For those hoping for trades, this will be a buzz kill.

Bleacher Report: As of 3:00 p.m. EST tomorrow, the NBA trading deadline will expire and all indications point towards the Los Angeles Lakers letting that time pass without making a change to their roster.

Smart move indeed, because up to this point, the Lakers haven’t shown the need to make major improvements on their roster in their quest to repeat as NBA champions.

Los Angeles arguably has the deepest roster in the entire league and are capable of substituting with talent at each blow of the whistle. If any more proof is needed, last night’s win over the Golden State Warriors serves as a fine example.

For the fourth game in the row, the Lakers were able to defeat an opponent with relative ease minus the services of Kobe Bryant, and true to form, another Laker stepped up their efforts in his absence.

Starting in Bryant’s place, Shannon Brown scored a career-high 27 points to go along with 10 rebounds and led a Laker charge, which witnessed all five starters reach double figures.

In another example of their incredible depth, Andrew Bynum returned from a hip injury to score 21 points and seven rebounds and illustrate why the Lakers are a dangerous team regardless of who is on the court.

Which makes it seem more and more likely that all the trade talk was pure speculation, and the multiple rumors were probably caused by people outside of the franchise’s inner-circle.

Although an extra guard would have been nice to add, it would serve more as a luxury than a need since Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, and Sasha Vujacic all have championship experience.

At times, the trio have faced issues, but they all have played a significant part in the team’s recent success while Bryant has been sidelined, and they have used the extended time on the court to boost their confidence.

An extra body for the post was something else which may have been considered due to Pau Gasol’s injuries but he is now healthy, and the Lakers’ answers to their woes in the paint may be more an issue of chemistry.

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  • lakers0828

    Only time will Tell if it was a Smart Move or not
    To me they should of made a trade ?

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Just what I was going to say – only time will tell. Luke, Sasha, Mbenga, Morrison, Powell, Farmar? – we shall see how deep our bench is. Somehow come playoff time I’m not so sure how productive these guys will be and you can include Fish and Bynum in there too. In the Golden State game the offense was stagnant – what happened to the great ball movement from the prior four games? Unfortunately, when Andrew is on the floor he thinks he is the #1 scoring option. The ball too often dies in his hands – and when he starts his clumsy backing in, where traveling can be called virtually every time – forget it! He plays no D and he brings down both Pau and Lamar’s productivity. So if we come up short I hope we use Bynum to acquire a QUALITY player that can help shore up our weak areas (i.e, a viable replacement for the aging Fisher or a knock down shooter – can’t have enough of those).

    • lakerman1

      I agree about Bynum. It seems once he gets the ball he is adamant about scoring instead of kicking it out to an open shooter or reposting for better position. I don’t hate the guy this is just one of the things i notice when he is on the court.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    If Andrew had not been hurt there is NO WAY Mitch would have made the trade for Pau. That is a FACT. He would have been “happy with his current roster”. So he stumbled into that move and there is NO WAY we would have won any title without Pau. And once again Mitch is “happy with his current roster” So we shall see…

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    i’m not sold on this’s going to be a hard road,ahead! i do beleave in the team an the organization, i am hear to support the lakers! as i always have! it’s just that some of the other oranizations are too cocky!! and i wanna make sure we shut their fuckin mouths.this year!!!! let’s support!!!! let’s get some lakers love going!!! 1-2-3….16 rings!!! go LAKERS!!!

  • ampatuan

    @ showtime4eva

    now that’s a true laker fan. nicely said man.

  • Robert

    Trade deadline is today, but the Lakers can still ‘sign’ an extra player (one that is waived, etc.). Actually, we have 2 roster spots. I think we should fill one of the spots with a 10 day renewable contract. So, if any casualties come out of the trading (e.g., someone is ‘waived’ after 30 days, or so), the Lakers can possibly sign them. Everyone wants to play with the Lakers – are there any good players out there, who don’t have a team? Maybe Josh Childress can sign with us for a short period, if he’s not with Olympiakos. Jannero Pargo? Tyrone Lue? Eric Snow? Latrell Sprewell? ‘Tractor’ Traylor? Got to be someone that can ‘fill in the gap’ if we need something. Starbury?

