomes.

        Yes, you’re right no serious injures in the past 3 season but still no complete season without an injury.

    • CRodriguez

      i wouldnt consider having 200 lb + men keep crashing into the side of your legs as having bad knees and getting injured from that

      • CRodriguez

        and getting injured from that as having bad knees★

  • Cloud

    Mixing Kobe and Dwight would not be like mixing oil and water. Kobe knows how to play with a dominant big man with a limited offensive game. Who was the guy that got Shaq the ball in position to just dunk? It would take enormous pressure off Dwight to be the go-to-guy as well. He will absolutely defer to Kobe until he has made enough strides in his post game to demand the ball. 

    That being said, getting D12 or CP3 or DWill just seems unlikely. I would be happy with any one of those three guys. 

    • mcado

      The Lakers management is not BOLD enough to make a big deal happen.
      Jim Buss is not a great Bb-mind and Mitch well let’s just say he’s an average GM not a great GM.     What I mean is greatness is measured in his ability to maximize your budget and get the most out of it.    The Lakers are paying Walton $5.6mill a year – to a guy who should not even be in the NBA.  They are paying Bynum over $15mil a year – Bynum is getting paid franchise player type of money.   In both cases it clearly shows that this is mad or poor management.  

      I agree with your view of Kobe playing with Howard – it would work. For Howard ego is no where near the ego that Shaq had of himself… No where near that.    Kobe is older now and he understand the game better now.  He’ll make whatever adjustment needed to get back to the Mountain Top!

      • CRodriguez

        as much as iwant some of these crazy rumors to happen, i dont think any of them will happen. not to mention kobes ridiculoys contract doesnt help

        • CRodriguez


        • CRodriguez


  • PGLakersfan

    I would kill for either one of these guys, except I’m not sure if the Lakers have the necessary trade pieces to pull off a deal of this caliber 

  • John Frank

    i sure wish the lakers would try to get both howard an paul an have amazing 3 to win more championships!

  • Jlrox33

    Kobe along with D12 and CP3 would be sick!!!! But is Kobe willing to share the spotlight?  This could very well be Kobe’s last hora!!! With the Lakers that is…

  • jhob

    It would be great for the Lakers team to get Dwight and Paul or Deron on their team..and would be a delight to watch them play together with Kobe..but first things first..are they willing to trade any of their big man (Odom, Gasol or Bynum)?..if not, then i suggest they should address the need of a younger point guard who could start in place of a long time laker fan, any upgrade from the current roster would be greatly appreciated! 

  • Albert b.

    We all know that If Kobe was not as great as he was for the past three years before this years debacle, we would have not won 2 out of 3 finals because of Derek Fisher getting killed by younger quicker point guards. Kobe is 32 and he has 2 to 3 good years left but he needs a true general in his later years. Go get a true point guard and i believe the mamba will retire with 7 rings 1 more than MJ. That’s what Kobe really wants to accomplish at the end of the day

  • Lakers Here

    Yeah!  For lack of better words.  Walton sucks as a basketball player. 
    And a lot of people looks at him as though he’s great.  He gets no real
    playing time.  I would just release him.  And give him his money. 
    Dwight would be real good for the Lakers.  But in truth they should get
    CP3.  Or get someone that can keep up with the quicker PGs.  Hell! 
    Lakers already have size.  Even w/o Gasol.  They would still have it! 
    In no way they should give up Bynum.  He’s still young and he started to
    show us something this season.  I could see Lakers Defense improve drastically if Bynum & Dwight started for them. But, their main focus should be is to
    do something with Luke.  He hasn’t shown nobody nothing ever since he
    got on the Lakers.  The problem is nobody wants Luke.  Luke is just a guy that you put in only for blowout games.  Just so people can say the next day that even Luke Walton scored.  At best Luke Walton is the NBA version of an uneducated High School student that slipped through the system.  Jerry Bust should let him go.  He doesn’t play anyway.  Get CP3 and/or Dwight.  Keep Bynum in any circumstance.  Lamar is still great.  And I think they’ll be awesome.  I know Mike Brown if anything will preach defense to the Lakers in the season coming up.

