Now, to a better article that gives us Laker fans a hope that “Java” isn’t another wasted draft pick.

1.jpgPress Enterprise: His Christian faith has empowered him, and he’s thankful for the many blessings he has received in his 19 years.

Javaris Crittenton has relied on his faith to guide him in his life, and now that he’s received his latest blessing — being drafted by the Lakers last month — he will rely on it in finding his way in the NBA.

The Lakers have seen the maturity of Crittenton while he has played for them here in the NBA summer league. They like his size (6-foot-3) and ability, and they love his work ethic.

Now, with the Lakers’ faith in him and his faith in the path that he’s on, Crittenton is poised to make his mark in the NBA.

Crittenton first encountered the belief he now holds, that God is “my Lord and savior,” at 15 while attending Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy.

At first, he said, he resisted. He only had attended public schools, and the Christian school’s environment was foreign to him.

However, his best friend from AAU basketball, Dwight Howard, who became the top pick in the 2004 draft and has become an All-Star with Orlando, had gone to the school and told stories about how it helped mold him. That helped convince Crittenton to attend, though he still wanted to go to public school.

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  • Kenny

    Java > farmar

  • showtime88

    i love how this kid plays…i have been watching summer league games..he doesnt back down…he is vocal..i like him.

    we got a steal in the 19th pick.

    he is the real deal.

  • showtime88

    [quote comment=”7722″]Java > farmar[/quote]

  • Fred A.

    This is great! But I am still wait on KG!!!!!!

  • magic32

    Keep him. I know one thing about Javaris he sure did better than Greg Oden in the summer leauge. He also did better than his draft competitor Mike Conley.

  • Kenny

    ehh mike conley is doing just as good avg 13 , 5 and 3

    java is like 16 3 and 3

  • billyboy

    the new “old” stevie franchise

  • Fatty


    Conley 40 mpg and 36% at 11 ppg – drafted #4

    Critt 28 mpg and 49% at 17 ppg – drafted #19


  • Fatty

    Critt is the best pt guard in the draft and we got him at #19 – Way to go Mitch

  • http://deleted Faith

    I agree, he’s looking very much like a stud. But be cautious, it’s only the Summer League.

  • Ed24

    I have a question for you guys, do they play in the triangle offense during the summer league games? I was just wondering.

  • Fatty


    They attempted to run it. But I saw some pik n roll

    At the Laker team site, they have all the games archived if you want to watch. Click and choose your game.

  • Ed24

    Isn’t there any new news? Please find something new to post up.


    i love Javaris Crintinton! rockie of the year award coming to LA




  • DMo

    On talent alone, JC was ranked much higher than #19 by the experts at ESPN and elsewhere. The general concensus was that he should have waited one more year to come out, in order to develop his ball-handling/playmaking skills. Also, he attended a lower profile college, so scouts had seen much less of him than most of the higher drafted players. It’s hard to say how he’ll fit in next season. To be honest, I don’t think he’ll play all that much his rookie year unless Farmar is traded. We now have 3 serviceable point gaurds, and only one of them is a rookie. But I do think he’s worth waiting on, as Summer league viewers are quickly finding out.

  • darkice18,start,180.html

    The Sacramento Bee –
    Not until recently did it become likely that Ron Artest will start that season with the Kings.

    Trading Artest is not the priority it once seemed, Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie has made it known, and the executive is of the belief that the latest circumstances facing Artest may be setting him up for a productive and controversy-free year.

    “I think he’s really focused on coming back and having a terrific all-around season,” Petrie said. “He’s going to miss his first seven games, but after that I think he’ll be ready to roll.”

    While trade talks have quieted for the moment and Artest is content to remain with the Kings, he no longer seems concerned about controlling every aspect of his fate. If a trade happened, Artest said, “I wouldn’t cry. I’d go out and have a great damn season.”

    The long-awaited hammer from the NBA came Saturday, when the league announced Artest’s seven-game suspension that will be served without pay at the start of the 2007-08 season.

    But the fixing, Artest said, has begun anew.

    His family life is back in order, Artest said. He is back with his wife, Kimsha, though his children will attend school in Indiana this fall.

    That’s where Artest and his family spent most of the summer, living in the Zionsville home he had while playing for the Pacers.

    “I know he’s working on the other things in his life that he has to deal with now, his probation, (anger-management) counseling and this upcoming suspension, but I think his focus (next season) will be on basketball and trying to have a good year,” Petrie said. “Coming into this year, I think he understands the consequences of the past and I think he’s going to come back and have a real good year.”