  • Popcorn

    As a Lakers fan I feel that we are right now in a situation where the team is trying to get Kobe healthy while still competing in the race for the top position in the West and it will be helpful imo to get home court advantage through both the West and the East. Unfortunately for the Lakers the contract of Sasha again imo was the main problem for them to get a trade. I’ll say that the Lakers needed a trade; now many think the Lakers needed a PG but to me the main need is a good SG/SF. Because that would’ve help with Kobe’s minutes, same with Artest and his fouls trouble. I was hoping for the Lakers to get Butler and nothing happened, same for Salmons and nothing at last I thought that Buss should bite the bullet and go aggressive after Mike Miller but :( nada. Oh well we won it last year with the difference of Ariza so we are going to have to end with the same team (no Ariza but Artest) and see how it goes. My main concern is that our bench is gonna have to play much better come play offs time. Jerry Buss I know you’re trying to save money by trading AMO probably $ by $ but unfortunately nothing has happened but there’s still time go for Mike Miller man; drop AMO and about $4 M Lol. It is easy to suggest something huh?…
    Think about it; Artest is still getting used to the triangle, we don’t have a legit 3 other than Artest, Miller can play SG/SF too and he will help stretching the defenses because unlike the broken machine he will knock down 3s, plus he can help the team playing the 2 also.

    I’ll support the Lakers no matter what and I’m not here to tell Mitch what to do. Some idiots here try to suggest that fans are trying to play GM and they see that as if is wrong or something. It’s no about me thinking I’m better than Mitch or Jerry Buss but is about my hopes as a fan to put the team in a better more solid position to rise the trophy again that’s all.

    Go Lakers!… No matter what I love LA.

  • proemb

    Marwan, you are trippin’.
    “If any more proof is needed, last night’s win over the Golden State Warriors serves as a fine example.”
    -You do know the Warriors are horrible right? That win serves as an example that LA doesn’t need any help with their roster? Ridiculous.
    -Marwan, who on this Laker roster is goint to D-up Aaron Brooks, Tony Parker, Ty Lawson (who destroys Farmar), Rajon Rondo, Jameer Nelson and other points in the league that consistently kill the Lakers?
    -Point blank, LA is 0-2 againts the Cavs and Cleveland just got stronger. If the Lakers stand pat, say goodbye to a re-peat.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      well who said hinrich was this real fast point gaurd he’s long he can hit the three but that’s against the east the majority of the time look i love the lakers love em but i have no sympathy 4 they ass they had the whole off season but you see while the players were going to disneyland and doing late night shows,Well that’s what the GM and coaches were doing that’s why i love the NFL because its when or lose superbowl or bust and you spend the entire off season adressing weaknesses they knew fisher was slowing down farmar didn’t have no heart and sasha lost his touch right before the playoffs what we do NOTHING now we like make a trade we got bums with these high ass contracts and were stuck.

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    First the trade dead line show is on NBA network

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    Second why did the lakers dish those contracts to luke and sasha and sasha acted like the money wasn’t good ship those bums to the D-league bobcats tyrus thomas if we wasnt so HYPED up on hinrich we could of made that little deal 2 mcgrady 2 new york so squash that mcgrady maybe in LA everybody making moves we stuck like chuck holding are nuts damm damm damm

    • 242LakerFan

      What makes you think they were offered any of those other trades?
      You can’t just go around trading whomever you want whenever you feel like it. At least one other team needs to be interested in what you have. Mitch and Dr. Buss aren’t siting around going, “Gee, we have all these trade options, but nahhh, we’ll just go pick our noses instead.”
      Everybody thinks you can just dump all your trash in someone else’s yard and expect them to throw flowers back into yours.
      Be realistic for just a second.