    • mcado

      Bynum is not the answer.
      After 6 years  he’s has only played 1 full season.
      If he’s injury prone now in his 20’s do you really think this will get better with age?

      You forget Bynum has been in this league for 6 years now he’s no rookie.
      What you see is what we have a good player but not a great player.
      He’s slow and his offensive game is limited.
      Yes he has had is moments – but there is the issue they’re only moments.

      Trade Bynum before he get’s his next injury. Why? because he’s making over $15million a year for a guy who’s averaging 50games a season since he’s been in the NBA.   There is no upside with Bynum. He slow and you can’t fix slow. He’s injury prone and you can’t fix that.

      I watch NBA players for over 30 years  now – Bynum is not going to make it. Yes, he’ll have his moments – just like E.Campbell good in moments but can never be consistent enough. However, Campbell has one major advantage over Bynum, Campbell was able to stay healthy enough to play more than 60 games a season.

      I like Bynum but can you image what the Lakers could get for his $15milliom?
      Think about it Bynum is making the same money as Wade, James, Bosh, Dirk.
      Is he worst that kind of money?
      Simple answer is No.
      I know he’s 7″0. I know height is always worth something.

      Trade him or Odom.  I vote Odom.
      But Bynum would be next.

  • Anonymous

    Lakers need youth. Bynum is the youngest with old man knees. When Kobe is gone in a couple years they’ll need a new superstar+ to compete, or it will be back to the 90’s.  If they want to compete now still, they’ll need to add another piece. Height in the paint has done well for them.  Bynum/Odom for DHoward+ would be great.  Howard is a superstar that the Lakers can build around for the future, and contribute now… Combined with Gasol, it’ll be great.  Gasol for KLove+others+#20 pick would be good too.  KLove and Bynum in the paint, plus some decent PGuards are available in the late 1st round to develop.

    Going for CP3 or D12, just makes the Lakers smaller.  Neither one has made their team contenders, and their costs are unknown.  

  • Show Gasol Some Love

    Don’t trade Gasol for anything less than CP3, DWil or DHoward, he had only one bad playoff series and much of it involved some locker room drama.  I agree with Lakers Here and get rid of Luke and his 8 million contract, along with Steve Blake, and Shannon Brown.  Overpaid and absent during the playoff run.  Lakers need scorers and someone who can penetrate besides Kobe.  Lakers need the crazy Indiana Pacers Artest to help their lackluster effort so I think Andre Iguodala, or Steven Jackson would be a good fit, and if they can’t get CP3, DWil, or DHoward go after Monta Ellis or even Aaron Brooks.  Anybody is an upgrade over Luke, Blake and Brown.

  • Yobobsm3

    well, its not surprising that the lakers organizatrion will be focusing their lenses on
    cp3 services. obviously, we all know lakers fan what is cp3 is capable of doing and he’s ability to make his teammates look good. i’d rather trade bynum for cp3 if thats will be the case

  • Anonymous

    I’m so pleased to see these results! If it were only binding on the Lakers, I could go to sleep dreaming about the Lakers back in championship contention next year.  As far as those who want to trade Bynum instead of Pau … you don’t know what your are talking about! Don’t you remember the offensive force Tyson Chandler blossomed into with CP3 dishing him the ball? Bynum … healthy … with CP3 penetrating will benefit much more than Pau would. Personally, I think CP3’s game and personality are a better fit than Deron. If Kobe doesn’t have to handle the ball, it will keep him and his wheels a lot fresher. As a slashing, moving without the ball guy, Kobe could thrive with CP3. I think he’d share leadership with CP3 the way he does with  Fish, because he would respect CP3’s skillz and heart. 