  • J-Cool

    I received an email from Momo stating the following:

    ” I was having lunch with my lovely bride at the Phuc Phi when I overheard these two gentlemen talking about a trade involving the lakers, celtics, and Wolves….I didn’t want to seem overly interested, but they talked about Garnett going to the LA and the Celtics gettting Odom. I finally got the courage to turn and see who they were and I am pretty sure one of the gentlemen was owner of the Wolves. Even from out of the states I am rooting for Garnett to LA

  • Ed24

    I need some NEW fuckin’ news!!!!!! FIND something NEW and post it up on the site. I’m sick of this shit. Fuck Java and everybody else on the lakers(Except KOBE, ODOM, AND FISHER). Find something new to post up on the site please. FUCKIN’ sick of seeing the samething on this site over, and over again.

  • Fatty

    How good is Critt?

    In an interview earlier Mitch said we weren’t drafting a point guard. We had Farmar and we needed a vet leader to help Jordan. He gave the impression he was going to trade the 19 pick. That didn’t happen.

    So why Critt when we had Farmar, who we were satisfied with?

    Because he is an outstanding talent. Some draft boards had him at #11. He came to us because of circumstances, not because he wasn’t good.

    Now this is SL, but its also SL for Farmar.

    He his far and above Farmar. I watched all 5 games. Both of them in similar situations. Farmar was beaten consistantly and Critt was just the opposite. He has very quick fit and reaction time and recovery ability.. Remember Farmar is one year ahead of him in the pros plus an extra year in college. Give Critt a year and he will surpass Farmar.

    Offense. Critt can create his own shot. Nobody could stop his penetration. He finishes nicely. With his reputation of penetrating, he was finishing and dishing to his teamates for easy lay ups. Averaged 17 ppg – 49%, good assist to TO ratio.

    Running the team. Critt did a good job especially considering this was his first 5 games. Farmar was noticeably better than him.

    Critt is awsome on the break. he can lead, pass, and finishes in a spectacular fashion. He had some incredible dunks, many in amongst the trees, no fear. Farmar can’t really dunk.

    Don’t be fooled by some comments here that Smush could dunk and shoot, so don’t get excited by Critt. We are talking about a whole nother player. Some scouts likened him to Stevie Francis. He has a lot of his game, but has better court awareness. He sees the whole court and makes excellant decisions.

    His attitude. Smush was not liked by his coach. Critt is loved by all his coaches. He his also a student of the game. Watches film constantly and feels a need to improve.

    Potential. He is a unique player. Talented, but is very Smart. Was a good student in school as well. Combining these qualities, playing under the tuteledge of Kobe, DFish, Tex, and PJ, “Critt will become an outstanding NBA player”. George Karls quote, not mine.

    This year. Fisher will take the lead. Farmar is #2. Critt will see minutes as he earns Phils respect. How to earn Phils respect in a hurry. Play great on the ball defense.

  • Fatty


    Man chill dude, its not that bad. Ok, it is. No news. What and the heck is going on? Something has to be happening somewhere. What did these GM’s do today, go golfing?

  • J-Cool


    Nothing Wrong With Golfing Man It Is Just To Have Fun Out There.


    The Reason Why We Haven’t Heard Anything Is Because Don’t You Think That They Are Doing Something Behind Closed Doors And Don’t Want Anybody To Know About It? We First Heard About KG On A Monday A Few Days Before The Draft But Also Know That The Owners Talked About It Before Anybody First Found About It.

    What Am I Saying Ia The Lakers Are Unpredictable And Can Make A Move Anytime So Just Be Patient Right Now.

  • J-Cool

    I Mean Is.

  • Kevin McHale

    [quote comment=”7759″]I need some NEW fuckin’ news!!!!!! FIND something NEW and post it up on the site. I’m sick of this shit. Fuck Java and everybody else on the lakers(Except KOBE, ODOM, AND FISHER). Find something new to post up on the site please. FUCKIN’ sick of seeing the samething on this site over, and over again.[/quote]

    What is wrong with you people? I told you: “there aint gonna be no deal” KG is not being traded to L.A. Y’all might as well just shut the site down now or change the title to “”

  • Fatty
  • Ricky

    i like this guy, i think he’s gonna be great and his intensity and aggressiveness will take him a long way in the nba.