This is good news. Experience and playing will be good for him. The Los Angeles Lakers today assigned Sun Yue to the team’s NBA Development League affiliate Los Angeles D-Fenders. Sun is the 28th assignment of the 2008-09 season and the first from the Lakers to the D-Fenders this season.

  • JC

    That’s cool. Hopefully he’ll get some more playing time to work on his skillz… :)

  • Margo

    That is so good for Sun FINALLY! He has been sitting on the bench “waisting” away and not staying “game” ready! I say that because you need to play “some” to be in game shape and game ready! So put up some good numbers Sun!

  • Big Phil

    BOUT TIME!!!!

  • Edward

    2 open roster spots?

  • YellowPurpleFever


  • ceballos_neverforget

    yea! I live and die lakers but moved to the midwest years ago and miss a good animal style double-double

  • Smush Walton

    It’s about time.
    What were they waiting for?

    He should have been sent to the D league the first day D league started. He needs a lot more on-court experience so he can lose that “deer in the headlights” look.

    Good luck Sun!

  • zgum

    ‘F Sun Yue, sent down by the Lakers to their D-League team earlier Friday to get more playing time, had 11 points and SEVEN assists in the D-Fenders’ 108-103 victory over the Anaheim Arsenal.’

    First game!? 7 assists! Niiice…

    Keep improving Sun…

  • trademaster 2009

    [Comment ID #63713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not quite, that would ruin his conditioning, hit the weight room, drink some muscle milk, and eat some power bars

  • Lker Roger

    sun cant play at nba level give me a bring.
    lakers sat von wafer out for a long time look at him he has game. farmar should go d league leaarn how to play defense. luke also he sucks.
    make trades mitch luther head donald foye
    no horry he s old and cant play ,better off getting pippen haha

  • trademaster 2009

    in the nba sun yue is too slow for point guard, not good enough at shooting for shooting guard and too skinny for small forward. now in the d-league he can play all 5 positions

  • Tempt

    Are you serious Roger? Luke can’t play? Farmar can’t defend?

    Have a seat sir. You have no idea wtf your talking about.

  • Lker Roger

    what ever your name is. If you saw the phoneix came luke left Matt Barnes open to not only hit the 3 to ice he win tfor them he had a career game high, The next night he was 3 for 5 ,
    Farmar at the utah game let daron williams make lay up s all night long. Phil called time out and went directly at farmar and yelled play defense. Both these clowns could not make it on any other team Luke great Iq why

  • Lker Roger

    luke the fluke is slow white and cant jump
    farmar has no balls cant play defense and his jump shot is horrible these two clowns should go to the d league with mobenga and sun yee , Yee can be the driver for
    all four of these unwanted laker players.
    mitch luther head foye these guys have heart and energy
    not slow white dude luke no balls farmar bodyguard these bums .