    • mcado

      Bynum 7″0 Center
      Bynum 6 years in the NBA
      Bynum 5 season out with injury.
      Bynum struggles
      passing out of post. Not a great finisher on dropoffs. Not a good defensive rebounder. Plays way back in pick-and-roll plays
      Bynum earns $15million a year.
      Bynums lack of maturity suspension
      worthy fouls delivered to Michael Beasley and J.J. Barea
      Bynum has 28 games of
      Ranks #22 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds (60)

      Ranks #8 in the NBA in Offensive Rebounds Per 48 Minutes (5.4)
      Yes, Bynum is a good player and the Lakers should not trade. 

      Put together, its about the risk/reward associated with
      Bynum. Moments of great potential and performance mixed with questions
      of health (you can’t forget the missed games).

      The older he gets the more prone to injuries this is simple BB101 – So at $15million per year the Lakers can do a lot with that – for example Brook Lopez a center for the Net’s plays 3 minutes more than Bynum but also has 8ppg more than Bynum – but gets paid $2.4 per year.

      That’ the issue with Bynum – other centers in the league gets paid far less and producing the same numbers as he does. Making the point clear why others (including myself) don’t feel that the Laker should keep a guy at that $15million a year – with a high risk of getting injured.

      Drew is not worth $15million a year.  Drew has great potential but that’s all – he”s not and will never develop into a franchise player but he’s getting paid  franchise player type of money.

      Until he can prove that he can stay healthy, stay consistent and mature his name will always come up when people are discussing trade value.

      • Anonymous

        I like facts. Good job. But facts don’t always tell the whole story. Please note that I did put “healthy” as a qualifier between those elipses in my sentence. That is the greatest unknown with Bynum. Since wearing his braces, he seems to have overcome whatever structural problem he has with his knees … but only time will tell. I think his fear of reinjury has also retarded his development, but he seems to be getting past that.

        As far as what he is paid, that horse is out of the barn.  It equally affects the Lakers payroll and his trade value … maybe down the road as an expiring contract.

        Personally, I think he has much more than potential … he has raw talent that can be honed into skill. He has extremely good hands, is about the only current big with low post moves with either hand and is stellar at the free throw line.

        As far as the bush league fouls go, can’t you just see Lamar and Ron Ron agitating him? ‘This is the playoffs! Don’t get punked! Nobody goes to the hole without getting fouled!’ I’ve watched a lot of Drew, and I don’t see him as either a mean or dirty player in the normal sense of the words. Immature judgement at times, absolutely, but certainly redeemable.

        Finally, I don’t think the triangle did him any favors. Shaq came in with a well established ‘game’ … if you can call clearing out the lane with your elbows and traveling a game. But Drew was totally raw and inexperienced. Phil has no love off rooks and used his Bulls centers as structural after thoughts in the triagle.

        What Bynum hasn’t seen: an offense that maximizes his talents; a coach that needs him as an integral part of the offenses to succeed; and, a point guard capable of making it happen.

        • mcado

          Good reply.
          And I hope you’re right about Drew… ..Only time will tell.

          The New Coach for the Lakers – Brown is going to run an up tempo offense.  He wants to attack and put pressure on the defense.  He doesn’t like the 8 second low post game that Bynum wants to play.

          So, it will be very interesting if you Man Drew can hang with the new style of offense.  Bynum is no logner raw talent – its been 6 years now and he’s going into his 7 season in the NBA – most average players peak during year 5 to 8 year in the NBA. So you’re right Drew still has 2 more years to be the force that you think he’ll become.  

          In the history of the NBA – there haven’t been many late bloomer superstars.

          • Anonymous

            We all should be hoping I’m right about Drew … he is Jimmy Buss’ boy for better or worse and not going anywhere.

            Couple other comments about your analytics. As far as years in the league go, don’t forget Drew is the youngest player ever to come into the league.

            Second, also about years in the league viz. career years. Decent to better bigs probably on average have the longest shelf life of any position player … just look at Shaq or Kareem.

