Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers went from No. 3 to No. 2 in the Western Conference on Sunday. They may soon be No. 1.

MVP candidate Kobe Bryant had 20 points, five rebounds and five assists before sitting out the fourth quarter, and the Lakers routed the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs 106-85 for their seventh win in eight games.

The Lakers (56-25), who clinched their first Pacific Division championship in four years and the No. 3 seed in the West on Friday night, assured themselves of a second-place finish in the conference.

A victory over visiting Sacramento on Tuesday night in the regular-season finale would put the Lakers in position to be the top seed, giving them homecourt advantage in the first three rounds of the playoffs.

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  • armo4life24

    love it, nice teamwork.
    nba 2008 championship-LAKERS

  • OwnageTime32

    Why does it say they may soon be number one? They are number one if you look at standings

  • hZm

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    It means they may soon clinch the #1 seed.

  • OwnageTime32

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    oh. my mistake

  • kwame walton

    letsss get readyyy to rummmbbbbbeeeelllllll

  • chinese guy

    i wish yao ming could be part of the lakers

  • lafanfromindiana

    I don’t think your the one who made the mistake ownagetime32. I understand what the writer means only because I am a Laker fan who is following the race. If I was just a normal sportsfan reading articles, I would read it as if the Lakers are now in 2nd place. Every website including msn, yahoo, and cnn/si are using this poor writing article wrote by someone in the AP. is the only website I have seen so far with the correct wording.

  • KobesterMVP

    Do the Lakers have the tiebreaker over the Rockets if they end up with the same record?

  • OwnageTime32

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    Nope Rockets lead the season series.

  • KobesterMVP

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    So I heard if rockets and hornets and lakers end up with the same record it would go 1st Rockets, 2nd Hornets, 3rd Lakers because of the 3 team tie breaker, it would be rockets record vs lakers and hornets being 4-3, hornets vs lakers and rockets is 4-4, and lakers vs rockets and hornets is 3-4.

  • KobesterMVP

    Three-Team Tiebreaker
    1. Best head-to-head winning percentage among all teams tied
    2. Highest winning percentage within division (if teams are in the same division)
    3. Highest winning percentage in conference games
    4. Highest winning percentage against playoff teams in own conference
    5. Highest point differential between points scored and points allowed

  • Billy Kupchak


  • west213

    sit down timmy

  • Phant0M

    Therefore if its a 3-way tie.

    We WIN.

    And Hope Either: NOH Keeps Winning, Or HOU Loses One


    31(possibly 32) games over .500,who would’ve thunk it?!?!

  • laker4evr

    Mitch,the Golden State Warriors is now out of the,that means they will surely change their line-up next,we will have the chance to get MICKAEL PIETRUS and if we’re lucky enough we couold also get MONTA ELLIS.I think that is one of the BEST MOVES that we must do for the sure they will let go of PIETRUS most especially that they have alot of small forwards in their team.

    So, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE MITCH make it a priority to get PIETRUS in our team next season.He is a good fit in our system, mitch.He plays like Trevor Ariza,Mitch.

    GET PIETRUS and get rid of Luke Walton,Mitch.