Julius Randle
Photo: Chris Reynolds

With the No. 7 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected power forward Julius Randle out of the University of Kentucky.

Considered one of the more NBA ready prospects in this draft, Randle is considered a throw back type player who bullies his way in the post.  Not the tallest at 6’9, there are questions regarding his height being a problem in the NBA but so far in his career has not allowed that to limit his production at any level of basketball.

Last season for Kentucky, Randle averaged 15 points and 10.4 rebounds in 30.8 minutes a game as a freshman.  The 250-pound Randle was one of the better players in the NCAA Tournament and helped his team to the NCAA Championship Game where they ultimately fell to the University of Connecticut.  He led the NCAA with 24 double-doubles, good for second most in the stories history of Kentucky.  As a senior in high school, Randle averaged a ridiculous 32.5 points and 22.5 rebounds and led his school to a state title.

Considered a top-five pick early on in the draft process, questions arose after reports surfaced he would need surgery to remove a pin that was incorrectly inserted in his foot after breaking it in high school.  Randle ultimately shot that news down saying his doctors told him his foot would not be an issue.

Moments after being drafted, Randle was asked about him slipping down to No. 7:

“I think I should’ve went higher for sure, but you know, the teams that passed on me will regret it”

Welcome Randle to the Laker family and follow him on Twitter @J30_RANDLE.

  • Jlopez1987

    He led Kentucky into the NCAA tournament, while all of the other players that were drafted prior to him were eliminated in the first or second round ( wiggins, gordon, Parker, smart)

  • Max Prime

    Quick, Strong, Relentless!!! NBA body, NBA handles, NBA post moves and NBA ready!!! I’m not seeing Zack Randoph, I’m seeing a better version of David Lee.

  • Max Prime

    Lakers brought in DeAndre Kane. Kuddos to management there. Now they just need to bring in Jordan Bachynski for instant defense and a better offensive game than known. He definitely suffered from poor guard play at ASU. Jahii Carson was a score first, second and third PG.