            Of the bigs with the longest careers, generally it is the leaner, rangier types who last longest … Shaq the exception as a ‘freak of nature,’ not an athlete. Kareem, Akeem, David Robinson, Wilt have similar body types to Drew’s . All these guys came into the NBA with years of high level NCAA college competition under their jocks … not a year or so of high school ball. Also, almost all bigs have a longer physical development than guys like Shaq or Moses Malone. So again, sabermetrics doesn’t tell the whole story.

            But I still think (and fiercely hope) time is on Drew’s and Lakers’ fans side.

      • Hart_ache24

        Why is that all of you is into Bynum being traded, huh? Have you seen the stats or even watch the Laker games? He’s valuable to our team. He’s getting 15mil but at least he produces. Unlike LUKE “the puke”WALTON. how much is he getting? how many games he has played in years? How many years still he has with his contract? DISPOSED OF WALTON, PERIOD!!! HE IS NOT AN ASSET.

  • Rody23foreva

    They should trade Bynum and Blake for Chris Paul. Simply because he’s a pass first PG, that can score, get in the passing lanes on Defense, and when playoffs start you wont have to see KB24 guarding the other team’s PG like we seen Kobe guard CP3 as result to him picking apart our defense. Chris Paul is a stud on the defensive-end, plus we all know he’s the best TRUE PG in the leauge(Derrick rose better but not a true PG)

  • Rody23foreva

    Or Gasol and Blake for CP3 . And we need to go acquire a shooter

  • Dai01dai

    lakers need chris trade blake and barnes

    • Hart_ache24

      You’re right! trade blake and barnes now, add up LUKE WALTON. son of b*****. getting a whole lot of salary by sitting on the bench. not worth every penny he is getting. he’s an average player. trade this 3 and get a quality PG like Kemba Walker, Felton or Deron Williams. Allow ebanks, caracter and PG picks to play and develop.  

  • Rody23foreva

    Okay I thought it over and this is what I think they should do.
    Trade Pau Gasol,Matt Barnes,Shannon Brown for Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza.
    Therefor we would to move L. Odom to the 4.
    Projected line-up
    Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum
    Sign a Shooter in free agency
    Fisher bk up PG
    Cut Artest, Luke Walton and use them 2nd round picks to get young talent quick and athletic talent!

    • Anonymous

      I’d do it in a heart beat … but there is no way New Orleans makes that trade … even if they weren’t owned by the NBA.

    • Mark703

      artest is still your best perimeter defender you cant cut him

  • Languager

    kobe, dwight, pau wil do just great. kobe needs strength and savior in the slot. give up andrew. pau is weak being alone. but with the strength of dwight, pau can wreak havoc. kobe takes his time.

  • MIF

    We obviously need a starting point guard capable of commanding the respect of the veterans. Keeping Fish is also important. Although having difficulty as a starting guard, he would be a awesome backup. If possible without losing Bynum or Lamar, we should go after Dwight Howard. Coach Brown will, without question, give and receive better effort as head coach than Phil gave and received during the 2010-2011 season. Phil is the best of all time, yet, he probably stayed one year too long.  Also, hopefully the media will give better effort during the 2011-2012 season. Extremely lazy journalism (bash LeBron..bash LeBron….bash LeBron). It is amazing how much of the season was ignored due the incredible effort to discredit LeBron. Can anyone remember positive coverage from this season? Why is it so important to disrespect Kobe, LeBron, DWade, Melo, while idolizing Nash, Dirk , Manu and others. True fans enjoy NBA basketball, please cut the crap or join the Klan.

  • Itz_ashb

    The lakers taking chris paul would be crazy. The only way they could do that would be by giving up a big. But then they would need a big.

  • AnuBa

    Take all of them! :DDDD

  • meatlog

    can kobe play with chris paul?

