The Lakers select at 46. Here is more information courtesy of

Strengths: Quick combo-guard with a deadly shooting stroke … One of the best scorers in the nation (23.7 PPG) … Very energetic offensively … Hard to defend … Doesn’t waste any time holding the ball, as soon as he receives a pass he looks to make a move … Good in isolation situations … Employs an excellent pull-up jump shot with a quick and efficient release … Is very active without the ball … Knows how to find openings on the perimeter and set himself up for a catch-and-shoot opportunity … Prolific three-point shooter … Makes over 3.5 triples every game at a 40.7% clip … Has legitimate NBA range and then some … Nearly automatic when left open … Solid defender that moves his feet well and stays in front of his man …

Weaknesses: Undersized for a shooting guard at the next level … Not very skilled in the paint, due to his below average athleticism and size … Most of his offense comes from the perimeter … A solid passer but certainly not a true point guard … Turnover prone (3.2 turnovers per game) … Would be best suited playing off the ball … Played in the Southern Conference and hasn’t had many opportunities to test himself against great competition …

Overall: Goudelock’s shooting ability is sure to intrigue several NBA teams … Will have a very defined role as a shooter off the bench in the NBA if he makes a roster next season … A likely second-round pick …

  • 24allup inya

    this guys range is incredible! bye bye shanon brown! :)

  • riley

    This is the one I’m feelin confident about

  • Bye Bye Shannon Brown

    I like our picks but with no summer league it will be hard for both of these guys to make the team. Hopefully Mike Brown will give these youngs a chance. We had the worse points guard tandem in the league last year and this guy sounds like he could be instant offense off the bench he could help our two weakest area point guard and bench production.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    So our new starting lineup:

    Ron-Ron AKA World Peace
    Pau Gsaol


    Fisher, Andrew G
    J.R Smith (Free Agent)
    Barnes, Ebanks
    Lamar, Caracter
    (Free Agent)

    I’m begging the lakers to waive/Trade Blake and Walton..

    • lakerd2423

      jr really i don’t think he is consistint enough how about the other draft pick he could be the next magic johnson.


    well he should work on his 3’s and mid range shot.  I’d rather have a guy who makes consistent 2 pointers from 12-18′ away instead of a highlight dunk every other game. 

  • Anonymous

    This could be the outside threat Kobe really needs at this point in his career to help clear a path to the basket. That’s something he’s never really had. If his stroke is as good at this level as in college, he’ll keep defenses more honest and we could see a lot of drive and kick from Kobe in coming seasons. That and more space for him around the basket if the kid turns into a consistent threat. Kobe’s assist numbers could benefit.

  • 123KID

    If both are picks are what the front office chose, then I say im rooting for both of them. If there is one thing that I wish Phil would of done, and thats try and develop rookie talent. So hopefully Mike Brown gives our rookies a chance, especially E. Banks and I guess Derrick Caracter (if he is still on the team). Because if it is real difficult for the front office to let go some of our veterans and since they want to get youth, then this is probably the most cheapest way to do it, and thats developing the youth we have right now.


      That is one thing I hated about Phil, that and not calling time outs when we were getting our asses handed to us when other teams would go on a 20-2 run.  I really liked our rookies last year.  Caracter had a very good post up game and Banks was a perfect wing player.  I also wanted the chinese player to work out but he was way too scared with the ball and other players would just double team him before he got to the front court.