The Lakers have selected Darius Morris at 41. Morris averaged 15.0 ppg, 6.7 apg & 4.0 rpg in sophomore year; he led the Big 10 & was 5th in NCAA in assists. Here is information on Morris courtesy of

Strengths: Confident lead guard with a good amount of mismatch potential … Excellent size for a point guard, standing 6’5.25″ tall with a 6’7.5″ wingspan … Strong finishing ability due to size and body control … Powerful first step, which is surprising considering his lack of great foot speed … Very aggressive … Can drive well with either hand … Uses hesitations, spin moves and crossovers to break down his defender in isolation situations … Has the potential to use his size in the post against smaller point guards … Very gifted passer in a half-court offense … Tremendous court vision … Led the Big Ten in assists per game his sophomore year, averaging 6.7 on the season … Operates well in pick-and-roll situations, keeping his head up and displaying excellent timing on passes … Good frame with the potential to hold a little more muscle … Good teammate and a vocal leader on the floor … A true point guard with a good feel for the position and at just 20 years of age has solid potential …

Weaknesses: Doesn’t possess any outstanding athletic qualities … Not an explosive leaper … Lacks great speed or quickness … Lacks a great understanding of how to control transition opportunities, often attempting to force the issue despite being outnumbered … Underdeveloped catch-and-shoot ability hurts his potential to play well without dominating the ball… Prone to taking ill-advised shots … Shot only 25% from behind the arc last season … Only an average defender due to lack of lateral speed … Struggles to recover after being screened … His age is both a positive and a negative. At 20, he’s got upside, but will likely take some time to be NBA ready, and learning the NBA position on the fly is a challenge …

Overall: One of the best passers in the draft and he’s only a sophomore, so he still has a lot of room to improve … A reliable outside jumper would really round out his offensive game … A sleeper. Has starting point guard potential, and should be a 1st round pick in this year’s draft …

  • Homan

    im guessing he’s replacing shannon

  • poop

    it was supposd to malcolm lee. SMH. missing out…

    • Anonymous

      Ya i was hoping for Lee, he’s such a great defender and he would be a pg in the Lakers system so he would guard all the pg’s that destroy us on the perimeter

  • Dvz2000

    Morris is a solid kid he can play the point guard position and can defend as well…its a solid pick. I guess shannon brown is not coming back now..

  • 123KID

    All our picks are gonna have a very slim chance of making the team. I mean the Lakers wont really see what they have until preseason (if we have one). With no more summer league, its going to be real difficult for them to make the team. Im going to predict that probably 1 out of the 4 players the Lakers picks, will be part of the team.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Darius Morris season highlights:

  • gpsimms

    i actually came over here from umhoops to make sure you guys checked out dylan’s video.  you got a great one in darius, you should definitely look at what they got over there at


    Nice size and stats but he has very little hops.  Not a bad thing but he should definetly work on his legs to increase hops and speed.  Also a mid range game is something all guards should focus on having.  I guess the yellow color is something that follows him.  first michigan and now the lakers.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this obviously doesn’t fill the need for a starting PG, but it’s a good move for depth and youth at the position. He’ll have a great mentor in Fish and I don’t think Coach Brown is as averse to playing rookies as Phil always was.

  • la87

    He might play like rondo, not a great shooter but might be pretty  productive in assist


    Any guard at this point is a plus.  Fish, if you’re reading this, it’s not to diss you in any way.  It’s just that you are getting old.  It would be one thing if you consistently made open layups or 15′ shots but you don’t.  You can’t keep up with 99% of the guards in the league any longer.  It’s time to sit back and let the new guys do all the work and you just inject experience, heart, and wisdom to them when needed.