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely! Kobe can play with anyone who wants and will do anything to win. Kobe is not stupid. He has evolved and changed his game every year. Having CP3 hadle the ball will liberate Kobe to score, rebound and defend. I can even imagine some weak side pick and roll with Kobe at small forward … both can stick it or go to the hole … or hit the cutter or backdoor screen when the 3rd defender sags to the lane. Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    New hot rumor … Minnesota offering #2 pick for deal with Bynum… Hoopshype via twitter!/sam_amick/status/83218750945492992

  • Cecilb_1


    • Marl25_cachero

      But rose led the bulls last season

  • Guluster

    Check out this trade  i created,
    the only other thing is that the lakers might have to throw in a couple of there draft picks this year like 41, 46, 56, or 58 or some in the future to the Hornets or Minnesota. It will be amazing if it goes through. COPY AND POST TO MAKE IT PUBLIC AND LET THE LAKERS KNOW!!!!

    • Guluster

      whoops heres the right image

  • Arthur

    we want CP3 and DWIGHT HOWARD to be in laker uniform, so make it happened MITCH KUPCHAK, you can do it!… GO GO GO LAKERS!

    • Jcarroll51

      I agree wholeheartedly Arthur!

    • EnriqueM2995

      Whoa! Hold your horses , it’s not that easy

      • EnriqueM2995

        If the lakers could land just CP3 for bynum that would be enough to win it next year easy. CP3 knows how to run a team and if Kobe and Gasol are part of it, it’s that much easier. CP3 is a big time guard that can carry a team

  • jonx_29

    from a Filipino Lakers fan point of view,well I may sound a bit selfish here, but I want chris paul and dwight howard for Lakers next season if it it possible..haha, then LA may have its own version of “BIG THREE”! if that happens, LA may have the biggest chance for another championship..(oh,oh,..just hoping that mike brown’s failed attempt to give the cavaliers a championship won’t happen to our beloved Lakers!) let’s go Lakers! beat the odds!☺♥

  • Lakerrealist

    They should try to trade Gasol for Chris Paul.  Deron Williams is great, but Paul is better.  They could still trade Bynum for Howard if they want to, but Bynum is a more complete player if he stays healthy.

    • mcado

      Did you say Bynum is a more complete player than Pau?
      And may I ask what are you basing your assessment on?

      Drew is an above avg player.
      Really he is. Look at the stat.
      I know stat don’t tell the whole story.
      But regardless we have to use them because it is…about numbers and accomplishments
      Drew has a reputation for not always bringing great energy to the floor and its one of KOBE criticism of him
      He has limited skills. Great Potential. But he’s going into his 7 season – Do you think Drew, will all of a sudden play like a Star or Franchise player?  One word  – Consistency.  He lacks high level of consistence play for an extended period of time
      Pau Gasol
      One of the most
      versatile scoring big men in the NBA.
      Rookie of the Year
      6 MVP awards – Europe but it still shows is HIGH skill level
      All-Star He runs the floor better and is a superior defender in space and in help situations.
      Extremely efficient player who can
      score with his back to the basket, put the ball on the floor from the
      high post, play pick and roll, or step out and knock down a mid-range
      jump-shot.Slow development players like Drew rarely live up to the hype or their potential – I watch the NBA for many years – this is a simple truth.I’m not the Lakes should move Drew but at is current franchise salary of $15mil – it should get looked into and discuss – Kobe and Drew does not equal a NBA Title – Like Kobe and Pau does – – its been proven.A younger player is great to have – and to have a 7″0 player is great. The Lakers need so many things that its hard to say – but I would trade Bynum or Odom to get a highly talented and highly skilled PG.

    • Banchers

      Bynum does not have the vertical, rebounding or defensive skills Howard Brings.  

  • Marl25_cachero

    Trade Odom and blake for CP3. LOL

  • Jamiebenyard

    Trade bynum and odom for d.howard…get rid of artest and brown for cp3..

    • Banchers

      Only in a perfect world. Much more would be required for cp3 than artest and brown. Gasol would have to leave for cap room. If someone would take the burden of Walton’s contract off the Lakers future trades would be more apt to occur.

