Great piece written by our friend, Mark Heisler. This Lakers team, especially Kobe, has had a no nonsense attitude going into this Finals series. That mental edge alone can help lift this team past a young Orlando team without any Finals experience.

kobeangryL.A. Times: Did you ever notice you can never find a conspiracy when you need one?

That Kobe Bryant-LeBron James matchup we didn’t get started looking a lot better Thursday night as the Lakers reduced the Orlando Magic to its constituent parts, which it must try to put back together by Sunday.

For the record, as every player associated with both teams emphasized, it was one game and this isn’t over.

It just feels as if it is.

Not that Cleveland looked so impressive by the end of the Eastern Conference finals, but having failed to deliver the Cavaliers to these Finals, the NBA is stuck with the Magic as half of the bill.

Orlando came in with a reputation as a dragon slayer, but they may not have any dragons quite like this in the East.

Picture a huge footprint, stamped into the Earth.

Picture the Magic, flattened at the bottom of it.

The Lakers came in with a newfound humility, though that may be in jeopardy now.

On the other hand, these are the New Scary Look Lakers.

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  • sketch

    Dragon slayers huh? Look it, the C3ld!cks (komodo dragon) is basically an overgrown lizard! And LeHype and the Cavs were “Puff the Magic Dragon”, had their bubble finally burst!

    Let’s be clear about something here… extremely clear! The Lakers are not make belief and they are for real! The say “cut of the head of the snake” does not apply because they are a big scary DRAGON, not a snake! And this is one beast that superman can’t bring down!

    In my previous posts, I likened Kobe to the Silver Surfer. That’s going to be the one superhero that superman can’t do anything to or about! Kobe is this cosmic enigma who just does whatever he wants. No stopping him or his team!

    A word of advice to the Orlando team… stay away from Disney World because after our Lakers win in Orlando, that’s where they’re gonna go to celebrate!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chongqingking

    Kobe’s Scowl: [img][/img]

  • atm8705

    “Just when you think you have found it, you have at that moment lost it.”
    Gotta love VicktheBrick…
    Mamba and the lakers better come out on fire again! 2-0!


    lol cool comment


    I Love when KoBe gives that look. Makes me WeT AlL oVeR.

    KoBe wOn’T U bE MiNe LoVeR

    UnDeR the CoVeR

    ToUCh Me iN ThE SwEeT Hot

    BeNd me LiKe FaBeR AnD RuB iN thE G SpOt.


    ^^^^Classic wussie_fvcken_ pussie, hanging on to someone else’s balls! …What’s the matter, can’t cope with your own reality? …Still chasing someone else’s Thunder? …How good does My_Warlock ass taste?

  • Dwight Howard

    Please pray for your lakers on Sunday. Pray that game 2 does not get stolen. Hey sketch! Silver who?

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #74879 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ignorant fool. no wonder you get laughed at by SNAQ! you’re like jennifer jason leigh in SWF (Single White Female ’92 flick). she moves into an apartment with bridget fonda and assumes her identity!

    see, you’re that same character. moving into orlando magic, following your idol’s footsteps and calling yourself “superman” just like how he dubbed himself that name. that’s what we’re all gonna have to call you now Dwight Howard… Single White Female! Hahahaha!

    couldn’t you at least pick a better idol? like charles manson, saddam hussein, or michael vick? you’re ridiculous! hahaha! Single White Female!!!!!!

    GO KOBE (SILVER SURFER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS (AVENGERS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!