  • Asonofgodamen

    trade kobe and gasol…for cp3, Ariza, david west, carl laudry, …no one needs to play wit kb, he has to understanding where his limits are and the strengths of the LAKERS…. if not trade, when ever kb retires i will still be a LAKERS fan!

    • Ptah

       I feel sorry for you and all your lack of intelligence none of those players will ever bring a championship for the Lakers . I believe no one would disagree with me on this , please go back and come up with a much more superior group of proven players who are winners . CP3 would be the crown jewel of that group . Plus talking that nonsense we don’t need you as a fan  ok !

      • mcado

        I don’t think he meant to trade Kobe. I hope not.
        The Lakers will not get anybody worth their salt – if its left up to Mitch.
        The Lakers have a few options but Odom and or Bynum will be in those discussions.

  • JlaVoy22

    its not a dis to D Fish, but at some point the old fella has to hang up his own jersey, if he cant do that because of money then he gets treated like a business deal instead of a business partner……

  • ShannonMAC

    This is not a team in need of an overhaul. 6 players the lakers should definitely keep are Kobe “Bean” Bryant, Pau “Kobes Favorite Player” Gasol, Andrew “23 Year Old” Bynum, Lamar “Candy Man” Odom, Matt “The Fiesty Defender” Barnes, and Derek “Yeah Im Getting Old” Fisher…………
    REASON WHY: The best big rotation in the league, hands down. PF and C position is locked up. D Fish doesnt need to be the starter but he does need to remain on the team and play 12-28 minutes a game (leadership and he can still be good in a more specified role). Kobe is going to be top 3 of all time when hes done, but in due time (Jordan won his 4th, 5th, and 6th rings when he was 36, 37. and 38 years old; kobes 32 so do the math on that; i predict he gets 7 rings)……………………………………
    Trade Artest, Brown/Blake, with 2 or 3 picks: try and get Raymond Felton PG and/or backup SF, and if lucky Chris Paul. This allows Matt Barnes to have a larger role. This does a few things, allows Odom to be the sole bench player and upgrades athleticism at SF…………………………………………….
    Trade Artest, Brown/Blake, with 2 or 3 picks: try and get Lou Williams PG, and/or Andre Igudaula SF.

    • mcado

      Its apparent that you know the Lakers and a about BB.
      However, i disagree with at one or two of your suggestions.

      First, Drew – can he get better, maybe but the risk is very high that he will not get to much better than what we see. He’s limited in BB skills and is not a good passer  in the post. It funny that after 10 years MJ “Jordan” – still think Kwame Brown is going to be a great center one day.  I don’t share Sir MJ opinion of Mr. Brown.  Some Laker fan are taking a similar view of Drew – this is his 7 season – and he’s been injured a little 45% of his career.
      At $15mil a year – now is the time to trade him for a more longer term talent. If you trade Drew now we’ll have the cap room needed to get quality players.

      Second, Odom, I love this guy, but his up and down play is one of the reason the Lakers have not won as many titles and games as they should. This guys has the talent, skill and ability to dominate every night – but he lacks the drive or determination or its a low sugar issue.  At $9mil a year – he must play at the same level as he did this year but I don’t see that happening for he has to many outside interest.  Trade him now while there is value.

      One of them must go. Pick which one but Lakers at $94mil salary can’t keep them both and still get a solid quality player.   The Lakers don’t need roles players – I think they need a high quality player.  

      Remember the 90’s – short term fixes resulted in a long term of crap!

      Otherwise your comments are 100% correct.

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  • 1markos92

    Howard Gasol Kobe.
    Already sounds vicious. 

  • LakerFan


  • LLF4L(loyallakerfan4life)

    Okay ALL of these trade rumors people are posting are outrageous and just give the players nightmares the coaches headaches and the media a match to light a fire and ruin our Laker dynasty like this past years playoffs for example….We only lost bc of trade talks and Bynum was upset Artest was going off.
    Firstyly Bynum is hurt alot but if he toughens up alittle bit we should just keep him.His time to shine is now!he should be concerned about trying to make his jersey remain a Lakers and not be traded for D Howard and i doubt howard will come to the Lakers anyways sorry guys.hes too nice and wont do what lebron did and come to LA he doesnt want a championship,he wants to be loyal to Orlando.I have to admit id love to see him come too but he wont come.He will most likely end up like Barkley or Kevin Garnett or Shaq no rings til they joined a star player.Shaq joined Kobe for 3 rings Garnett joined Celtics for 1 ring Barkley had nobody and won nothing,Jordan had Pippen for 6 and rodman for 3 rings.Okay back to staying on topic here…..dwight we need to trade Bynum for him but that wont happen most likely***
    I say trade Blake/ ebanks/ character / walton /fisher for chris paul.
    If Howard wont come try to heal Bynum and train him with Hakeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul Jabaar the kid is still very young and can learn alot from those 2 guys.
    People acquiring Dwight is alot harder than typing we want D12 on some internet page.
    Plus our focus should be ONLY on a PG not a CENTER!
    We NEED a PG! Not a CENTER so please my fellow Laker fans stop the Dwight talk and let the Lakers management try to acquire Chris Paul.Enough trade talks just be fans.
    We have no power only opinions…………… ;)

    • mcado

      Pretty good response LLF4L.
      However, i disagree with your assignment of Drew.
      He has been in the league for almost 7 yrs.
      He turn done Kareems mentoring and went to Atlanta to train with some friend of his.
      So he does not want to be taught by anyone, yet. He may realize this a little later in his career but right now he thinks he has what it takes.
      Drew is a lazy player with a misplaced immature attitude.
      Yes he has the potential but that can be said of most players in the league – for example Jordan still thinks Kwame Brown will be a GREAT player.  MJ knows BB better than I do but I just don’t see that ever happening.  Why? because if a player attitude about the game is not changed then they don’t the need to change.  Drew is a lot better then Brown but his attitude is about the same.

      Drew will do better on the new coach. But then again he may allow his immaturity to show more. 

      The older a player gets the higher the increase of injury – so it would very reasonable to believe Drew’s health issues is not behind him. I can name you several players that had the same issues as Drew and never reached their full potential.

      The Lakers need a PG. The also need better defensive players coming out the bench.  How they do that is the question fans are asking.

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  • infamous101

    i say get chris paul and howard!trade blake and fisher for chris paul and trade binum for howard!keep brown around so that he can sub in nd out the game for kobe and chris!keep gasol,lamar,nd howard as the 3 big men in bak and keep artist nd barns subbing in nd out the game!this way the superstars are healthy come finals!!!

    • Silsil2010

      Ugh. Then Reality Stroke. Did u guys forget about Salary Cap?

      Lakers don’t have enough Money for 5 Superstars. Even Mark

      Cuban wouldn’t pay that much. Umm..It’s Either Dwight or

      Paul or Deron Williams. They have to Move 2-3 People.

      Gasol or Bynum, Odom or Artest, and Fisher or Blake along with

      Draft picks or Role Players. Lakers don’t want Rookies, they

      want CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Lakers will land a Monta Ellis and might

      Trade for a Center Like Andrew Bogut or Wing Forward like

      Iguodala. That’s All there is. Reality had to be told. :)

  • Dongz23

    lakers should get dwight howard ang chris paul 

  • dagulerz14

    please get dwight howard and chris paul

  • tonloc

    Don’t get me wrong….howard would be a great fit.  However, Chris Paul brings speed and athleticism which the Lakers desparately need to compete with other athletic teams in the west.  They’ll have to give up Bynum to get Paul, but can pick up a Center possible through free agency or move Gasol back to center (they basically won the championship in ’09 with Gasol at center)